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  1. You're absolutely correct Ranjeet Singh that there is a correlation between increasing literacy and declining fertility. One would hope that Sikh females can have the intelligence to nevertheless gain education as they should but nevertheless attempt to maintain fertility at above replacement levels for the benefit of wider society and the Sikh Panth as a future consequence (as increased wages with better education would also allow them to). Well said Singh. Sikhs should be at the forefront of adopting children rather than expensive IVF treatments Actually it makes perfect sense as to w
  2. MISTERRSINGH: If I was a white guy who wanted to marry a Sikh girl and all I had to do was memorise verses from the Sikh scriptures and regurgitate them infront of a priest in order to make the marriage official, I'd struggle to keep a straight face. If the sanctity of the Anand Karaj hadn't already been adversely affected, this'll be pushing things towards "sham" territory. I'm amazed how Sikhs have jumped on this like it's a magical solution to this issue. Bhai Sahib Ji i understand your valid concerns but I strongly support educational parchar about Sikhi as a must for all couples rega
  3. Absolutely brilliant and inspirational Singhs. That's a true GurSikh and real Sikhi in action (Sarbat da Bhala). If we focus on trying to emulate the actions of this GurSikh then the Sikh Panth can flourish for the benefit of all. Look at the positive PR generated by this Singh in contrast to the usual negative PR we often generate recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7cT2bUJxic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2Etz40yrpo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZhFTMeS22g
  4. Proactive Bhai Sahib excellent posts as always. I fully agree with you that Sikh numbers have deliberately been deflated by the centre in every census all the way between between 1951-1991 particularly by excluding sehajdhari non-Punjabi Sikhs. However, I am not sure if our numbers in Punjab have been deflated in 2001 and 2011. In fact my suspicion is that they been massaged to hide the massive inward migration into Punjab which would not look good for the governing Badal Dal & BJP coalition. The fact that these numbers were delayed by 4years indicates to me a political calculation was
  5. Following that line of logic (true) Sikhs constitute not much more than 2% of the Punjab population. The Sikh Panth includes non-GurSikhs. 2% minorities don't really tend to be able to defend themselves against state sponsored Genocide and discrimination. Undoubtedly they have Ranjeet but due to their billion plus co-religionists we don't always perceive this. We need to strive to include all so-called HP's that attend Gurdwara as fellow Sikhs to reduce native HP numbers further to boost our own. Essentially we need to turn Hindutva tactics back on those that hate Sikhs. The best G
  6. StarStriker Singh Ji no worries at all and no need to apologise at all dost. I know how passionately you care about Sikhi so I knew that you meant it from a point of view of defending Sikhi so its all good. Despite all Sikhs having different opinions from time to time, we are one indivisible united Sikh Panth and nothing can stop us if we become United and stay United (no pun intended) on the biggest issues that matter.
  7. The vast majority of new Sikhs in the early 20th century embraced Sikhi out of conviction prior to Anand Karaj. However, a not insignificant minority of the huge number of new Sikhs in that era came into Sikhi via Anand Karaj (particularly as wives). StarStriker bro use your logic on this for a minute. Muslims were a majority in those area's in 1947 (agreed). Pakistan wanted all of Majha, Malwa and Doaba in Pakistan in 1947. Now bear in mind the statistic that the Sikh percentage of the Punjabi population grew by more than 73% between 1901 to 1941. Imagine that happening happening in the
  8. Look at the statistics Ranjeet Singh Ji. 32% of the Punjab population are from a so-called scheduled caste background. So in Pakistan those same castes were not allowed in to Mosques or to bury their dead in the same graveyards and hence mostly became Christians. But with Pakistani Punjabi's mostly being Muslim Jatts, Muslim Rajputs, Muslim Gujjars etc despite exclusion and discrimination against so-called lower castes the same population that became Christians only amount to 2million out of a Pakistani Punjabi population of 100million as Muslims have the highest percentage of so-called high
  9. Nevertheless Ranjeet Ji the point still stands. In as far as that Hindu's did not block wherever the marriage was conducted with the Pandit mumbling his nonsense. Whereas Sikhs will forever be associated in the couple's mind as the people who "blocked" them from having their marriage and arguably most special day blessed at a Gurdwara. Ironic given that it was always so-called high caste Qazi's and Pandits that pushed many of Punjab's poorer non-Sikhs (that these Qureshi caste Qazi's and Pandits vehemently despised) in the early 20th century to get married via Anand Karaj and consequently s
  10. That's exactly the point Ranjeet Singh Ji. Sikhs are not meant to have any affiliation to caste whatsoever. But the fact that some still do in 2015 and have even seen fit to segregate the community matrimonially and for worship purposes at separate Gurdwara's is a shocking indictment of us 316 years after 1699. How can we prevent Hindutva divide and rule tactics being employed against us via Balmiki and Dera Ballan Mandirs to push us into a minority in Punjab by the 2021 east Punjab census when half of the bhekhi's out there won't marry their sons or daughters to those from similar backgrou
  11. Ranjeet Singh Ji i personally don't have any statistical analysis to support the common sense inference. But let's take the case of the Walsall marriage that was blocked recently this month. The couple just went ahead and got married at a Hindu Mandir subsequently without issue or protest. I would hazard a guess that they might feel more welcomed by the Hindu community as a result. And that they might feel happier bringing up their children attending Mandirs in the future as a result.
