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  1. What your heart felt is not what the Guru said. We don't have any historical reference to say what the Guru said, if such a incident had arose. You made it up. Since you speak of faith. We have circumstances in history where Sikhs and people in general were injured or sick. Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib ji helped the sick using what method they had in that time. Guru Sahib didn't say faith is not to use current medical methods to get rid of the illness or prevent it and just have faith in me If you are suggesting such fanatical ideas than give your head a shake. Sri Guru Gobind Singh sahib
  2. There is always context. For example alcohol for cleaning a wound is good. Alcohol to drink is manmat in Sikhi. So you don't actually have history or Gurbani to back up your claim. Essentially you are putting words in the Guru's mouth, knowing the Guru did not say it. This is manmat. Sure there may have been pandemics in the past. But you don't have any information on how the Guru would have dealt with it. Do you not see a problem with your wild claim? The Guru has refused darshan to a Muslim women who covered her face for religious/cultural reasons. However this reference is
  3. Where in Gurbani or history did Guru Amar Das ji say not to wear a mask in Guru Sahib darbar DURING a pandemic?
  4. Can you provide Gurbani that says Guru Nanak Dev Ji level is thenpoint between the eyebrows? Gurbani says focus on the Shabad Guru, which is Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
  5. People that advocate for not wearing mask or don't wear mask in public are not considering the life threatening virus they potentially can pass on to someone that is at a higher risk. If you don't believe this virus exist. Than walk into the icu ward for covid patients at the hospital. Many of these internet warriors will actually start crying after seeing the condition of these patients. This is no conspiracy. Sikhs as for sarbat da bhalla. Wearing a mask in public is acting in the role as sarbat da bhalla. There is no bravery in not wearing a mask. It's called arrogance and having n
  6. Oohhh no, @dallysingh101 is being attacked by his own weapon. Someone named dailymail help this weak loud mouth poster out. @dallysingh101 is the root cause of all the caste related drama on this forum. Without any regard he insults people who live in the village. You are completely being biased here. I don't care for @dallysingh101 or @Ranjeet01 but the spade here is poster dolly. If you are a moderator here, God help us because you couldn't write a more biased post than you already did. @ADMIN maybe its time to clean your house. I know one of you got hit by covid as I recall from a p
  7. I dont know who this is. The latest urgent news in Sikh circles is sumedh saini is on the run from the law and your grandfather badal is hiding him. Your dad dhumma licked badals feet for years. Why isn't all the feet licking paid off? How many times did you lick dhumma feet on this site? Its time for you to collect compensation for your and your dads feet licking.
  8. You must have been one of the brainless cheerleader who voted up the post that said a person can die because a poster was frustrated over their behavior. Now you are doubling down by saying no need for an apology. This forum wouldn't allow this behavior and neither does Sikhi. Where was your compassion? God gives life and takes it away. You can’t even handle insults from a girl and want her to die. Your turban is on wayyy tooooo tight.
  9. So if I tell someone they are kanjars on this forum and they should die because they frustrated me. I shouldn't be kicked off this forum and I should get three brainless cheerleaders to vote up my post? Your behavior is not of a Sikh but of a person lost in maya. You may do paath. But nothing is being understood by you.
  10. She is seeking attention from the saw by saying, she won't live long. How much hate do you have to tell another to die? She said something really stupid and she got similar comments back from others. Hoping she dies is a nastik way of living.
