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  1. Quick question does using ridi sidi stop your spirtaul growth.. or is it still possiabable to obtain sach khand or must you wait another lifetime? Eg someone uses their ridi sidi but he or she doesn't show what he has obtained ( no ego) can this person still obtain sach khand and salvation?
  2. Wjkk Wjkf Is it true.. that specific pauris and gurubanis have specific effects and powers.. For instance it says that if you read the 25th pauri you will obtain wealth, need , virtue , estate .. or pauri 33 which supposedly elimates your karmas, or 38 gives you the knowledge and power to write your own destiny.. And jaap sahib; rouses your soul and allows you to obtain ridi sidi powers... So do specific banis and or specific pauris have such an effect, or should we just mediate on God and ask him for whatever we need? The effect of pauri and banis was written by yogis bhajan Singh..
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