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  1. "Please watch with an open mind." Don't open it too much because your brain might fall out.
  2. 7. The default "Asian" ethnic representation (in the UK and American productions) over the past few years in most forms of visual entertainment is a Muslim character. They are gradually becoming the shorthand for ethnic presence.
  3. Churchill was an SOB. He presided over the death of millions of -- at the time -- Indians. It's mind-bending to observe the reverence with which he's held in Britain. Anyone who mentions his past actions is slandered as a Far-Left agitator or whatever. It's dishonesty. There's no other way of explaining it. History is kind to the victors. Lesson? Always go for the win!
  4. My lunch break is nearly over. I'll give you a detailed reply when I get home in the evening. I do think you're deliberately choosing not to see the bigger picture I'm illustrating by reducing the argument to a low-level, two dimensional view of the problems. I think you're well aware of my intent, but for some reason you're determined to reduce my arguments to a simplistic, contrarian viewpoint that ultimately preserves a status quo that is doing visible and active damage to our people and our ways. If, however, you truly aren't able to comprehend the meaning and intent behind my ideas, I don't know where to begin to help you understand, because the accumlative sum of my thoughts on these issues in turn originate from years of contemplation, analysis that has resulted in hundreds of diverse and multi-faceted impressions that rely on perquisite knowledge that can't be condensed into bite size explanations without losing the detailed complexity to do those ideas justice. I could try and spoon feed you but it would be incredibly frustrating because I sense you aren't receptive to the ideas I'm proposing. I'm not sure whether you're playing Devil's Advocate or whether you honestly believe everything is fine as it is.
  5. What's stopping them from relating Sikh spiritual guidance to the social and political ills of our everyday lives? How to protect oneself from the onslaught of physical, everyday forces that wears down the individual's spiritual defences? An awareness of transient political chicanery and manoeuvring designed to undermine our culture's and religion's positive conservative values of respect, honour, restraint, and decency? An awareness and admission that other faiths are drawing away Sikhs to the ranks of other religions, and how to resist such openly hostile actions? These issues and many more can be directly related to Sikh teachings and Sikh history. Why the reluctance to use the past as an indicator of what's yet to occur? The signs are there. Why do these apparently educated and enlightened people not see it? You honestly assumed I was referring to filling in application forms? Do you find me mentally retarded or do you not think much of my contributions? Not quite. I'm referring to the kind of individuals in our community who put on a performance by imitating the demeanour, mannerisms, and bearing of genuine Sikh personalities who've earned their spiritual spurs. Most of us have encountered the imitators: the heavy-lidded, contemplative glance as if they've emerged from a spiritual trance; the slow, deliberate drawl as they speak as if they're channelling ethereal knowledge from the Beyond. Clowns in their 20s and 30s play acting at sainthood. It's funny to see these frauds hoodwink so many impressionable souls. Yes.
  6. Nobody mentioned Jewry in the pejorative. Why did you leap to that conclusion? As to the rest of your points regarding the current state of Europe and the legacy of WW2 as it relates to contemporary society, with all due respect you don't know what you're talking about. Honestly, WW2 is something I've been reading up on since I attended school -- and continue to do so to this very day -- and I'm still learning something new regarding that period of history. I hope you don't feel as if I'm being an a55, but you're genuinely out of your depth on this one. Overall, Scholl is praiseworthy. I was just pulling your leg, lol.
  7. Verifiable sources? I ask because... The myth-making stemming from World War II narratives is an industry in itself. You'd be surprised at the depths some would stoop in order to perpetuate fiction or half truth until it passes into unassailable fact.
  8. Very interesting. It's something I've long suspected on an instinctive level. This age, and for the foreseeable future, is one where we need the Rai Singhs to step up and make some moves. The time for the berserker Singhs will come again eventually. In the meantime I think the general idea of cultivating a well-rounded mentality that functions between the opposite ideals of the Saint and the Soldier is a good way to exist in this age when we seem to be existing in a strangely stagnant yet unpredictably hostile period where anything could happen at any time. Based on the advice from Guru Sahib in the above rehatnama, they seem to be alluding to the idea that so-called thinkers fall into the mistake of arrogantly intellectualising and moralising certain deeds and acts during times of desperation when what's actually needed is the will to fight and win. That line about Sikhs falling to prey to affection for materialism, be it physical and emotional, seems to be the current state of things.
