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  1. What if a person is naturally a homosexual and did not have the choice to pick?
  2. How else are Sikhs suppose to have kids?
  3. Those who take Amrit are Singh and Kaur, but still Sikhs. Sikhs are those who take Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji as their Guru and no one else. Sikhs are those who accept all the teachings of the Ten Gurus and are moving toward these teachings.
  4. Okay, I was reading the link you gave and the writer came to the same conclusion I did. - See more at: http://www.discoversikhism.com/punjabi/punjabi_gurmukhi.html#sthash.KAlKEJgU.dpuf
  5. Mukh and Mukhi have different meanings. Mukhi means the master, leader of something. So it can be translated into, from the leaders (Guru) mouth.
  6. Doesn't Gurmukhi mean from the Guru's mouth. Making it only the Guru can write gurmukhi and everyone else writes punjabi?
  7. A sikh who has not taken amrit also can become patit. Any Sikh who cuts hair is a patit. Clearly she cuts hair to fit in with the western mindset.
  8. Today the sikhs have made Kakkars into rituals. Kirpan is a reminder to stay strong in difficult times and is kept dull from preventing Sikhs from defending themselves and others....backwards beard tying british worshipping Sikhs. The Guru gave the kirpan to defend and told us to keep it on us as ang because you don't know when and where you will be attacked. We live in homes with locks and bathroom doors are locked. The Singhs in the past bathed in rivers and on farms where you are easy target if not armed all the time. Don't worry your parents wont attack you in the comfort of their ho
  9. Can humans decide to kill themselves without society interfering? Yes, but progressive countries disallow it. What is the logic behind a state law not allowing a human to kill themselves? Why can't a person kill themselves, if they really wanted too? Is there logic or are these progressive countries dictatorships wanting to take over other humans lives for their benefit? What about the possibility of x killing y and y didn't want to die, but x covers it up as a suicide? Is this a good reason for the state to say we should interfere in self killings? What about y does not have the mental
  10. Being more graphic might help move it along. The same pad can't be worn all day because it gets filled with blood. Women need to shower often during their periods to stay clean. Even after showering the blood keeps coming until the period ends. Women do not wear white under garments during this period because even with the pad the blood stains the clothing when there is a lot of blood. So what makes you think the clothing worn over the under garments cannot get stained? Guru Nanak called those brahaman(blind) who did not think through ideas like give water to the dead. It seems to me yo
  11. Sikh Voice is not insulting baba ranjit singh. They are in agreement with his katha here. Ranjit Singh speaks of how to deal with a wild dog in the katha and how this relates to why Sikhs keep weapons.
  12. This has nothing to do with women being impure during this period of the month. But it was a precaution for women not to sit on the taba during this period of the month. Also some women do not know when they will get the first day of the cycle and being stubborn about it and sitting on the taba can cause a mess. It comes down to which women do you allow during this period to sit on the taba and not. Some are prepared and some are the stubborn.........i don't care because i am big headed. To keep everything clean the fast rule is no one is allowed to during this time of the month. Unless
  13. They spend 350 000 on program expenses. What does program expenses even mean. Take a look at their expense and it seems as if they have no employees. There is no section listed as employees. I think employee cost is blended into program cost which will cover up how much Gurumstuk Singh and Guruka Singh make to "run" Sikhnet.
  14. And this is one of the reasons why it is important to know a potential spouses background. Sikhs live in a bubble who claim we should not look at last names and learn about the family background. Sikhi doesn't say put a blind fold on and just ask if the other person is a Sikh. Don't be naive, we live in kalyug not satyug.
  15. Brother, thank you for being the one who looks at it from a clear point of view. This movie is a new fad and will attract sikhs to Sikhi but only for the bubble second. I look at our brothers from the 17 century who had no movies,internet, fast communication devices, fast transportation vehicles or anything, yet they moved faster than light toward Sikhi and gave their neck for Sikhi in a heart beat. They had their families, and belongings on their back. Didn't know at times when their children will get a meal to eat, yet they achieved so much with so little. Today we have more than the Si
  16. If we look at Sikh history we notice how 5 Nitnem Banis are showing us this story cannot be true. Tvad Parsad Swaiyve is not one Bani, but swaiyve from a differnt Bani in Sri Dasam Granth. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji gave Amrit to the Sikh by taking these Swaiyve out of Sri Dasam Granth and not reading the whole Bani. The Sikhs were well aware of it and had no problem or objected to it. The Sangat would not later on turn around and curse Bhai Mani Singh who did the same thing his Guru did. Also before some chose to distinguish between Dasam Bani and Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Gurbani h
  17. Here is a good write up of these events. http://www.sikh24.com/2014/09/11/giani-thakur-singh-patiala-acknowledges-accusations-denies-molestation-charges/#.VGkEODTF9FI Some imporant and telling questions asked in the article show the Bibi is not lying: In the video, when the Sikh woman asks Giani Thakur Singh about how he ended up kissing her, he does not deny the fact but states that it happened due to her ‘karams’. A clarification has now been made by Giani Thakur Singh, acknowledging that the phone conversation actually did happen, however due to the fact that he was sitting in sangat
  18. If today I write another Panth Parkash for this time period and write Badal family were the greatest family for the Khalsa Panth will the future Sikhs blindly try to justify what I have wrote in a Granth? I surely can blindly justify how Badal family is the the greatest for the Khalsa Panth in a heart beat. They keep getting re-elected in Punjab the homeland of the Sikhs, Badal got the award for fakhr e kaum from Sri Akal Takht Sahib, they donate so much of their revenue toward Sikhi, Badal family built the Shaheed Memorial at Sri Akal Takht Sahib for 1984, the Sikh leaders of puratan jathab
  19. To get a message across to the sangat, the writer of this text puts a stain on Bhai Mani Singh? This is not Sikhi. This is how sinister people with sinister motives act or this is how scriptures become corrupted and the latter followers of the religion blind try to find justifications which cannot be justified. From the first day Sikhi came out in the open there has been deliberate attempts to discredit those who have written Gurbani and have sacrificed their lives for Sikhi. Such a stain on Bhai Mani Singh leads others to believe he could have had made a similar altering of compiling Sri
  20. The above video of Dr. Udhoke was put on youtube on March 4, 2012 and Giani Thakur Singh saying something else in the below video was put on youtube on May 2, 2011. One person is lying here and I don't believe anyone of them because both of these guys are gappys. Giani Thakur Singh left Sri Harmandir Sahib on June 6, 1984. In the following video Giani Thakur Singh gives a detailed account of where he was on the following dates of the attack. If someone can find other videos of his accounts of where he was on these dates that would be very helpful. Dr. Udhoke is not an innocen
  21. AkaalSevadaar, you guys have many great points in the analysis. Yet I don't agree with all of your analysis as it is trying to grab on strings that may not exist. I made my mind up even before your analysis by watching the Giani Thakur Singh response video and the original phone recording of the bibi and Giani Thakur Singh speaking about the unwanted touching. Giani Thakur Singh is guilty full out. His stance has no ground to stand on by him changing his story. Good on your team for making sure this is done in a respectful manner. Back in May of 2014 there was a report of Shivteg Sin
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