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  1. @Premi5 - the pre-Hindu rule (Buddhist) of India is fascinating. I wonder how an uninterrupted Buddhist rule up to the modern day in India would've impacted the character of the citizens. Would they be similar to the Japanese in temperament and demeanour, or does raw ethnicity and inbuilt inclinations override any ideological / religious / spiritual impact?
  2. How's that Khalsa country going for you? If your beliefs carry no civilisational (or cultural) weight, you're free to believe in the fairies that live at the bottom of your garden; it makes no difference to anyone. If you want OTHERS to follow your beliefs, then you have to build something worthwhile using those beliefs as a foundation.
  3. We should have the humility to establish our own civilisation that's actually worth a damn for even a few moments in the ocean of eternal time, then we can relinquish metrics and labels that don't apply to us. Until that moment comes along, stuff like this just comes across as provincial envy that losers and failures indulge in.
  4. Americans by and large think we're Muslims. Probably how this film managed to slip through without undergoing the usual hatchet job forced onto any story by Bollywood (or British creators) that emphasises OUR perspective as opposed to what other parties think we should be.
  5. How about forgoing the need to keep a hawk altogether? Just seems like so much mental effort for what should be a quite simple process. If a vegetarian Sikh has latched onto the feeling of wanting to keep a hawk as a pet, for the sake of the hawk - a living creature that requires way more specialist treatment compared to a domesticated animal / pet - I'd suggest the Sikh in question drops the idea of keeping one. It's obviously beyond their intellectual and emotional maturity. Buy a pigeon and feed it birdseed... or rotiya.
  6. I don't see why not. It's not as if the Singh who owns the hawk is sharing the creature's food, is he? I just hope no-one starts to feed the poor animal last night's rotiya.
  7. I think these recent "Pakistani Reacts to Sikhi" videos are an updated iteration of what I saw over there. It's cynical pandering. Unfortunately it has other ramifications for us beyond stroking our egos as a collective, i.e. by appealing to our women-folk who lack any sense of critical thinking. Western Liberalism (in terms of its tolerance and promotion of Islam) has ensured up and coming Sikh generations - more so females - have been conditioned to not view Islam as a threat. Now, it seems they're going after more traditionally-minded Sikhs who are no less guillible (the "manas ki jaat sabh
  8. I went to Nankana Sahib yatra a few years back. I tried not to let myself get caught up in the occasion, so I watched, carefully, everyone around me, particularly the Pakistanis who were basically our guides over there, and the rest of them who did all the other smaller duties. Whilst they were all very respectful, saying all the right things, it didn't take a genius to work out it was nothing more than a job to them; a 9 to 5 per se. Sure, they were dilgent in their duties; they were very polite, flattering, and constantly smiled, etc., but it was almost rehearsed, like the staff at a theme p
  9. Dickens = A cultural icon still remembered today, i.e. looked up to by people such as yourself. Mutineering apne = faceless folk who nobody remembers or cares for to a certain degree. The weight of what Dickens did / said matters even to this day compared to a bunch of pendus (non-pejoratively speaking).
  10. I tHink you're being a little overly hopeful. My take on this phenomena is this is typical Islamic tricks. They pander and flatter to get our guard down, and then they sweep in with their tried and tested conversion tactics.
  11. It's starting to get on my nerves in a major way. I can more often than not detect when I'm being lied to, and "they're" starting to push their luck because there's no pushback from the public. Corona is clearly something that exists, but this desperate desire to get this vaccine into our bodies is sus. They're using every tactic from the propaganda playbook.
  12. Sorry, I meant the Indian Mutiny. The words of the Sikh guy who tried to take out the Queen on Christmas Day got me all emotional and mixed up.
  13. This f****r was cheering on Jalianwalah Bagh and s*****g Jewish c**k when his Semitic high society pals started intimating that he needed to stop writing Jewish characters who were money-grubbing, cold-hearted opportunists who exploited the poor. F**k Dickens. He was a hack; a third-rate Tolstoy. The English fellate this frigger because he was the best they had. He was mediocre.
  14. You've gone and committed the worst cardinal sin imaginable: you've confused Star WARS with Star TREK. The Sith are in Star Wars.
  15. It's quite ironic. What the Romans did to the early Christians was subsequently (eventually) meted out on the Pagans once the Christians had replaced the Romans. It's not surprising. It also points to the undeniable fact that religions are used as fronts for political and social control, i.e. that with enough time and accumulated power the oppressed eventually become the oppressors. What's hilarious / baffling in Sikh history is that when Sikhs had their own empire, we were more concerned with the perpetuation of the plurality of multi-faith systems (keeping Hindus and Muzzies happy) than
  16. They were persecuted rather severely. Hunted down, repressed, etc. Christian mystics and saints around this time came up with their various apocalyptic texts (The Book of Revelations being the main one) where they had visions of future times (the Second Coming), which supposedly gave them the confidence and belief to strive for a brighter future. I think I've mentioned it previously, but one of the latter Roman emperors apparently had darshan of Jesus. He then converted to Christianity. Of course, this wasn't the sole reason for Christianity replacing the Roman belief system, but it's a p
  17. God damn Romans latched onto whatever half-baked nonsensical belief system they could find to hold onto their power.
  18. You could argue the opposite quite easily, i.e. young children are being exposed to certain of life's realities earlier than they would've otherwise due to access to the internet. A premature loss of innocence, maybe.
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