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  1. Paajji, the comments in your post have made me cry. My eyes are full of tears. You really seem to feel the dard, it's amazing!
  2. Yes indeed! The month of December is full of 'dard' for those that care to spend quiet time in recollection. I would also add, reciting the 'Zafarnama' during this period. When our dear Guru ji vacated Ananpur Sahib together with his companions, Sarsa's tide was too high to provide a safe passage for them, so, lots of bad things followed. But, it's everyone's personal choice how they want to spend this montth.
  3. I am so happy to read this. Let's hope we can portray a positive image of our religion to the world, which has been brainwashed into believing that there are only three religions in this world. All we hear is about their religions but nothing about our religion. We need more praschar.
  4. I have just watched this video and I can't believe my eyes. Please, I urge you all to watch this video again and see what happens at 3.49 minutes. It shows someone is handing Bhai Balbir Singh some money in the form of notes which goes straight to his pocket! I think apples/some fruit is parshaad. I might be wrong but it looks like he was paid to do what he has done so they could make a video to sikhan nu barkaan vaste. I am so shocked at this. Corruption and corrupt people are so vile and cancerous they simply don't want to go away. They are like a malignancy. No radiation or chemotherap
  5. I think your parents are the only two people that can best answer your question. People on this forum are very helpful, they will answer your question, no doubt about it but, their answers will not have any impact on you. Why? The answer is very simple. We listen to those that we love, respect and know especially when they happen to be our parents. Strangers don't have the same impact on us as our parents or loved ones do. You claim you are aware of the history between religions then why are you so 'baffled' at your parents decision not to accept this muslim man? What does this mean?
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