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  1. OK...seeing as you're one of the enlightened ones: Whats so different about Randhir Singh cutting Guru ji's limbs off because it didn't fit with his qualli style of music and these modern day 'missionaries' that want to cut some limbs off because it doesn't fit in with their thinking ? I want you....an AKJ follower....to justift the cutting off of our Guru's limbs. Lets here it. and.... What ? Every child on planet earth that studies science at school learns the formula for turning copper into gold so just what kind of 'mind' was this that gets corrupted so easily and for such a silly
  2. I once had a conversation with an AKJ follower who tried to tell me how special Randhir Singh Grewal because he could turn copper into gold, and indeed that was one of the main reasons many came to follow him in the first place. The fact that the UK born AKJ follower said that to me though, revealed 2 things: Firstly, how uneducated the average Sikh in Punjab was in those days and secondly how badly educated many of the current generation of UK born Sikhs still are. You see, Randhir Singh was an educated man and he knew that those lacking education could be easily made to follow. So, I told my
  3. The danger here is that people are obviously using their own personal dislikes and likes of particular jathas and groups and using those preferences as a basis from which to either support or rubbish th idea of Sikh women wearing dastars. As I stated in my last message, I DETEST the Randhir Singh Grewal Jatha (who changed their name to the AKJ in the 1970's because people started to see the jatha as a very weird personality cult)....I DETEST all nihung groups and, as I have made clear here on this forum, I DETEST all parcharaks........And yet my wife wears a dastar. Not a keski...But a full d
  4. ^ Thats absolutely wrong and the irony there is that while you're attempt was to demonstrate the self-loathing, inferiority complex of other Sikhs, particularly Sikh girls, you've actually demonstrated your own inferiority complex because you've criticised your own people without showing any understanding of 'who controls your people' , i.e what happens when a people live under the unethical and immoral rule of a foreign power, in this case India. You see men with turbans dancing while smling, in colourfull clothing, on your TV screens not because that is all men with turbans do but because t
  5. We absolutely detest randhir ingh grewal and his jatha (and remember the Randhir Singh Jatha only changed their name to AKJ quite recently, in the 1970's', as it started to resemble a personal dera of cult followship) and yet of course my wife wears a dastar. Our reasoning is simple: How on earth can a 'Sikh' be a 'Sikh' without a dastar ? It is basic common sense. It is absolutely ludicrous and damnright fakery for an amritdhari sikh woman to claim to be amritdhari and yet not have a dastar on her head. To accept her as amritdhari with a chunni on her head rather than a dastar is the same as
  6. ^ Thats pretty much everything Bob Dylan says in his epic 'Pawn in their Game'. The poor white remains....a kaboose in the rich white's game. He's taught in his schools. That history's with him. To never think straight. About the true shape that he's in. He's told not to complain. You're better than the blacks. You've been born with white skin. Interesting facet about the great unwashed british working class though...who, essentially, are the true and most common face of white British people.Throughout history so many international ideas actually started off life as a way of changing things i
  7. I take your sentiments into account brother. But, the fundmentals of my criticism of you, and all the messages before you, can be found in the very first page of this thread. What I said there went largely ignored and I think thats a shame. A shame but also quite frustrating for me personally and I think at this point we all need to take time out and analyse what Sikhi means to us on a personal level and in order to understand that we have to be conscious of how we reached this particular stage. I ask you all to do this because, at the end of the day, the ultimate truth is that the London, Tor
  8. I'm beginning to think there's only one thing worse than grooming gangs.......and thats people on discussion forums who continously spoil intelligent discussions mid-point by continously....almost pathologicaly....out of insane habit, keep posting news articles from the Daily Mail about Pakistani grooming gangs. I mean just look at what Jeevan did to the discussion with his 'Daily Mail' paste in the message above this one. ^ The discussion just got killed, stone dead, with it. Again, I think it reveals much about the intellectual lightweightness of much of the UK Sikhs. You never see American
  9. The mark of a small man with a small mind is when he makes an argument about the merits of why and how current owners own something without even attempting to undertand how and why the previous owners assumed ownership of it. No. We're here because we have been British subjects, with full rights to live here, continously, since the year 1849. If you were an Algerian living in London then yes, perhaps you can use the 'economic migrant' argument. But we have no need to justify our being here. Our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and great great grandmothers were all British Subjects
  10. They've been British Subjects with full rights to live here continously since the year 1849. You can disagree with them......just as I do....but you have no right to tell them to get away from a land that is every bit theirs as it is yours. This is NOT a 'white country'. If you feel passionate about it then I think the best thing you can do Quantavius is to study Science at a really advanced level, invent a time machine, go back in history, and erase from history the moment they were made British Subjects. Or, if the realities that have come about from the facts of history are that upsetting
  11. But why does it matter to you what Indias share of anything was ? You might as well claim South Africa's share too because 'before the British took over India' you, as a Punjabi Sikh, were not even part of India.....just as you wern't part of South Africa. You, were part of your own independant sovereign country which was a 100% seperate entity to India. Indeed, after the British 'took over India' it was another 150 years before they finally took our independant Punjab over and incorporated it into India. So yes, be angry about foreigners taking over your land and looting it but remember to b
  12. By 'bathroom' I think we're talking in the 'wash your face and body' sense rather than a place to do number 1s and number 2s. Indeed, in the much cleaner eastern sense, as opposed to the relatively unclean western sense, it was always considered inconcievable that anyone would want to crap and pee in the very place that he goes to get clean. And, the persian 'khanna' literaly translates as a sort of compartment or small specific partitioned area rather than a 'room' as we would know it in the western sense.
