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  1. I try to read it once a year. There's a lot to be learned from a human perspective in terms of the morals and the arguments it raises. A person doesn't have to be a Hindophile to glean something meaningful from the text.
  2. The Mahabharata is superior IMO. The political intrigue, the dynastic and domestic conflicts, and the philosophy of mysticism that underpins it all, just can't be beaten. It's feels a lot more layered and complex compared to the Ramayana even if the latter does share most of those attributes.
  3. There's 12 year-old boys driving cars in some parts of Punjab. It's been going on for ages. It's not widespread but it happens. I'm impressed yet horrified at the same time.
  4. Imo it's the best way to get them into a routine and earning money. She'll start paying tax, which means her employment record begins in the UK. If she feels like moving on in a couple of years, then the next job won't be so difficult to find.
  5. The virus is real IMO. The important thing to note is the response from the West is designed to, in my opinion, damage Chinese economic interests and growth. I feel the West's elites are concerned about China's growing power on the international stage on various fronts, and this hysteria is a not-so subtle threat to intimidate the Chinese power structure by hitting them where it hurts the most. Whether the virus itself was, as it's been reported, a result of contaminated meat, or it was created outside of China by a Western source and then "deployed" in Wuhan, is anyone's guess. That's not to say the West is against capitalising on the affects of the virus. If the virus does manage to cull the population by a few hundred or thousand people, I'm sure that won't be considered too much of an issue.
  6. Get her signed up with an agency. They connect newly arrived immigrant workers to factories on sprawling industrial estates in various industries but mostly those that deal with packing food, etc. The first few months are usually on a trial basis, but if she keeps her head down and applies herself, they do offer full-time contracts. It's good money for basic work.
  7. Weird how it's the "firangi" conquest that comes in for the most hostile criticism despite them doling out infrastructure and administrative benefits (albeit for vested interests) alongside the undeniable oppression, whereas the earlier Mughal one is almost romanticised by certain quarters to a certain extent.
  8. The love-hate dynamic perhaps stems from different sides. The middle-class, liberal-leaning Indian who has a cosmopolitan outlook on history views the Mughal era as a natural and unavoidable part of history where countries are conquered, and the conquerors leave imprints of their own culture on the natives, and therefore it's not something that is particularly objectionable. But then you have the nationalist or religiously inclined who view the Mughal conquest as a personal affront; a matter of a foreign force imposing its culture and religion on a population through compulsion and barbarism in part. Someone in the middle would appreciate the cultural value of what Mughals contributed to India while still acknowledging their destructive practices in how they managed to imprint their presence on a people and its culture through conquest.
  9. There are some mischievous and evil things that capitalise on people's ignorance in situations such as these, particularly when they feel nobody will do some digging and get to the bottom of what's really going on. If your friend is shouting, screaming, bellowing, etc., when he's "under" I think he's either pretending (to inspire fear or respect or he's suffering from mental illness) or something nefarious is speaking through him. I guess if he's otherwise a decent guy with good character it's difficult to accuse him of chicanery. If you're unsure as to his motivations, don't indulge him, because if someone who's faking it realises he has you by the balls when he begins shouting and screaming jakare, then it will become a form of control and manipulation on his part. I grew up with a fraud who did this for many years. We were terrified and always walking on eggshells around this person... until the day actual shaheeds came through and put a stop to it.
  10. That's an interesting observation and one that has merit. It does seem like a modern day progression from that earlier wholesome ethos of the likes of Sant Usher Singh, which has been cynically skewed to work in favour of these clowns.
  11. Is it just me or don't you find it a little insidious how they waited to establish a base of operations, by purchasing that building in Coventry, before they kicked into second gear and amped up the subversion to the next level? It's almost as if that was the plan all along. Gain a following by travelling up and down the country like modern day minstrels; ensnare clueless Sikhs with melodious tunes and surface appeal, then eventually the mask is allowed to slip - because they don't really care about keeping up the pretense - and they can now carry out what they always intended. There's a definite plan there if you stand back and break it down.
  12. They're a virus that has been allowed to spread due to Sikh ignorance of their own religion and beliefs. If only people knew the contempt with which Dhadhri and his ancillaries are held by genuinely spiritual and decent Sikhs, those of the sangat who've been deceived but are ultimately decent people seeking spiritual guidance, would turn from these charlatans immediately. NKJ are digging themselves into a very deep hole from which they will not escape.