  12. StarStriker bro if you look at the link on Hrman Singh's OP the link for figures is available there. I'm not quite sure about if 80% of Haryana becoming Sikh would have been realistically achievable given that the Jatts have always been notorious opponents of Sikhs in the 1947 Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs and comprised the majority of the Delhi police in 1984 like the Jatt Sajjan Kumar but we should still try our best with parchar even now. But for definite if we all work unitedly as a Panth (putting aside our differences to focus on what unites us) we can increase Sikh numbers to over 100mil
  13. I agree Cisco Singh that the sanctity of a Gurdwara comes first before money. But pushing people away from Sikhi to get their marriages blessed at Mandirs and Churches and Dera scams is totally self-defeating for us as we enrich our enemies and strengthen their populations whilst weakening our own Panth's.
  14. The problem is brother that: Sikhs are now less than 0.01% of the Pakistani Punjab population. Sikhs are now 3% of the Delhi population. Sikhs are now 4% of the Haryana population. Sikhs are now 1% of the Himachal population. Numerically in 2011 we Sikhs consituted 11% or so of the historic united Punjab populations. Whereas before the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs in 1947 we constituted 13% of the old historic Punjab population. Bear in mind now that there are a greater percentage of Sikhs in English-speaking Canada than there in India. So we need to work hard on initially stabilising a
  15. True. Rather than having the income go towards the upkeep of our Gurdwara's and the propagation of Sikhi ... Let's instead ensure that all such income goes instead to Mandirs, Churches, Derawad followers and corrupt Masands
  16. Quantavius bro we already have such an organisation in place - the SGPC. The problem is it is riddled by corruption so we have to peacefully seize back control or set-up a parallel organisation which is fully transparent and accountable for every penny of funding. My sincere conviction is that if HS Phulka Ji and the AAP can sweep Badal out of power in the Punjab elections in 2017 we can reclaim the SGPC and increase Sikh numbers massively simply on account of Sikhi being the Truth. Recognising all those that attend Gurdwara as fellow Sikhs would at a stroke push Sikh numbers in Punjab to ab
  17. @ MisterrSingh Ji Bhai Sahib, I think the homeland debate is a dangerous distraction to the demographic reality in front of us. But you're absolutely right that the powers that be fear the Truth of Sikhi and realise that Sikhi is a dangerous revolutionary Truth that will upset the apple cart of their corrupt terrorist regime. We need to work from the ground up. If we are fully committed to the Panth as ordinary Sikhs and work unitedly there can be one hundred million plus Sikhs in India within our lifetime. That would represent the biggest casteless demographic within India. Such a demograp
  18. Haanji Hrman Paji ehda ke 2011 di figure (1.7%) nu 2001 naal divide kareyo Ji (1.9%) 2011 percentage of Indian population (1.7%) = 89.47% of 2001 percentage (1.9%) figure. Thus the percentage decline of Sikhs as a proportion of the Indian population between 2001 to 2011 exceeds 10%. Jacfsing2 you will find the vast majority of homeless people in Punjab are in fact non-Sikhs. Given that the figures are four years old the Sikh percentage can possibly be estimated at 56% currently in 2015. A drop of 1% per year in the next 6 years will leave us as minority by the 2021 census if we don't urge
  19. Brother I'm referring to: Matrimonial level apartheid where Sikhs are copying Hindu's and Muslims that only marry into there own wretched castes and with there own cousins to ensure the so-called bloodline purity of their pathetic castes. Hindu's and Muslims and Christians were always famous for segragating their Mandirs, Mosques and Churches on the basis of caste but now this disease seems to have infected Sikhs as well since 1984. Hindu and Muslim villages were always segregated upon a caste apartheid basis. This was not the case to the same degree amongst Sikhs but has become a more mark
  20. Jagsaw Ji whilst i agree with you that a positive attitude in the face of adversity is what Chardi Kala is all about and that we should not box ourselves into a negative mentality by repeatedly proclaiming ourselves as slaves, I don't see anything positive to take from the Census results. The fall is the equivalent of the American population declining by 10million people in the 10years between 2001 to 2011. In all honesty it is hardly describable as a tiny fall (though it may appear so) and is very very significant fall indeed over a previous ten year period between to 2001 to 2011. The 3% dr
  21. As per the India religious census data of 2011, released by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner on Tuesday, the total population of India back in 2011 was 1.21 billion people. Currently in 2015 the population of India is estimated to be just under 1.3 billion people. In 2011, the Hindu population was 966.3 million (79.8 per cent); Muslim 172.2 million (14.2 per cent); Christian 27.8 million (2.3 per cent); Sikh 20.8 million (1.7 per cent); Buddhist 8.4 million (0.7 per cent); Jain 4.5 million (0.4 per cent), Other religions & persuasions (ORP) 7.9 million (0.7 per cent), religi
  22. Big T in fact your figures are incorrect. Only 15% of Muslims are black Africans and it is fortunate that the number of black Africans was restricted to only 15% of the Muslim population. As had it been the 50% you stated that would only have been achieved off the back of hundreds of millions of poor innocent Africans being enslaved, raped and murdered by the Muslims. The statement "that they will convert to anything" comes across very poorly (even though perhaps you did not mean it that way). When you strip away a human being's identity, culture and language as the Christians and Muslims do
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