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  1. The modern women has to balance work and career with family if she is married. But everything has compromises. Some are not negotiable. For example shaving and removing facial hair, etc in order to fit in the westernized work environment. Arranged marriages are dying so dating is an area of conflict in Sikh panth. Determining how many and when to have children needs negotiation with husband. Divorce must be an option. So what other compromises and negotiations are required for the modern Sikhni, especially those in their 20s and 30s.
  2. How stupid comments fr0m people. Brahminism is long gone but the Sikhs here are obsessed. You need to think more about losing sikh girls to muslims in UK and Canada and hispanic mexican men in US. In India it is conversion by Christian groups. I currently live in Italy and read here that Vatican has special task forces for various India locations and one for Punjab targeting Sikhs. Also US Evanagelicals have special groups dedicated and funded to convert Sikhs. So silly men on this forum need to properly focus.
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