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  1. Karma from past and present life affects everyone. It depends on God when you must pay for this.
  2. This is negative and I can tell straight away you are probably someone trying to cause drama on the Internet with too much time on your hands!! It's up to everyone if they want to donate and attend, it's helping my kids and I have made great friends with other parents from that school who have never spoken so negatively about it! I think you are misinformed because an event so successful and popular can't be as phoney as you suggest or I would have heard these type of comments and views a long time ago or so many people wouldn't keep coming to parkash every year and wanting to enrol their kids at this wonderful school or keep donating! I am proud to be part of this community and will keep donating if it means improving our faith school and supporting our generations kids! Focus your time on doing good and less time hating on people on the Internet! You will be much happier!
  3. Interesting post but definitely not coincidental around the parkash event time so meh! Seems dodgy! Plus I've been to the parkash event last year and am going again this year with family from Canada, looks great amazing sewa and brings a lot of sangat together. My kids learnt loads about sikhi last year, hopefully they attend the school next year because I want them to know about their religion and our culture. Such negativity, this isn't what our gurus taught us! I don't know much about this baba but whatever he is doing seems to be working in helping others and teaching kids in this day and age about Sikhi because I have never seen the place so busy or a school so great for our apney people! Defo recommend to others to come this weekend and check it out.
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