  11. No holes were poken. I provided the vision for him to see the holes in his thought process
  12. Can you provide Gurbani to back up this claim?
  13. How does your heart go out to her? By standing and watching her and not providing a helping hand? Your thought process: "How sad she is cleaning her front driveway by herself in her old age of 70 years old. I feel so bad for her, why doesn't her son see his mother is struggling. Well my heart goes out to her. I'm go inside and relax on the couch." You don't feel bad for her. If you did. That lazy hand would have stopped typing and started giving her a hand even when she refuses help in cleaning the driveway. Gurbani teaches compassion in action. Where was your compassion. Did you lo
  14. The person who is judging God based on all the bad in the world is using a level of 'compassion' he sees fit and what he defines as compassion. So this level of compassion changes from person to person. So this discussion is about the level and what is defined as compassion. You cannot label someone compassionate without bringing the definition of compassion from Gurbani into the discussion. Otherwise I can tell you mine is greater or vice versa. And there would be no conclusion. The person who looks at the bad in the world and says there is no God because innocent people are suffering
  15. Seeing a child starving 1000 miles away is not born out of compassion but instinct and learned behaviors over human history. Each tribe, region, ruler has their own definition. The level of 'compassion' is not pure as some will have more and others will have less. So who's level of 'compassion' will dictate what is right or wrong? History has told us the army that wins has dictated what level of 'compassion' will be used on the conquered people. Sikhi does not begin with this arbitrary level of regard for another human being, which you call compassion out of ignorance. Compassion as describe
  16. You provided a specific example and I replied to it. If it's happening before your eyes, than feed the child. If its happening 1000 miles away and Guru sahib has given you the ability and means to feed the child than do it. Its that simple. The original poster is speaking from an atheist point of view. Such a view is full of holes because there are homeless people in that city, why don't they help them; God doesn't exist and currently they (athiest) are the most powerful species on the planet that can help. Saving this world of hunger, poverty, war, etc is not the ultimate goal accordin
  17. If you didn't care, why write a post about someone voting down your post? Also saying how sad the person is, needs to get a life, etc. You also labeled them as a stalkerish and kind of scary. You care very much and I would say paranoid because you believe you know who this poster is, that down voted your post and believe you are being stalked on here. This screams of paranoia. I was trying to help a paranoid poster out by getting admin, mod, and s1ngh involved. @ADMIN @MOD @S1ngh please help this poster. Do it in pm. She is on a mission to break up sex rings run by millionaires and
  18. If it happening before your eyes. Then put food in her mouth.
  19. Does hitler and nazi army get a free pass in their next life on earth? What about indra gandhi? What about Joseph stalin?
  20. Come back with a clarification and nothing less. Asking for clarification is not doubting or 'questioning'. I have sat with Gurmukhs and they can answer questions a person has before they ask it. The Gurmukhs want to clarify their answers. They are open to further questions and don't put fear in others. They follow the teaching of without fear. Singhs asked for clarification from Guru Sahib and how much partaap did Guru Sahib have. So don't make excuses. I simply don't accept your blanketed statement because as it stands. It goes against Gurbani as i showed in my last post. Gur
  21. @ADMIN @MOD @S1ngh Once upon a time every member can see who voted a post up or down. Can we go back to that function. All these paranoid members will be set free from their insecurities.
  22. Has anyone heard of brainwashing or grooming girls at bhangra classes?
  23. In what context is this person saying the virus doesn't exist? He could mean that it only exist like how the world exist but doesn't have a permanent existence like Akal Purakh. Is he saying covid 19 doesn't exist in any shape or form at any level in creation of Akal Purakh? Maybe you heard him wrong. So a clarification is really needed here. If you want people to take you seriously. Obviously you presented this blanketed statement here to influence others.if you don't want to influence people than you would have kept it gupt. If you can, record what he says or ask him to write it down an
  24. Its called branding products and services to a certain company/owner. Also sex sells, so branding a company with a symbol helps people recognize who made it and brings up certain feelings that will help sell the product. The same is true with ideas. Calling people who follow the dress standard of Gurbani as Muslims, sexist, saying men and women are equal, etc all such phrases are said to distract the mind from the true message of Gurbani and latch on to a slave mindset that is rooted in extremist feminist ways. Poster @Sat1 used this very technique to take away from the true message of Gurb
  25. The girls that choose to wear clothing that reveal the body also have to do another thing that is against gurmat. They remove hair from the body. All these girls wearing sleeveless tops are removing armpit hair. They use various methods to remove body hair to fit into their new western society. Yet they want to run Sikh societies in universities. The most simplest requirement to be a Sikh is let the hair grow. You don't have to do anything. However, these girls go out of their way to make sure the most simplest requirement of being a Sikh is not followed. They hate the very hair on th
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