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  1. Why not. You'll have to graft to establish roots but if your countrymen can make it work, you should be fine.
  2. It's true. Some of these men arrange for "accidents" that pave the way for the current wife to be replaced by a particularly impatient girlfriend who isn't satisfied with being the booty call. The cycle continues at least until the police latch onto the scheme, or the businessman gets a little too overconfident in his brazen schemes of murder.
  3. I'm beginning to suspect even the most outwardly religious in our community don't actually believe in the whole "ending transmigration" deal. Very little of their deeds and demeanour suggests anything that points in that direction.
  4. We knock Punjabi girls, but there's a few decent, respectable ones out there, but unfortunately their male "looks matches" are off in fantasy land hoping to catch an Instagram Thot instead of someone unassuming and chilled. Chubby fat Punjabi nerds dismissing Punjabi girls (who aren't fat) as being "too simple" because these girls aren't caked in makeup, and don't resemble a Kardashian. Do they actually want whores as wives or what, lol? Absolute state of these guys is hilarious.
  5. They overestimate their ability to deal with these types of women if they manage to get married to them. "I can handle her" is what they continually reassure themselves with in the lead up to the marriage. No, you aren't handling anyone. She'll "handle" YOU, lol. She's not going to fall into line and become an obedient housewife when she spies your monthly paycheck. There's a month or two honeymoon period where even the most degenerate, party animal tries to play the part of the dutiful wife, but you can't tame anyone like that. The drudgery, routine, and conformity of marriage begins to eat away at someone of that nature after a week.
  6. Perhaps two events millions of years apart?
  7. The "day" referred to in Christian scripture isn't a literally day of 24 hours, but a Cosmic Day or a Day of Brahma, which consists of millions of years. That's why Christians get triggered when they try to cram in the story of Creation into 6 human days. The subsequent aversion for evolution stems from this fundamental miscounting of Creation. Those Cosmic Days allowed the cycle of Churasi Lakh to work itself out over the course of hundreds and millions of years. Imagine how relatively primitive those of us who are currently incarnating in human form and making mistakes and generally falling victim to all sorts of frailties. Then imagine the calibre of soul that was the first to incarnate in the human race. No wonder it was Satyuga back then. The scum that passes for human these days were probably dogs and demons as recently as 10 lifetimes ago, lol.
  8. I read somewhere it was the sound of Creation. The unstruck melody.
  9. I'd hope that would be air-conditioned inside.
  10. The soul knows. The mind can delude the consciousness into self-delusion, but the soul always knows. Nasty. I'd rather kill myself than opt for 5hit like that.
  11. I think during the period of the early 1900s (and before that during the 1800s) they had huge support amongst the people. I wouldn't be surprised that as time went by the various groups were infiltrated and subverted by the British who then did the typical divide and conquer so these units and forces destroyed themselves from within, thus losing popular support.
  12. I don't get why the soft, middle-class office boys from the Sikh community end up delaying their marriages into their late 30s. They have the disposable income and the choice of partners from which to make a selection, yet they waste their time playing video games or perpetually wanting to extend their youth during the time they should be raising a family. They also have unreasonably high standards. We're talking 5, 6 or 7 out of 10-level guys punching above their weight hoping for a girl that's a 9 or a 10. It's not happening, mate. Get real. Those Punjabi girls have been having sex and been in relationships since their late teens. Imagine how much action those females have seen when they finally decide to settle down. These Punjabi pondhus think these girls have been sat at home like Rapunzel waiting for their accounting graduate to sweep her off her feet, lol.
  13. It's more than a coincidence that when the immediate fighting between a rebel force and the ruling country subsides, a considerable drug problem emerges among the "problem" population which ravages any potential possibility of the next generation continuing the fight. How do you destroy the potential of a new generation of rebels? Turn them into druggies. I wonder where we've seen that before. It's something the people of Derry are dealing with at this moment, too.
  14. Unless actual Taksal insiders are aware of some exchange between the two parties, I can't see any coordination to the extent suggested. It's the first time I've heard of it, tbh. They were in a prime position to strike, and they took a punt.
  15. I don't think they were affiliated with Taksal or anything. It was just a humdardhi for Sikhs and the attack on our holiest shrine that pushed them over the edge.
  16. Reading YouTube comments under Irish rebellion videos a while ago, and there's the typical boot-licking from Indians about how they too "fought" the British and declared independence after suffering under British oppression and devious tricks designed to demoralise and destroy them. I asked the cheeky beggar if he'd extend Sikhs the same luxury by supporting Sikh independence from the devilish Indian state. The s.o.b. called me a Khalistani terrorist, lmao.
  17. I started reading about Michael Collins today. Great guy.
  18. I always wanted to know what the deal was between the Irish and the English; how the troubles started, etc., considering I grew up seeing so much about it on the news as a kid. So the lock-down allowed me to read up on it. It's the traitors that let the side down. Always the traitors.
  19. We don't have a right to waltz into other countries and expect to be welcomed with open arms. Hostility is natural, and relying on people having knowledge of us as a unique group is leaving too much to chance and the goodwill of outsiders. Plus, some people don't give a 5hit about Sikhs and our attempts to set ourselves apart. Why should they? Let's take it as a given that most of us aren't, or are incapable of, leaving the Western countries in which we currently exist. So, what do we do when the cities we're currently concentrated in become Islamic-majority with an overwhelming Islamic representation at local government? It's going to happen in the UK eventually. There's no point in pretending it won't. Any ideas?
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