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  1. Hello panjee..thank you for your comment...i do seva when i go to the gurudwara like wash the pande..it makes me feel better about myself and that i have done a good thing...i am 22..so pretty young for all that..i will do my best to forget him now....thanks for your comment.. bless
  2. Thank you very much for your comment back and your wishes panjee.....best wishes
  3. No i am not ready for that...but how do i stop feeling heatbroken inside whenever i see them and when other collegues talk about them....what can i do in this situation...i know he isint right for me and not much of a sikh from the inside..but what is the best way to forget about him panjee.. ?? when you say he should be seen as a test for my commitment to guru ji.. you mean waheguru will see my commitment and that i won't be with a wrong sikh guy?? Thanks
  4. Thank you panjee..have a happy life too Erm..i am vey religious that is true...but i fell in love looks like as my heart achs everytime i see him with his gori girlfriend, i don't know whether that is part of lust?? ...that is why i was wondering what i should do..how to get over it as i see his desk everyday at work and hardly see him.i know lust/liking is wrong in sikhi i feel guilty THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR COMMENTS..
  5. Thank you for your comment....he once kept looking at me as i was tlaking to my manager..and i wasn't as i was really shy..never talked to him.. but i see his facebook... you are right in what you say that he likes to have a good time and not a true sikh...thank you for your rply panjee..means a lot
  6. Okay..sorry if i offend anyone...also i know that guru gobind singh ji said something of a sikh to marry a sikh only..and the anand kaaraj ceremony is a bliss between two sikhs, right?
  7. panjee, thank you for your reply.. whenevr i see him my heart beats really fast ...i think i love him...how do i stop this feeling.. he drinks a lot....i see him at work...so might see him a couple of times... Thanks
  8. So i know that in sikhi we are meant to marry a sikh...... Apparently i am in love with this sikh guy and i saw him with his girlfriend and it has been burning me inside....how do i stop thinking of him.... He wears a pugh but cuts most of his dhari...i myself am very religiou and love being a sikh.... can someone copy and paste the translation from the guru granth sahib ji about sikh marry a sikh? Thanks
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