  9. Who's this Sidney Ghose chap?
  10. I'm glad you mentioned this aspect of it. The Gianis and others with the apparent knowledge are out of touch with the issues facing Sikhs on a social level. It's preaching to the converted most of the times, and even then it has very little impact. In the West there's a slight difference where English speaking parchaar is conducted by individuals who use the exact same approach as their Indian counterparts; there's an unfortunate aspect of a performance occuring instead of a honest and direct dialogue. You see these individuals who develop a following behave as if they exist on an ethereal plane of serenity above and separate from the rest of us cattle. They're more concerned with trying to imitate or create an image of an enlightened holy being than actually impart something practical and useful. It's all incredibly abstract and non-committal designed to trap someone in a cycle of action that will keep them busy in the belief that if results are not yielded they must be doing something wrong rather than provide them with a direct way out of the ills plaguing them. Plus, as you mentioned, the Gianis and Parcharaks are politically and socially ignorant to the point where I seriously believe they're being instructed by certain parties as to not politicise and inform the sangat of certain ground realities. When one's roti and income is largely dictated by the words spoken by that individual, only someone with immense principles and a disregard for the grave consequences of speaking out would reject any form of control. When such individuals are as dependent on the status quo as the average man, you aren't going to see these people upset the apple cart and potentially cause problems for themselves whereby they won't be allowed to work. They will circle on the periphery of what's acceptable and safe to impart, but they will never truly cross the line into radical specifics. The assumption is that if Sikhs yearning religious instruction are informed of how to function on the spiritual, abstract level, then automatically all their problems will disappear because they've been taught to bypass physical levels which is apparently where most of our problems as human beings originate from. In theory it is an approach that seems to be sensible, but unfortunately we are physical beings composed of physical matter with physical committments living in a physical world, interacting with other physical components of the universe. Pretending as if those physicalities are irrelevant by leaping straight to the higher stages of being is like trying to teach a child quantum physics without bothering to educate him on the alphabet. It's completely backwards. I'm not surprised contemporary Sikhs of the younger generations can't relate to their religion. People are more than willing to undertake the journey towards seeking knowledge, but if the teachers appear in no better situation than the people they're supposed to enlighten, then what message does that truly send? The Judeo-Christian approach is afforded the benefit of the doubt due to its proliferation in nearly every aspect of life, plus the duration it's been in existence apparently lends it a form of credibility and integrity as something worth following or at least entertaining the possibility as to its credentials. Sikhi doesn't possess that unspoken cultural "scaffolding" or backbone because we can't point to Sikh values being used to propagate a state, a country, or even a thriving society in the modern world. A historically distant Sikh empire means little to people of the modern age. In the eyes of certain individuals who place the value of a doctrine or a message in how it's physically enriched lives and states of being, Sikhi seems unfortunately lacking. That's our fault, and not a reflection of the message itself.
  11. Until they reveal something to the contrary I'm assuming this wasn't a case of Brexit emboldening a previously closeted bigot, but rather a gullible middle class white professional who's bought the, "Everyone is the same underneath!" social propaganda. This is what happens when you allow your natural survival instincts to be dulled to the point where you not only enter a precarious social situation by relying on the fundamental decency of the opposing party to not misbehave BUT also the belief that everyone can be "reached" through civil discourse and reason. Before the guy was stabbed (when they were talking face to face in the second carriage), they both seemed to be having a conversation that wasn't animated or remotely threatening. The perpetrator suddenly flipped a switch. Anyone who hasn't bought into the rainbows and unicorns outlook on life would know when to minimise a potential problem by creating as much distance between the potential threat and themselves. Those with street smarts and experience of the darker side of life develop a sense that alerts them to such situation; those who have never been in those situations and faced adversity are oblivious to such things and judge the world by their own standards, and that's a fatal mistake. The victim seemed to be trying to "reach" the other guy almost as if he was trying to heal or counsell the guy! That's madness, and ultimately it's a result of, as I mentioned, a dangerous philosophy that preys on the human desire to be seen as benevolent, forgiving, etc., which isn't something to be scoffed at, but goodness me, there's a time and a place for it.
  12. I saw the CCTV footage on the news prior to it ending due to the killing itself, and I have to say the victim seemed to be unnecessarily confrontational in terms of being in the personal space of the attacker. Why he followed him into the next carriage I don't understand. I don't think he had any experience of knowing when to step the hell back and maintain a distance so there's a chance of seeing someone winding up to launch an attack. A slightly overweight IT consultant with some height + not wanting to lose face in front of his young son = a life lost. He misjudged it and overestimated himself. It doesn't excuse the savagery of the killer, but ego and pride contributed to a desperately sad situation.
  13. It's happening in regards to youngsters being drawn to Christianity, too. I see it quite regularly on places like YouTube. Phrases like, "My parents follow Sikhism but I don't understand it" or words to that affect. Then you see the usual Christian patter of, "Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour," or the person in question is charmed with soothing and admittedly comforting ideas that are designed to work on someone who has very little idea of their own history. What I've learned in the past year or do in regards to so-called interfaith cordiality: we're at war with these people, Muslims, Christians, whatever. There's no room for tolerance or weakness, because like on the wilds of the African savannah, these predatory faiths will hone in on stragglers and consume them, and we seem to be producing nothing but stragglers. This fantasy that's peddled of Sikh tolerance and acceptance is purposefully designed to undermine and weaken us. Why? Because when you tolerate everything, you stand against nothing! And with the direction in which the world is heading, there'll need to be a drawing of lines. The problems at our end are multifold. Most of our burdens are self inflicted. There's no avoiding the issue. We cannot always behave as if we've fallen victim to some conspiracy that's been hatched against us. The enemies within allow the enemies outside to gain a foothold.
  14. I assumed the death of a Sikh child would be enough to get the ball rolling on some sort of awareness campaign that highlighted the inhumanity of American immigration. With your connections and status I thought you may have had a plan to get to grips with this issue.
  15. Not a problem. The flu lasts 5 days at most; a week at worst. No need to plan a timetable without Nitnem. If a person can stare at a smartphone all day when supposedly ill, Nitnem shouldn't be an issue when the effects begin to recede. Get back on the wagon.
  16. Another one to add to the list of things white people do:
  17. Why are you awaiting a consensus or permission to proceed? Your profile as a published author would surely open doors to places and people that would remain firmly shut to the rabble on this forum. Use your contacts in the press and publishing industry to get the ball rolling. Good luck.
  18. Interesting. I wonder what the actual reason is for the BBC to publicise these findings. Disarming perceptions? Galvanising Islamic resolve? Curious.
  19. Looks like a somewhat abstract space shuttle passing beneath or across a moon or a planet in a starry sky. Maybe someone was trying to tell us something, lol?
  20. Expect a NATO intervention in 5... 4... 3... 2...
  21. I suppose they want to encourage their new arrivals to feel at home.
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