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  1. I'm not the one who's replaced pu55y with an actual cat, lmao. Keep lifting bro, you'll get there... hopefully before you hit 80.
  2. There's a satirical cartoon i came across a few years ago that's worth mentioning. It's a scene showing Trafalgar Square in London in 2050. There's a bunch of white LGBT / flower-power / Far-Left activists being made to kneel before Nelson's Column while black-garbed Islamic executioners stand behind them ready to behead them. The Muslim executioner asks them if they have any final words, and the goreh activists reply with, "I blame the Nazis." The same principle applies here.
  3. In fairness to her, the doctrine she abides by prescribes it as a core tenet so she's only regurgitating that with which she's been inculcated. I wouldn't ordinarily object if she's speaking from a place of actual lived experience, but realism would suggest that she's most likely from a rather privileged and coddled middle class background regardless of her skin colour.
  4. I hope these kind of people live long enough to experience the inevitable betrayal that will come their way once they've served their purpose. Will the penny drop at the gallows or when facing the firing squad?
  5. Carrying out brutality for the propagation of a belief system that explicitly states its directives VS traitors betraying their own kin for personal gain? Trying to be clever?
  6. Jo Kaur. What can you say to someone like that? Even reasoned argument will be understood as hatred. Yet these people believe they have the moral imperative. Terrifying doesn't even begin to describe it.
  7. Which white man encouraged the Mughals to execute the two youngest sons of Guru Gobind Singh?
  8. You see Jatts, I see Twats. If there was a considerable number of your crew that number this particular animalistic minority, I'd treat them the same, too. Would that upset you?
  9. That's become a meme over the past year or so; the idea that a guy in his 50s and 60s is still in his prime and eligible for women usually decades younger than him. It's a monumental cope.
  10. For sure, but it's sensible to make the most of these gestures. Nobody, particularly government institutions, do anything for benevolent reasons. Doesn't mean we refuse to capitalise. Play the game.
  11. I've spent silly money on fitting bidet toilets in my house to reduce the need for toilet paper, and for hygiene reasons. I'll squat when I'm exercising, not when I'm pooing.
  12. What's amusing is that Indian establishment and supporters repeatedly argue that the Sikh pogroms never happened; it was just sporadic riots. There was no state control aspect to it and certainly no mass murders. So when people ask for a repeat of '84 to teach Sikhs a lesson, what exactly are they asking for? That, according to them, nothing happens like last time, lol? They're playing themselves by admitting to the reality of what went down in the 80s. They just don't want to be held responsible for a genuine policy they enacted.
  13. I just think bad eggs need smashing. I wouldn't entirely discount the trauma aspect of it, but some people aren't deserving of understanding. They just need to be put down for the benefit of everyone else. My tolerance for these people is non-existent.
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