  13. Its the Punjabi word for bathroom and has been so for the last 500 years at least.
  14. Not sure what you mean by 'Gulkhanna' Ranjeet but the Punjabi word for bathroom is 'Gusul-khanna'. The khanna bit of course, as you quite rightly point out, comes to Punjabi from the Persian, and this is perfectly natural as Persian and Punjabi are positively joined at the hip as Punjab was always part of Persia long before anyone came along and made it part of India. The interesting aspect there though is the fact that the Iranians have maintained their pre-islamic, classical persian word for bathroom, i.e dashtoohi, i.e, even though they embraced a form of Islam, they did not incoporate that
  15. Gun murder rate even worse than 3rd world countries. Imprisons a larger percentage of it's citizens than any country EVER in the history of the universe (i.e even Stalin and Pol Pot didn't take away the freedom of that many of their citizens). Many millions of citizens without any basic health cover at all. More of its citizens living out on the sidewalks than any other industralised nation on earth. Sends more of its black youngsters to jail than in college. Has a juvenile incarceration rate of 3rd world nations. Oh my......please god, 'send me some of that'.
  16. Nice picture. I can add another interesting and perhaps rather strange aspect to this: We Punjabis have a word for 'bathroom' and that word is 'Gusalkhanna'. So, perhaps a Sikh will say he is 'going to the gusulkhanna to prepare himself to read nitnem. But what does the word 'gusulkhanna' actually mean ? Well, the 'khanna' aspect of the word is straightforward enough as it obviously means room, so the question is what does the word 'gusul' mean ? Now this is where it gets interesting because the word itself was first uttered by the Muslim's prophet Muhammed and it comes to the Punjabi lan
  17. Thats not what I said though, was it StarStriker ? I said, on Muslim discussion forums, there are often threads like this one in which a Muslim starts a thread in which he or she says, for example, there is a Sikh girl at college who is really showing an interest in embracing Islam but wants some more information etc. The other muslims on the foum then go on to recommend the best strategies etc and people like me are left wandering just what kind of insenstive uncaring monsters are these that don't have even an ounce of respect and feeling for the girl's family and loved ones and how such a t
  18. .....says the lying little $hit who claims to be a postgraduate and yet was under the impression that they're two separate words On threads containing legal matters you come along and say "I work in the legal field"......On threads about psychology you come along and say "I've got a postgraduate in psychology" and yet really, when push comes to shove, you've never shown even an ounce of knowledge about any issue. The true and original 'man who knew nothing'. You are indeed, dalsingh101, the fakest faking little faker on sikhsangat. Much like a broken pencil:.....pointless.
  19. I've never met anyone that did a postgraduate masters in psychology and thus had a qualification that would guarantee a job in that field, and choose instead to enter a totally different field (law) (a field, by the way, in which very very few graduates and postgraduates find a job) where you would not only have to embark on yet another period of totally different postgraduate studies but you would also have to go back to graduate studies again and do a conversion course. In other words, dallysingh101, I'm calling you a liar and a fake.
  20. No. There was no "insightfull stuff" there. And, I'm pretty sure you've said before you work in the legal field which makes your claims of postgraduate studies in psychology all the more bizzare. .......says the man that claims to have done postgraduate studies and yet, strangely, thinks the two are 2 totally distinct words that need a space in between. Lets just be thankfull the actual word 'postgraduate' wasn't tested during your 'postgraduate' studies
  21. Often, on Muslim forums, a discussion like this appears, in which members debate how they can get a Sikh girl to turn her back on her family and embrace Islam. I often think, what kind of un-caring monsters are these that have no thought or care about the loved ones of that girl, how they will feel and how much hurt will be caused. This thread, is a complete mirror image of that.
  22. This is fast becoming the funniest thread ever. Anyone thats ever studied an 'ology' or 'pathy' at school as a 14 year old is suddenly the world expert on the matter. How do I know ? Well,I studied anthropology at gcse level at school. I understand human behaviour. I can see the thing that links the 3 above. They have this need to mention their 'ology'. This is a condition.
  23. A SONNET FOR BADAL: And so, Sadly, It appears the monster will not die. He merely had a bit of a cold. A bit of the sniffles. Sniffly sniffly poo. Our goodbyes and fare thee wells must wait. For sadly, the monster just won't die. Oh why don't you die you despicable little man ? Please die. And when you die, please take that little faeces of a son with you. Oh both of you, please hurry up and die. And that strumpet of a daughter in law, Harsmrat, Take her with you too. Oh the three of you evil little $hits. Please hurry up and die..
  24. And I'm fine with that. Remember, I'm the one that says its none of our goddamn business what is or isn't in anyone's scriptures. Maybe one day, when I or you have found perfection in everything we do and know we might be justified in spending time finding fault in others but, as it stands, I think our time would be better used in spiritually uplifting ourselves. Is it though, Balkar ? Or is that what the 'big men' in power, who are stealing the wealth of the world and destroying the wealth of the earth want us to believe in order to distract us from what's really happening in the world ?
  25. Why would you even want to do that or even think about doing that ? Is it not a sign of mental illness ? After all, I and others could follow your example of propogating needless hate aginst other religions and also quote verses of the Christian Bible in order to convince others that Christians are facists. I could, if I had the same inclination quote Exodus 21:20 which says "If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property." I co
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