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  1. They may be twisted but most ppl find out about Sikhismfrom these sites . Either build a better one or shut up !
  2. singhsingh2015

    Why Is Lust So Bad?

    Yeah that's true. I agree with that reply that don't do it too much. Just in case right
  3. singhsingh2015

    Why Dont We Have Punjabi Boys Going After Muslim Girls

    Cos they ugly innit.
  4. singhsingh2015

    Singh In Gay Night Club

    He looks so pretty I can see u gay men wud like him. It's a kind of parchar
  5. We do I met one. It's a great way to make good cash for men and women
  6. singhsingh2015

    Need Help With Lust

    Putting a poster of ugly woman is what they dun on used on homosexuals. That's not right Don't combat be master
  7. singhsingh2015

    Spot Under My Dastar Won't Go Away

    Wash your turban
  8. singhsingh2015

    Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale And Jatha Attacked

    I think it's great that he realised using Sant as title is bad and changed to Bhai.
  9. singhsingh2015

    Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale And Jatha Attacked

    I in fac means Here that some ppl were going to get attacked at some points
  10. I find it easier to get up and get ready and put the Pugh on head No I do not see it in guru Granth jee
  11. singhsingh2015

    Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale And Jatha Attacked

    this was bound to happen at some point
  12. singhsingh2015

    Biggest Answer To Muslims

    Religion is a Christian invention and has no place in Sikhee
  13. singhsingh2015

    Hypothetical New Sikh Sect That Accepts Homosexuality

    It already exists and is called city Sikhs. It is run by mostly homosexuals men and has an agenda
  14. singhsingh2015

    Bhangra And Sikhism

    Sikh isn't an ism your question is flawed

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