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  1. Its hard for you to connect to Gurbani? Sorry to say but it's not Gurbani fault. You have not let go of whatever you are holding on to in the world. You have not given yourself to the Guru. You may be doing many things wrong. As a newcomer you should be contemplating over shabads and studying Sikh history. I can read a chapter and put the book away and not think about it again. Maybe something in the environment will remind me of something in the book but that's bh chance. This is how we do NOT contemplate over Gurbani. You sing it and think about the shabads throughout the day.
  2. Had you understood what hukam is. You would not have presented the hukamnama. Again Gurbani is not cheap. Its priceless.
  3. That poster is notorious for twisting Gurbani to suit their life style.
  4. The homosexuals want the world to burn because you guys want revenge on all those who didn't allow you to openly express yourself. Some are waiting for kalki avtaar. Some are waiting on their babas predictions. All are ******. Get a life. Anyone who wants to see the world burn is not a Sikh.
  5. How many times has think hukamnama come? How many times have such hukamnama come and the world is not in a financial crisis? Stop stirring air. Read Gurbani to better yourself. What if no financial crisis happens. Does that mean the hukamnama was wrong?
  6. I know you have a tendency to twist the meaning of a shabad to suit your life style. But don't. Keep your twisted mind to yourself. Go party do whatever, just don't twist Bani.
  7. There are a lot of theories of what sachkhand is or is not. How many have been there and have told people of it? Sachkhand reality is hidden in Japji sahib. I say hidden because it takes true devotion and Guru sahib kirpa to see it. The mind is full of desires, easy life, new things, success, my way to live, etc. Desire and want him alone. This is simran of him. True intense desire to meet him. Without thinking you need to sing Gurbani, you will automatically start singing Gurbani. Many people desire a specific woman, do they have to force themselves to think of her? Their mi
  8. The muslims bow to a black box in mecca and every time they pray. It's a stone.
  9. There downfall came when dhadrianwale spoke against dhumma aka humpty dumpty. Dhumma holds the funds of Taksal, so his paid employees, under the disguise as Taksal singhs, attacked dhadrianwale. Had dhadrianwale stayed under the shelter of dhumma, he would have been a mouth piece for all the so called pro Khalsa jathas like dhumma Taksal, nihangs, akj, nanskar, etc, etc. These groups were getting free advertisements from dhadrianwale stage. Now all this is over and humpty dumpty was having none of it.
  10. Keep digging your own hole. You are almost there.
  11. Stop with the guessing, it's called nindiya. Let him answer.
  12. While we are on the topic. Here is a famous 3ho member harassing, intimidating Gursant singh for exposing 3ho camps
  13. Your story doesn't make sense because why would 5 people beat up your friend for no reason. Obviously you are not telling the full story. If there was a court case than give the court case number or link. Its public record unless your friend was a minor.
  14. Whenever a person say be cautious or had a bad experience with Bani, so don't do a, b, c, etc. Tell them you need to fix yourself. Stop blaming the GURU for your downfalls.
  15. Well your personal experience doesn't speak for what happens when anyone else reads chandi di Vaar. Since you cautioned others in your last post. That means you experienced something negative. Your experience is no different than when a person reads sri charitorpakhyan and they have kaam arise in them. The Bani chandi di Vaar is not to blame, but you at an individual level need to fix your mind to experience the true Anand that comes from chandi di Vaar. You are at fault and not Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji Bani.
  16. Myth: chandi di vaar is not for the householder and cannot be read at night. Legend: Baba Deep Singh ji fighting with his head off. Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji gave this shakti to Baba ji. Before you start to beat your nihang googly eyed drum think about why I say Guru Sahib. If chandi di Vaar power cannot be contained in this body. Why aren't the nihang singh bursting into dust as they read this paat every day? Trick are for kids. Fairytales are for the weak. Chandi di Vaar is for every person on this planet. Do you know how much bir ras is in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji? Ang
  17. Gurmukhi is important because that's the language Guru Sahib used to give us Gurbani. No one can translate Gurbani in a different language to fully grasp the Guru Sahib wrote in Gurmukhi as Gurbani. Had Guru Sahib wrote Gurbani in the english language then it would be equal to the Gurbani written in Gurmukhi. Protect/preserve Gurbani because meaning are lost once Gurbani is translated into a different language, especially when Gurbani is translated into english because Gurbani has more words that don't even exist in english. The bible is not equal to Gurbani, however we can see a lot o
  18. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=trLiOS0QEIo With all the wrong 3ho do. Putting out audio files of Gurbani recitations in english is a beautiful service. It sounds like Guruka Singh is reading Jap ji Sahib here. I don't fully agree with all the translations but this is a good start.
  19. You don't know the family situation and who her bf was and what his motives were. Best to keep the assumptions to yourself, this goes for every punjabi munching on fast food as they analyze something they have barely any info on. What if, her bf was a groomer and making a cry for help from the family scared the groomer from trafficking her to another country? This is a big if, but it has happened. Whether she is 23 or 35, there are many scary ways to traffick women in the country and take them to a muslim country where she would be gone forever. Wouldn't you feel really stupid for judging
  20. Singhni kirandeep kaur khalsa is a fake account. Look deeper into her account and she has basically porn videos on her Twitter feed. Whoever has Twitter can you report this account: Singhni kirandeep kaur khalsa
  21. Sounds like she is bipolar. She is using social media to ride the high wave out. Soon it will flip and the dark and insecure person will come out. Don't feed the troll and she will have nothing to go on.
  22. If you had remembered Allah, Raheem, and Kareem you would have said sex rings of underaged girls run by muslim brothers is a muslim community issue. That's the way to remember Allah, to be truthful.
  23. Answer the questions. First it was one question in another topic and now its here with more questions because you can't answer it. Run to your brothers on SC and see if they can help you answer these questions.
  24. Pedophilia supporter aka muslim community why don't you condemn your muslim brothers acts of gang rapes and sex rings of underaged girls? Some loser draws a picture of Mohammed and you lunatics want to bomb everyone. Did your prophet Mohammed teach to run sex rings of underaged girls? Did he teach you muslims to rape girls? Muslim community is silent on condemning such acts, so Mohammed must have taught to rape and run sex rings of underaged girls.
  25. This is not a true muslim. He cannot follow the basic teachings of truth. Your pedophile brothers are more important to you than innocent underage girls who they rape over and over. This is without any doubt a muslim community thing. Your muslim brothers get together and groom underaged girls into sex rings.
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