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  1. I have often wondered about this too. She always spoke in English to her voters, whether they understood her or not! She probably found it easier to speak in English than her own mother tongue. I can't imagine Obama doing that ever or anyone else in the west doing that. If you speak in English in the ex colonies of GB it signifies you are highly educated and very modern and westernized!! It is considered a status symbol to speak English in these countries, even if no one understands a single word they are saying because of the speed and the tone they use. The best one can do in order to understand them is to do some lip reading!!!
  2. So, if there are no restrictions for women to wear a dastar, why did the two girls at the catholic school make such a lot of fuss regarding their dastars? Why do sikhs send such confusing messages to everyone, I have no idea? If a dastar for an amritdhari is mandatory then surely it is also mandatory for both genders according to http://www.sikhanswers.com/sikh-articles-of-faith-identity/sikh-women-turban-dastaar/ I was also reading this and was confused. What do you think?
  3. So, what made him stick to his birth first name then, any ideas?
  4. I think they very cleverly target minors because of their innocence and gullibility. I hope parents are aware of this and doing something about it.
  5. http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Operation_Shanti "A direct descendent of Ganga Dhar Kaul, alias Gangu Brahmin, a cook employed in the household of Guru Gobind Singh, her vendetta against the Sikhs was due to what her grandfather, Motilal Nehru, had told her father Jawaharlal Nehru. Motilal had justified the action of Gangu Brahmin in betraying Guru Gobind Singh's mother and his two young sons to the Mughals because, in his opinion, Guru Gobind Singh's creation of the Khalsa constituted a direct threat to Brahmanism. Indira Gandhi had her Gangu-Brahmin ancestry confirmed by reference to family records maintained by Pandits at the Mattan Shrine in the Kashmir Valley and the confirmation firmed her resolve to carry on her war against the Sikhs. Not satisfied with the result of Operation Blue Star, she planned another nefarious operation, on a much larger scale, codenamed Operation Shanti. According to Dr. Sangat Singh, the assassination of Indira Gandhi on 31st October 1984 pre-empted Indira's Operation Shanti all over India by a week." No wonder why she was so hell-bent to destroy the sikh quam.
  6. Sorry, my comment was meant for Jugraj Singh ji's youtube but instead I posted it here by mistake. In any case, he is doing a wonderful sewa. May god bless him.
  7. I have two friends who got married to non-punjabi people against their parents' wishes and they both professionals. The parents were so unhappy with all this in the end they divorced and remarried punjabis from back home both professionals too. I heard they now have children with their new spouses too who attend some faith based school where they live. Their new grandchildren with punjabis are well looked after by grandparents but not so sure about the previous ones. I don't keep in touch with them anymore but you hear thinghs at the gurdwara. Their ex spouses were both heavy drinkers with kids from previous relationships. The people in the gurdwara always call them kids Chattarreys and have strong dislike for them.
  8. I asked you to look at the edited version because the one you quoted had not been edited properly, that's all. Whether you agree or disagree, you are free to decide like everyone else including myself. I don't agree with it either. It's horrible.
  9. I agree, but even all sikhs are not the same, are they? I was trying to edit my post but I couldn't, instead, I pressed the wrong key. I think the one you have quoted is bit confusing. Have a look at edited version above.
  10. The reason muslims are allowed to wear their veils is because their religion originates in the middle east and Abrahamic same as Christianity.
  11. Why are their churches empty? Majority don't go to church and are atheists and stopped following any 'organized religions.'
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