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  1. Taksal isnt same Taksal as before. They would have never allowed this b.s in the 80s 90s. Dhumma would have been a nobody.
  2. What Canada are you living in? Most of these Punjabi Sikh kids here love fighting. Or do you mean full on sabt soorat gursikhs in specific?
  3. Very odd. Show them your pro-Islamic posts on here. Im sure theyll reverse it and honour you for your Seva.
  4. I don't keep up with politics much, but is there any policy Conservatives have that is clearly anti-Sikh or anti-Brown skinned Canadians? Yes, they will suck up too Modi govt. But, I'll be very surprised if that has any impact on day to day lives of Canadian Sikhs. The Indians will prosecute Khalistani Sikhs regardless, it's best to stay off Indian soil if you're on their radar. Only an <banned word filter activated> would vote based on "Well the guy is a <banned word filter activated>, BUT a couple times a year he visits a Gurdwara and praises us!" Neither party is a friend of the Sikhs genuinely. They just use us for votes. J.T's India trip made a complete mockery of Sikhs, we took the brunt of bad publicity. Then they followed up with it by throwing our name in the terrorism report.
  5. Only an <banned word filter activated> would vote based on "Sikh interests." Question is, will his policies benefit average middle class Canadians? Or is he just going to tax the middle class, and start welfare state etc.
  6. Why is this allowed? "how can I beat up ghosts?" Pure mockery. And a question a 5 yr old would ask.
  7. Some points made here. BUT, the older generation definitely is backwards and will not want a divorcee for their divorced man-child lol. And a lot of "men" unfortunately still follow exactly what their parents say. Let's not be so quick to try and find ways to blame her.
  8. How so? Theyre currently in US custody. But are European citizens. US will obviously not take them back. Options are release them, let them sneak into Europe. Or, shoot them before leaving.
  9. To everyone hating, this guy probably has done more seva than all of you combined ? him and those specific circles in the UK seem to be knowledgeable and active. No doubt they're on the radar of intelligence agencies as well, unlike you insignificant folks lol. I suppose you hated on Jaggi too?
  10. Because most of us get along with our cousin's, and have friends too at these events. Sounds like youre stuck with a wack family bro lol.
  11. Just admit youre a Muslim, you scumbag. Or is your dad a Muslim? Mom is apni? As Babbu Mann says, gin gin lehnde badlay. He should have gone after a girl out of her teens though, so he's a loser for that.
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