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  1. Hi there everyone, sangat in Orangeville have officially setup up a gurdwara in a small town called Orangeville, Ontario Canada under the name of Mata Gujari Ji Sikh Temple. Just trying to get the word out to everyone hopefully some individuals live in the Dufferin county area that use this site. The Gurdwaras does not have a Nishan Sahib yet, we have to get permission from the town to be able to put at the front of the property, as we are in the process of trying to change the zoning as well. Zoning change should not be an issue due to the neighbouring properties beside the Gurdwara is all commercial. If you live in the towns of Orangeville, Grand Valley, Shelburne, Mulmur, Melancthon, Amaranth, Mono, East Garafraxa, or even the north part of Caledon, the gurdwara is open everyday, might be locked after 9pm, but granthi ji lives there so theres always someone there. The address is 304 Broadway ave Orangeville, Ontario and the parking is in the back.
  2. What town do you live I also live in a white town right now in chicago maybe I can give you ride once I'm back, I also have a friend who goes to malton most of the time I can ask if he can give you ride at least he will be able to take you sometimes, but it just matters which town, I also want to get back in the practice of reading bani again and one day eventually take amrit as well.
  3. Hey I know all to well about a break up I myself did not have an abusive or anything like that actually we probably had the best time together it was one of the most blessed thing in my opinion when we had to break up it was because her parents found a rishta for her a doctor and all such and she tried telling them about me but in the end they did not want anything with me and so for her parents happiness we broke up. I was in a bad state at that time became an alcoholic went back to smoking weed and was just thinking all stupid kinds of stuff this started a week before our anniversary of going out together and I was just shocked I could not believe it we did try to remain as friends but it just couldn't work because I was too attached and she cut me off after. I was just depressed there was time I felt like ending myself at stages thanks to Waheguru and Sri Guru Granth Sahib I was able to be still standing on my two feet. My friends did not know what to say no one thought me and her would breakup it was hard everyday meeting someone asking about your better how's shes doing and you just have to tell them the sad news. It eats you up but honestly don't think of it as a burden, think of it as a learning experience, and your much better of without him he was abusive. I know the emotions you guys have shared must be tough because lets face it were humans we want compassion, but your a lot stronger than I was it took almost a year to save my self I was literally almost gone and just out of nowhere I decided to look at the Sri Guru Granth Sahib I am not that great with Gurmukhi so I decided to read it in english and for some reason I started to look at it positive I started to see the reasons why it had to end point A: she was older than me by 4 years, Point B: she got this beautiful opportunity to marry someone who can provide with happiness, I myself don't have a job still in school and was not ready for marriage yet. Point C: if it was the best relationship why would we had to break up if she truly loved me she would have stayed a breakup would have never happened. So whenever she pops up in my head I just pray shes happy honestly what more can I say I just read Sukhmani Sahib paath and Just pray for her as well and just hope shes blessed and hopefully the new person that replaced me is taking care of her a lot better than I could. You just need to keep your strength and just remember Waheguru he's always with you and maybe helped you to stay away from another abuse who might could have drastically abuse more maybe even worse. Yes he was a big part of your life and remember there's always more fish in the sea but I would advice you to not go out with anyone till you know absolutely well that is the one and I mean you know he won't ever hurt you, little arguments happen everyone argues with there loved ones its natural and just don't give him anything you shouldn't share that you will share with your future husband trust me as a guy I will tell you keep that special something till marriage that's how you will know he wants to marry you and stayed for the long run instead of just a quick fun, and just pray for the girl he goes with next time or his future wife imagine the torment you had to go through and pray for there safety and well being and do sukhmani sahib paath as it has help me and attend the gurdwara try doing Nitnem as well while meditating on Waheguru you will see a Light at the end of the tunnel, but remember not to stop even if its not working just keep going to the gurdwara to do nitnem and doing sukhmani sahib paath trust me it helps I know from experience it just you have to be patient you were hurt emotionally and spiritually it takes time to get healed from this it was not a physical hurt. I hope this help and if you ever want to talk because I know how you feel just give me a private message and I am more than glad to help you out from your struggles sometime you just need someone to talk to I remember when I was going through this I wish I had someone who experienced some what similar situation to just tell me what to expect and just to keep my head up and what not. Hopefully this helps you have a lot to look forward too the future is great for you and I promise you will find someone better one day just keep your head up be strong and never forget Waheguru he's always with you
  4. Hi my email is harzadan_khattra@hotmail.com
  5. WJKK WJKF Hi so I'm currently in med school and I should be finishing in September 2015, i'm not going to practice picking up the degree and my parents know this part and there ok with my decision. So as being in med school I have been being more and more intrigued into sikhi and was wondering if someone can start guiding me how to start preparing for amrit of course this will take time as I want to be certain I can live that lifestyle. I mean Like to be honest I don't know punjabi or gurmukhi all to well that's one of my main issue I feel more comfortable in english but I'm willing to learn gurmukhi. I hope a singh or a kaur can guide me and put me on the right path.Hopefully like have daily talks so if I have any questions they can answer it. I'm 22 years old and I feel like its just a calling for me and just that I need help who can practically be my teacher, and if someone does respond to my message I will gladly private message them.
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