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  1. This bit is rather awkward lol heres my best shot... Trendy fun loving caring guy family orientated UK born and bred. 23 years old, recent university graduate. Slim build, eat healthy all veg/vegan diet, enjoy working out keeping fit. I love to travel explore experience different cultures. I have an eye for art and architecture. Raag kirtan is heaven. I would love to learn how to play a Dilruba someday... What am i looking for in a partner? Errm... an honest loving caring person, family orientated. Someone who can appreciate art...so we have something in common lol. Nice personality, fun, bubbly. Around my age, no taller than 5'5". Punjabi speaking a must nice eyes and a pretty smile wouldnt hurt either!lol UK/Canada born and bred only please. (Sorry, i realise that sounds rude but i just dont see eye to eye with people from india). I hope I've not offended anyone, I am terrible at these sorts of posts. Pul chuk muaf ji. If interested, drop me a line msarbat@outlook.com Thanks
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