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  1. Please provide the historical text stating this. Except he did say he was the Guru, That's why a hukamnama from Mata Sundri Ji was issued telling Sikhs not to follow him, that's why Sikhs started leaving him in the droves, its why he lost control of his Spiritual powers too as Mata Ji cursed him . No-ones calls him a villain, nor was he one. Ego is a terrible foe, but Baba Ji eventually overcame it and died a true Sikh of Guru Sahib.
  2. I was under the impression that Bhalla/Trehan lineages also relate back to Bedi Clan as well and thus technically they were one giant lineage (extensions of the Bedi Clan) as they date back to the same forefather, or am I getting confused here?
  3. I'd like to direct you to Sri Kalgidhar Chamatkar. A short summary of this incident involving various past prophets is described there. Before Guru Ji came to earth, he was still meditating on Hemkunt Parbat and while he was meditating there, there were also other people doing similar penances. But they all considered Guru Ji their superior (or elder/Principle) due to the fact that Guru Ji had attained Waheguru and met with him. Anyways the other beings doing Tapisya all had their Gurus and all of their teachers came to them in their visions and told them about Guru Ji and why Guru
  4. My mistake as I got 2 events mixed up. He thought she was in love with Ravan, he even got very angry over this fact and as a result Sita then merges with the earth and leaves. My facts aren't from Potatoes, they come from Sri Dasam Granth, You're free to go and read it, its apparent you've not and want to rely on more tampered sources for information about the past avtars. Sita Ji was exiled, this is fact as Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji write this in Dasam Granth. Exiling someone due to gossip ISN'T Dharma. What People say is inconsequential to what is right, if people decided on a whole tha
  5. Kira


    Hindu Brahamin. Disgusting. What I would do if I was in charge of India? well the first thing I'd do is..... 1) Make Japanese the national language 2) Change the name India to Weeb World 3) rename all the states to various animes. Punjab will become "Naruto-World" Harayana will become "Bleach-verse" and so on. 4) make being a hipster illegal. 5) make sure all 52 genders are recognised. 6) make it illegal to call other people "uncle" or "auntie" . Man, that stuff is confusing as hell. 7) make Pot Noodles the national food. 8 ) change the nati
  6. @BhagatSingh In their stories Ram Chander threw Sita out after he thought she was in love with Ravan, A Sargun Saroop of Akaal Purkh sent from Sach Khand wouldn't do that, Krishna Ji lost to Kharag Singh and even Brahma came to him and said that if he was to assume his true form of Vishnu then it too wouldn't be enough, more indications he was just another spiritual personality. If their stories are that of Akaal Purkh then so is every single being that comes into existence, their entire life story is that of Akaal Purkh as well. Their stories are about deeds and valour/misdeed
  7. The Stories of Chaubis Avtar are history regarding the deeds of various Purkhs from time. They're not metaphors as you're implying. They give darshan and live, breath and die like the rest of us. Albeit their life lines are aeons longer than the average humans. Sure there are internal lessons to learn, but the external shouldn't be ignored. Krishna the deity isn't Akaal Purkh Waheguru Ji manifest as Guru Nanak Dev Ji was, and will never be so.
  8. What do you define as Akaal Purkh?
  9. Calling someone Waheguru doesn't make them Waheguru. As Dasam Granth explains Krishna was an avtar of Lord Vishnu, he wasn't an avtar of Akaal Purkh, the same thing is said by Bhai Gurdas Ji and every traditional school of thought within Sikhi. I've read that part. Making a form like that isn't a big deal for any avtar, compared to Krishna, Arjuna wasn't spiritually elevated at all, to an ant even a human would be immeasurable. Avtars can make themselves into anything they wish, any density they wanted to take. Lord Vishnu did the same thing when he slayed Madhu Kitabh.
  10. Have you ever read the Dasam Granth? not flicked through it but read it? the amount of symbolism and linguistics go beyond the scope of an ordinary person, no it wasn't just for the ordinary person, nor was it meant solely for academics. If it was then Guru Gobind Singh Ji (and yes Dasam Granth is totally his work, this has been proven by multiple verified academics of the years) just re-translating , he wouldn't have excluded 90% of Markandaye Purana, changed entire portions of the Chaubis Avtar and then also added Brahma Avtar, along with new points about the Devtas going to Akaal Purkh for
  11. The end of Kalyug will come at the hands of Kalki as Guru Gobind Singh Ji wrote in Dasam Granth. We're not even half way through Kalyug, 432,000 is the number of years in Kalyug. 14,000 years within that is next to nothing.
  12. I'v not read the full Kalki Avtar section of Dasam Granth but on a whole, no. I don't think he'd have beef with anyone who's a good person, only the wicked ones would suffer his wrath. Kalki is meant to protect good people, in this instance there's a Brahmin (God orientated man) who worships Devi, he's a Pious man but his wife riles the King against him and they drag him to a temple of Devi and try to get him to renounce his faith, he refuses and as they're about to kill him, Kalki appears and saves him. He wrote an entire section about him, Yes it is something everyone, i
  13. We're not even half way there my friend. There's about a good more badness to come.
  14. I mean what if he's the guy on top. Then he'll be the one bending the Sulleh over. Did you consider that part? I think not. Checkmate bigots.
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