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  1. With parcharaks there's a protracted stage of denial on the part of fanboys, occasionally morphing into visible anger and recriminations, lol. Even evidence that's as clear as day is dismissed as fabrications of the level of "CIA shot Kennedy" proportions, I.E. it's all a conspiracy to undermine Sikh parchar.
  2. Apologies if someone is wondering why I start topics in this section of the site. I don't consider myself an intellectual in any form; too much of a pendu for that, lol. Anyway, are there any books which look at Sikh history in the 20th century in reference to our experiences in India, preferably 1947 to the 1990's? Basically, how we've been treated by the Indian government as a collective, not just individual experiences on a local level? Are there such books?
  3. Oh yes, always put stuff into context if the kid seems to be going in a direction that isn't intended, heh. I would argue she wasn't misbehaving for ishq and stuff, but just to be able to breathe. But culturally in terms of the rules in your home and how you raise you kids it's your decision how you frame the events and lessons of the film. I'd say there's a lot of positives to be taken as a Sikh female from Brave, compared to trash like Frozen. Tangled is OK, but the kesh angle - although not obviously designed to be anti-Gurmat, lol - could undermine parental efforts on the kesh front. I w
  4. The kara thing is becoming a fashion item for some non-Sikhs who aren't bothered about grooming or converting Sikh girls. Like how white people wear those Arabian desert scarf things that Yasser Arafat use to wear, lol? Those are cool, but they're associated with Islamic culture, so any non Muslim that does wear one looks like silly, lol.
  5. Bhenji, I think you may have slightly misread Brave. Yep, on the surface the main female character (Merida) does play up to the classic teen rebellion routine, but that's just surface dressing, and it's kind of to be expected when western film-makers are behind it because that's what they perceive to be true. But I think you're judging the film entirely through a Punjabi lense which is not quite fair. The central premise of the film - and it's a unique one in as much as a mainstream animated film bypassing romance between guy vs girl - is the mother/daughter relationship. That's not social
  6. Spirited Away is genius. Works on so many levels. It helps to have a slight knowledge of Shinto culture if wishing to detect those deeper meanings. If not, fine, it works as an animated film on the strength of its story. The best Hollywood animated feature to emerge in the past decade is the first How To Train Your Dragon film.
  7. Lack of organisation and incredible naïveté. They can't be so cluless as to not realise Badal will not just sit back and let Sarbat Khalsa convene without any attempts to disrupt proceedings. Announcing it nearly 2 months beforehand... madness.
  8. Oh, you mean Disney TV like those shows like Hannah Montana, etc? Well, I've always found those particular Americanisation to be very annoying, more so for those of us who are exposed to the grounded realism of life in places like the UK. Young kids speaking and behaving in a manner that's way beyond their mental and physical means, as well as the hyper-attention to image, in terms of hair, make-up, fashionable clothes, etc. That's before we've even arrived at the values being espoused by the characters in these programmes. On the surface it's all, "Be true to yourself" or "Friends are impor
  9. Let it go. On a general note, I do sometimes wonder whether looking too deeply into things that some may describe as harmless fun is the right thing to do. I don't know the true intentions of the people creating that type of content. Are they truly creating films and TV shows as throwaway entertainment that is purely escapism and fantasy (not literal fantasy like dragons, etc), or is there something more insidious at play, such as a hidden agenda that's included in these various mediums to gradually chip away at young minds? Of course, equipping children with the necessary knowledge and su
  10. That's my feelings on what most likely occurred. He lost it. Snapped.
  11. Yes, that's exactly what crossed my mind. Clearly, I don't agree with the daughter's actions in any way or form, teenage rebellion or not, but her death was avoidable if the cops had been a bit careful.
  12. I'm very surprised at the lack of discretion and awareness of certain Islamic cultural issues on the part of the police officer who reported the daughter's crime to the father. You'd think he or she has read the newspaper or seen the news to realise there's quite a few cases where Muslim fathers have been known to kill their young daughters over matters such as these. The cops get in touch with the parents and just blurt out, "Your girl's been caught nicking jonnies." That's just careless. Why not tell the parents she's been done for theft and leave the prophylactic tidbit out of the conversa
  13. That's very true. I don't agree with it, but it's something that is becoming prevalent in the mentality of a certain type of female.
  14. There is one guaranteed way. But I won't be the first to mention it, lol...
  15. I see the long game as well, but what are we gonna do, run around protecting them from the big bad world? That's impossible. There's so many of us, lol, we can't shepherd everyone. The days of our community being tight-knit and almost homogeneous are long gone. We've developed that, "Every man / woman for themselves" mentality. Nobody wants to be told, even if it is for their benefit.
  16. So has there been a noticeable shift towards the Right in terms of the white population's attitudes towards ethnics in Canada, be they settled communities or newcomers? The media usually has had a part to play when something like that occurs.
  17. Wants to make a bit of money, gain notoriety, have some fun I suppose. Standard stuff.
  18. Some Muslims believe Hitler was one of the prophesied Anti-Christs, most likely due to his policies against the Jewish.
  19. Yep, absolutely. These prophecies have been around for thousands of years, and I assume they'll continue to run for thousands more. In the end life goes on as it always has done, save for a few minor upheavals and changes which are to be expected through human existence.
  20. Per your definition, someone worse than Christ, lol. He will speak the language of peace and unification, but his true goal shall be to destroy. It's fantasy IMO, but a lot of fun.
  21. Nah, there's a Semitic one supposedly. I've been reading about him since I was a kid. Prophecies about wars between nations and religions and all that. I was semi-serious, but some of the things I've been reading on the net in the past 13-14 years seemed far fetched at the time (they were stable middle-eastern countries back then), but gradually the names of countries that I read back then are now destabilising, and I'm beginning to get a bit tetchy, lol.
  22. Let's hope the Anti-Christ rises and brings about the destruction of the world.
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