  13. You've surprised me and made me chuckle, you saucy sod. Fair play, you dodgy commie.
  14. Very astute. The type of young Punjabi guy who sees himself as an entrepreneur, and posts motivational images on Instagram that unironically mention terms such as hustling.
  15. We're born alone, we die alone, and the long bit in-between when we're apparently surrounded by the most vivid illusions of company is when some people feel the most lonesome. There's no need to become a misanthrope, but there has to come a time, for a male preferably when they are still in the prime of their life, when he realises he's not receiving as much as he's giving out to those closest to him in the context of spiritual and mental energy; not in a selfish material manner. You either drain yourself completely and end up consumed by bitterness -- not that anybody cares -- or you recognise the signs before hurtling off the edge, and realise that changes need to be made.
  16. Good stuff. We should be supporting these content creators, for as long as they don't let it go to their heads, instead of filling the coffers of the already wealthy holy men. This type of info will reach a young person from a Sikh background, who knows next to nothing about their heritage, and might instigate a chain reaction to greater things compared to if we relied solely on the preaching in Gurdwareh, which is ordinarily preaching to the converted.
  17. You never "found" a wife; you were presented with one, and nudged encouragingly in her direction. There was never any actual "finding" on your part. Don't forget that, you little weasel. To save you time and effort, don't bore me with the expected fantasy retelling of your love life in order to refute my point. One needs not have jumped off a cliff to realise doing so without a harness has its pitfalls. Get it, little Trotsky?
  18. I love this kind of stuff. Makes me realise how fortunate I am with the little I have.
  19. I guess it might be a natural extension of the "pizza and chips" langar philosophy; making things relevant and palatable for the younger generations. But then you have to ask yourself where the line needs to be drawn, and when is the modern generation going to bend itself toward the path rather than always expecting the path to veer toward them? Or maybe NA Sikhs genuinely loved Bryant?
  20. Yup, but more pertinent to this particular situation, it's indicative of the now defunct, if it ever was real, American dream that certain migrant groups (those from perceivably "weaker" races in order to fortify them against potential hostility) are still encouraged to shill for in the States. When some do it, like Sikhs, it just seems so cloyingly subservient to anyone external to that culture, even more so when we consider our proud heritage and historically uncompromising nature. This just seems inappropriate and strange; very American with a cack-handed desi twist.
  21. Seeing questions being answered and situations unfolding in your day-to-day life in response to something that was only ever known to you, is faith affirming. It gives me confidence that I'm not totally barking up the wrong tree, lol. Yes, patterns! Spotting reoccurring patterns is key. Got to be awake to it.
  22. One thing I've learned over the years when trying to create consistent routines of discipline and control is not to retreat into arrogance or become judgemental which is one of the easiest traps to fall into when things begin clicking spiritually. Yes, I'm allowed to have opinions and thoughts on things I see and encounter which I find to be objectionable based on my buddhi at that specific period of my life. I'm not quite at the stage of "Hum nahi changeh, burra nahi koe" because I don't feel this particular janam of mine was ever destined to be one of peace and serenity. When I'm content and "happy" I feel exposed and almost weak. I'm at my best when I'm "fighting" and alert. I feel alive when struggling. Vegetating in comfort is something I detest. That's not to say I'm not striving for those qualities, but I've come to the realisation that this lifetime, for me, is one of trials. You've got to be honest with yourself, brutally at times, to really begin to know and learn things.
  23. Although I'm a believer in monogamy and loyalty, old-fashioned as it may be, some of the current conflict between the sexes that's negatively affecting societal balance and health is women being encouraged to exhibit and manifest the male behaviour you've described above, because apparently biology is a patriarchal social construct, and therefore in order to reach parity of the sexes, denying women the opportunity to indulge in the same "sowing of wild oats" behaviour is oppression. So they'll behave like children to make a point, lol. "I was denied the opportunity to jump off a cliff for thousands of years; now I'll make the first 30 years of my life all about launching myself off cliffs, not because I inherently believe it's acceptable, but because I want to make a point." That's the level of reasoning we're dealing with.
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