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  1. I'd hardly call such insightful analysis "nit picking." It may prove to be uncomfortable reading for some, but if Sikhi is to be relevant as the decades and millenniums progress, then such introspection is needed. Dismissing such concerns in such an off-hand manner without even attempting to address any of those issues highlighted is incredibly dangerous.
  2. Fair questions, the answers to which I find myself pondering on a daily basis. Personally speaking I think the root of most, if not all, of the issues highlighted is lack of relevant parchaar that truly gets to the core of what it is to be human, and how Sikhi can be applied in practical situations so that it makes us better human beings. The answers are available in Sikhi without a doubt, and i may be biased but i think it is a stunningly beautiful path that we find ourselves on. However, somehow change is needed to reach out to people who may have been left behind (even our so-called "own") in this world which has changed so drastically and so hurriedly. I have a few questions of my own which i'd add to the list in the original post: Have we become, inadvertently, just another organised religion of the type Guru Nanak Paatshah questioned and exposed with such clarity and reasoning (BTW, not a criticism of scriptures, which are perfect IMO, but more to do with day-to-day application of the faith)? Is it inevitable, with the passage of time, that the core message of any philosophy is dulled and diluted? In that case what needs to be done to reverse this trend?
  3. Thanks for this. Very informative. More like this for other important historical moments in Sikh history.
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