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  1. I talk straight. There's nothing egoistical about that. The friction arises from the perturbation it causes on your end.
  2. You're hiding behind something not because you truly believe in its integrity or its truth, but because it's the path of least resistance that allows you to feel as if you've committed an act of holiness. It's non-participation; a cop-out. You aren't Waheguru, and you certainly aren't Guru Nanak Dev Ji, either... as if there's a difference, which there isn't.
  3. Some can never reform themselves, and don't have any intention to do so.
  4. Lots of great points but this in particular I feel is valid. There needs to be a middle path that acknowledges the myriad dangers ahead if we are to align ourselves with suicidal social and political policies spearheaded by the ruling classes. The answer is not in aligning ourselves with the racists, the homophobes, or whatever else. The answer also doesn't reside on the side of those who wish to structure society according to their deluded worldview of so-called tolerance of the intolerable (whereby the definitions of what's "good" seems to shift further and further beyond the realms of acceptability). But Sikhs in the West are mentally weak. The susceptibility to what's popular and pleading to one's biases (which are ironically a result of social programming from childhood) and what happens to be the prevailing mood of like-minded people, will always win out over the difficult path of striking out on a fresh path that rejects the current status quo of both sides. Sikhs are incapable of overcoming their herd programming which is further confounded by the emotion based indoctrination of our host countries. Our "follower" mentality will prove to be our downfall in these foreign lands. Thankfully, those of us with nothing to lose are the ones most likely to stumble across that third path. The rest are tied down by so many material and non-material binds that realisation and subsequent escape is a mental and physical impossibility. Adherence to religion of itself without a constant conscious driving desire of external discovery and self realisation is a hollow pursuit. Simply believing in something isn't enough. One must also exist in pursuit of constantly actualising those tenets in practical ways.
  5. There's another great quote from Tzu (I'm guessing it's from the same book) which states, "When your enemy / opponent is in the middle of making a grave mistake, don't interrupt him." I've always loved this line.
  6. The Decline and the Fall of the Roman Empire is a great multi volume work to read in order to understand what we're going through and what's yet to come. It's one of the classic works they teach to the posh kids at private school.
  7. Haha, you got me, bro. I actually typed out something else but deleted it. As for your second para, I've noticed we're great at screwing each other over, but when it comes to external enemies we suddenly develop a conscience and begin spouting religious sentiments, lol. What's that Punjabi saying: Ghar di billi kare miaow.
  8. This'll upset most of us on here, but it's an uncomfortable truth: the first one was, "Accept immigrants." To borrow a brilliant phrase that you coined a few years ago, we were the canaries down the mine, or at least our elders were when the West opened its doors to the Commonwealth nations for assistance in rebuilding Europe after the devastation of WW2. We were step one of the plan. Again, it's a truth that might be cognitively devastating for some to accept -- it is slightly dehumanising in a way, and the last thing any advanced sentient being wants to acknowledge is they might be viewed as less (by others) than the image they hold of themselves in their own consciousness -- but it's one that must be acknowledged if we're to be honest and proceed with some brand of plan. Guess who campaigned and lobbied for third-world immigrants to be allowed into the White man's hallowed abode, lol? Guess who owned most of the sea-faring ships that brought over most of the Commonwealth workforce who eventually ended up settling here? They won't teach you any of this in schools or write articles about it on the BBC, lol. We're as much pawns in this game as the homosexuals and other minority interest groups. We don't REALLY matter. We're just buffers, ultimately, and when there's a struggle or a battle, it's the buffers who are the first to feel the onslaught. If all we ever see is what's at the end of our collective nose, and the thought of what lays beyond is considered to be too terrifying a prospect to broach, then we'll continue going around in circles, afraid to confront those terrifying and taboo truths that we've deluded ourselves in believing don't exist or at least don't apply to us. Once we allow our thought processes and our conscience to be censored and controlled by someone, I truly believe there is no point to that person's humanity. That's a living death right there.
  9. Again, that's you seeing phenomena that isn't mentioned or even alluded to. Why are you stifling debate and discussion on these issues? How is a Mumbai dweller in such an insular part of the world so clued-up and concerned with issues such as European nationalism and the descent into degeneracy in Western lands? Christianity's attack on Dharmic traditions and Eastern mystical paths (including Sikhi) should be your area of expertise, or at least a subject that you should be bringing to our attention.
