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  1. Par-Nana, I think. I don't know if there's a differentiation of terms between mother's nana and father's nana, though.
  2. You sound like those black women who seethe and shame black men for marrying out of their community because black guys don't want to deal with the mess that is hateful black women. Saying that, diaspora Sikh guys are clowns, tbf.
  3. This seems to be getting worse with the passage of time. It's absolutely shameful. A complete lack of respect. They treat the gurdwara like a glorified community centre.
  4. Good lad. I'd tell him to build up his body a bit once he gets a little older, and eat well, none of that roadman fried chicken and chips tatti.
  5. Tyrants in this janam have amazing karams from previous janams. Or that's the Punjabi explanation I've heard all my life. As an explanation, it doesn't hold up to scrutiny.
  6. In a few years, there will be Western Sikhs who'll defend this ^^^ as a natural and necessary component of progressiveness. Once something begins to be spoken of in an accepting manner, no matter how heinous, certain Sikh sheep won't hesitate to cheerlead for its perpetuation as a norm. The Slippery Slope was never a fallacy.
  7. Respect the hustle and the sentiment, but you can't clown your own sovereign infront of eagle eyed foreigners and non-Sikhs, and then expect these same mercenaries and foreigners to respect your king and his rule. Typical Sikh short-sightedness. Think they're being smart but they're actually sowing the seeds of their own destruction.
  8. There's that pathological desire to always be seen as hero / Jedi. If the Gujjus were shouting slogans about Sikhs, any watching Muslims would be sniggering to themselves and NOT getting involved. We're a bunch of umbrella wielding langar dispensers.
  9. UK news channels are going to be unbearable for at least 3 months (One month of mourning; one month of Charlie boy's coronation, and another month of looking to the future). It'll be Xmas until some semblance of normal coverage returns.
  10. You can't really measure someone's sense of religious sincerity based on how they look. Even baptism isn't entirely an accurate indication of someone's inner state. Grown men aren't going to start lopping off hair and removing turbans because they don't measure up to some arbitrarily defined guidelines on what a "good" Sikh should be. If anything, this is an issue that's come to bite us in the behind, i.e. incessantly emphasising the transient and material external as an indicator of the transcendent internal. Spirituality sophisticated cultures and civilisations don't promote this low-level thinking. Pendu cultures do.
  11. The kind of support you're looking for is non-existent in Sikh religious circles. I think there are South Asian or Punjabi addiction support groups but none that have Sikh doctrine at the core of their ethos.
  12. Our "own" are Islamophiles. There's no worrying about our own when our own don't even recognise there's a problem.
  13. The Greeks need to stop being so Islamophobic. Someone send a shipment of umbrellas over to Greece so the Greeks can hold them over praying Muslims.
  14. I guess being demure and feminine is antiquated in Sikh culture nowadays. Ultimately, this behaviour is partly a response to the type of behaviour Sikh males exhibit themselves. If Sikh guys made their displeasure clear about this kind of carry-on - and didn't take part in any of it themselves - this nonsense would end overnight.
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