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  1. Sikhs are the most blasphemous to their own faith, by way of comparison to adherents of other faiths? That is a very absurd and contrived point. I think everyone can agree that the Sikh community is rife with hypocrisy and that it is imperative that we get our act together. But to say that we are more hypocritical than Christians for instance, who if they actually paid any attention to what their Bible says, would know that they are forbidden to eat shellfish, forbidden to cut their hair, forbidden from eating pork or any other animal with three toes or from wearing garments made from mixed
  2. A number of fanatics like Teja Bhasaur wanted to purge a good many sections from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, yes, but that misses the point of the OP's question. He suspected that there was a conspiracy to alter Gurbani which managed to spread its tendrils throughout the entire Sikh world and which was perpetrated by some great power, not the ramblings of a lone fruitcake like Teja Bhasaur and his paltry following. These anti-Hindu fanatics were for the most part ignored by Sikhs. Puraatan Birs and Saroops still survive in great number at certain old Guru Ghars, Takhats and Nihang Dals. They a
  3. Do you mean his cutting his hair, or his coming out as gay? The first is self-evidently due to ignorance of Sikhi, the latter however was and is entirely beyond his power to change. He was born that way.
  4. The word 'militant' has become something of a colloquialism in the speech of Western Sikhs, a sort of slang term. It describes a Sikh who is particularly strident about their Sikhi. A metaphor in other words.
  5. You're being paranoid. The only motivation the British or the Mahants could have had for wanting to add or to abrogate passages from Gurbani, would have been to further their own interests. You've read Gurbani. Have you ever read anything which looks like it would have furthered the interests of Mahants or the British? Any passages about how wonderful obeisance to your conquerors or imperialism is, or how mahants are the bee's knees? No, to the contrary, you'll find an abundance of verses which actively decry the logic behind imperialism and mahant demagogy. In other words if changes had b
  6. The Canadian Sikhs are a very peculiar and fascinating study . On the one hand they can be the most militant and hardline of all the Sikhs in the diaspora, and in my experience are usually the most pro-Khalistani. And yet on the other hand they can barely be gravitised to attend an anti-India demonstration, and the violence of their internal squabbles and disputes over Gurdwara committees is unparalleled anywhere else outside of Punjab. They are at once the most and the least serious about Sikhi of all the sangats I have encountered. I'm not entirely sure how this circumstance came to be es
  7. No, the AKJ Simran as propounded by Panth Rattan Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji is 'saas giraas' simran, where one breathes in and out exclaiming 'Wah' when they inhale, and 'Guru' when they exhale. Sas Giraas is also not peculiar to the AKJ, many other sampardas and jathas practice it. I am however quite certain that the earliest members of the AKJ didn't believe in this fruity naam hugging and homoerotic mouth to mouth nonsense. These are blatantly the embellishments of some closeted homosexuals. The frauds who advocate these practices tarnish the name of a great Jatha and a great Gursik
  8. Bhai Harinder Singh Ji does not look like he's lying. You can see the truth in his eyes. This Gavin clearly had some sexual feelings for Bhai Sahib, and he must've felt spurned when his blatant advances were not reciprocated.
  9. Waheguru Half of our Kesdhari/Amritdhari Singhs are so fat that their bellies hang and wobble over their kamarkasas, and the other half are so skinny that their little legs look like sugarcanes underneath their cholas. If we're going to wear the warriors' bana then we should earn it. It isn't to be used for dress up. Why are Singhs so unhealthy these days? Is this the inevitable consequence of sedentary lifestyles and professions which render one inactive for most of the day (Accountant, engineer etc)?
  10. I thought so too. I'm not sure about some of them, but the bloke shouting "leave him man, leave him now, chill, chill" is quite clearly apna, you can tell by the way he pronounces his 'L's. Very subtle giveaway.
  11. Brother, Punjab will never be a lost cause, it can never be one. All of our most sacred Guru Ghars are there. We cannot ever abandon them to the Brahmins and the Christian missions. The original poster is some Jai-Hind Bharat Mata Ki Jai psycopath who believes there is an imminent war coming between Western civilization and Dharmic civilization, which he insists that India is bound to win. He is in all likelihood a troll.
  12. I get so tired when I hear this 'there is no sikhi', 'there are no religions', 'sikhi isn't a religion with religious mandates' argument. A religion is a particular system of faith and worship. Sikhi fits this parameter. Religious laws are ethical codes taught by religious traditions. Sikhi also fits this parameter. You can carry on playing your esoteric word-games and insisting otherwise, but that won't change the reality. As you said, the spiritual science of kes is irrelevant to the length of kes. Hence it is irrelevant to the OP's question. The OP was concerned with how his Kes looked
  13. This young brother is a real Sher of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. See how he shrugs off the slander from those sheep? His fortitude is impressive, and made even more impressive when you compare him to all the cowardly adults who are so insecure in the Sikh Saroop that they wear caps and doo-rags in order to conform.
  14. Yes, forget Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Its clear from the way he dresses and behaves that he's hopelessly loopy. I don't think you can begrudge a nutter for being a nutter. But shame on his followers for having been so stupid as to let themselves get castrated. I'd say they come off worse here than their deranged 'guru'.
  15. Why all this hate for Southall? I think its a thoroughly interesting place to live.
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