  10. In the coming years, in the West, there's going to be many Bhai Jagraj Singh imitators launching similar parchaar initiatives, the difference being Bhai Sahib was on the level whereas these newer personalities will aim to subvert and mislead. Sure, they'll all start out seemingly "on-message" and Gurmat oriented in order to develop a following and get their feet under the table, so to speak, but eventually they'll begin to sneak in corrosive, contemporary Western philosophies into their parchaar. The key question is will they operate of their own delusional volition, or will there be something more sinister and organised at play? Time will tell. The money trail never lies.
  11. In 2089 there'll be a clamour from the trans-human / cyborg population for representation in the Khalsa. There'll be anonymous posts in the Gupt section on this forum titled, "I accidentally used Synthetic Blend Motor Oil to grease my mechanical joints instead of using Vegetable Ghee. Do I need to go to pesh?" Where will it end?!?
  12. If Sikhs like Satpal Singh seize the reigns of mainstream Sikhi and repurpose it as a "progressive" vehicle for moral and spiritual relativism -- where anything goes because apparently everything is permissible under the guise of defending and promoting the intolerable -- then there's very little you or anyone can do to arrest those developments without being made to seem as an intolerant bigot on the wrong side of history. Believe it or not, decent and just things aren't guaranteed to happen for the Panth or Sikhs in general just because we wish it so. All those Sants and Mahapurakhs who apparently use to avert world wars or apocalyptic scenarios involving worldwide destruction by praying to Akal Purakh, better start cracking on with their bhagti, because there's a Bummageddon on the horizon, and I don't want to be caught with my kacherra down.
  13. Media Sexploitation: The Hidden Implants in the Mass Media by Richard Zakia is an excellent book to understand this subject in a meticulous, logic / rational based manner. Ignore voices who serve to undermine any attempt to observe and note these occurrences. They want you to continue to labour under the shroud of ignorance; makes you easier to control so you continue stumbling around in a mental stupor where very little of life makes sense, therefore making you susceptible to all and everything directed at you for the purposes of keeping you asleep.
  14. So, this Satpal Singh. What's going on with this gentleman? Who are his sponsors, associates, etc?
  15. A strong Nitnem routine does wonders. It focuses the mind and clarifies thoughts, although use your powers for good, haha. If you start working against the source of your newfound mental prowess and develop an arrogant mindset, as humans are prone to do once they attain a small increase in knowledge, you will find yourself back at square one. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
  16. Train your mind to quieten itself by eliminating or at least minimising superfluous thoughts that prey on it and send it racing in various directions. Solitude helps but I appreciate that's a luxury that's not available to most people.
  17. Expect gay and transgender Anand Karaj ceremonies in the near future. No bundha with an ounce of awareness and anakh wants to be associated with a belief system that promotes this type of shite. Soon, Sikhi in the West will be populated by a gaggle of pink-turbanned, bearded, effeminate weirdos, and those who will object will be vilified as being un-Sikh and lacking Gurmat values. This is clown world.
  18. I find venturing into conspiracy territory does more harm than good. That's not to say I don't believe there are great truths being withheld from humanity for various reasons, but most people are so heavily invested in the way things are, you lose any semblance of connection and common ground by broaching what may seem ludicrous and unrealistic. To realise at least a little of the chess match being played with your lives, there's no need to broach the mystical. Just open up any international major news website or similar resource, and gauge what underlying message is being promoted under the guise of informing the populace. Do it regularly with a harshly critical and unforgiving eye, and you'll eventually detect patterns, which then leads to being capable of almost predicting what's yet to occur. That's no feat of occultism; it's just common sense and an ability to discern trends.
  19. 8. In advertising, but also in general entertainment such as situational comedy, the father is often portrayed as an incompetent, out of touch, absent minded, or generally dim individual dominated by the feminine energy in the household. He's a figure of derision to varying degrees whose main purpose is to symbolise a demoralised and confused male in a world that values men for nothing but what they provide for their dependents in a material sense. On the other hand the mother is shown to be a wise, level-headed, well-organised general who ensures the family unit is kept ticking along as she merrily runs around putting out figurative fires or preventing any from taking place. In recent times, advertising and certain entertainment formats depart from this template of portraying adult males in this manner only when it's implied that the man in question is homosexual.
  20. Yes, absolutely. Ironically, the contemporary champions of the LGBT movement, who seem to determined for it to pass into mainstream acceptability, also derive their key organisational figureheads from those same tribes. Which group was responsible for the writings of the Old Testament?
  21. Luciferianism is also incredibly embracing of homosexuality as well as paedophilia. In fact, it's considered a key element of some sects' worship where sex magick rites are performed.
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