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  1. Do you mean 'kuraht?' If someone commits a kuraht after they have become amritdharrie then they will have to appear before the panj piyareys and confess their kuraht. The panj piyareys will then tell him/her what to do before they can be accepted back into the panth.
  2. You must have noticed this is not a very common feeling among people born as sikhs by birth. It is quite unusual for their vocal chords to produce these kinds of comments! Do you know why this is so? It is due to the fact they have suddenly smelled the dollar notes in their new countries. They have started living in the lands of plenties..............
  3. That's because they prefer to look stupid than smart!
  4. It is their hankaar that is making them think they are too good to be sikhs. They think they are a cut above the rest of sikhs and look down on them for following Sikhi!
  5. Nor me. They all too busy counting money, no interest in sikhi.
  6. What? You can't really buy anybody's ashes on the black market! Do you even know how expensive they are? They would only sell like hot cakes if they were below the stock exchange price! Not affordable, unless you have plenty of cash.
  7. Women in Sikhism don't have equal rights as men when it comes to making such important decisions such like marriage, education, whether to remain single, if to take the amrit and so on. They are still the property of their parents, brothers and do on. Boys get treated higher and they always want sons.
  8. "The Mongolian wild horse is known in the West as the Prezewalski horse after the Russian naturalist, Nikolai Przewalski, who first sighted several herds in 1879. In Mongolia it is called Takhi and it is purported to be largely unchanged since the time of Genghis Khan (ca. late 12th - early 13th century). The word Takhi means "spirit," a reference to the horse's fierce independence and untameable nature." https://www.fei.org/...estrian-history Mongols were merciless killers.
  9. I also do hope it never ever becomes normalized ever. But it has been going on for a long time, that's why we see so many 'historical child abuse cases.' No one ever knew this was happening, so how do we know that it is not still happening or will not happen in the future even if in secrecy?
  10. ....................But we are already living in a 'pretty messed up, brain washed society' as it is. There is a group of people that claim that this kind of behaviour is okay according to their religious beliefs. I do hope it will never become accepted as a 'norm' ever, but the way things are going, it seems highly likely it will.
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