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  1. Utter vaheguru whenever you can during the day. Wake up at early hours in the morning and focus on your own voice when uttering vaheguru. Try reading bani also when you have more free time available. Do not seek advise from any baba Ji other than Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji mahraj Black magic does not affect the Sikhs of guru Ji
  2. What's wrong in having Parkash on a beach? Dosen't mahraj have the right to go to beach.. end of the day it is his creation , he can be present anywhere. Obviosuly I am not saying wear bikinis with mahraj around , I cannot see any bikinis in the previous photo? Wahts the problem
  3. Daas is noticing alot of people using Kirtan and their tabla skills to show off via social networking sites such as Facebooks. Every now and then I will see a Kirtan video being uploaded by the singh himslelf that is doing kirtan and famouse tabla players in AKJ UK etc. They look for people saying good things to them and making their pride go up and in return they seem like that are very humble and reply saying ' i am nothing this is gurus kirpa etc' when will all this pakhand stop.
  4. Bhai Ajit Singhs swindons son plays this shaan. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N_3hcNnYQKM
  5. Why do people do shaan before starting katha/kirtan? Does shaan have spriritual relevence?
  6. I am not talking about dancing here. I am aware bani talks about dancing to please god what hindus etc do and sikhi is against that I am referring to the singhs I see in programs where they start screaming and shaking ? Whats bani saing about that
  7. The bibia I am mentioning are associated with akhand Kirtani Jatha where the panj pyare say keski is essential during amrit sanchar
  8. simran345 Just want to say thank you for sharing all Bascis of Sikhi material onh SIkh Sangat Are you part of Basics of Sikih?
  9. I have recently noticed so many girls taking their Keskiaa off. These girls have been wearing them for years and now decide to take them off. What do you guys think is the reason allot of bibi are doing this. Don't fit in to society? Can't find men they want? They have been like this from the inside since day one but due to parents/sikhs around them they have always kept keski. I personally know allot of 'well known' and respected sikhs who at smagams appear very religious etc but when you speak with them outside the smagam they are a complete different person. Too much dikhava going on
  10. jacfsingh2 You are no one to start telling people to cut their hair. It is None of your business and their life. If you have dard inside you then Instead do parchaar of sikhi and make them realise how beautiful sikhi is. Basic principle of sikhi,speak sweet mith bolna
  11. Are we allowed to eat products Produced in a factory that processes eggs
  12. There you go ji http://igurbani.com/?shabadid=758&id=10817
  13. Lets not forget the Afghan Sikhs 90% of them help built and fund for the new Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara in Slough. Lets not forget it is the Afghan Sikh community that does the Jore Ghar sewa in any big events in West London,just to mention a few. First you should not involve caste and cultures or hate against them. But if you decide to then don't just write negatives please also include the positives. We have become what mahraj says Hindu is one eyed and musulmaan is blind
  14. How comes Dhadrianwale is now called with the title 'Bhai' instead of 'Sant' I have noticed this hapening since Daduwal has requested the title sant to be taken off his name? All Dhadrianwales Facebook pages etc have changed to Bhai
  15. What is beej mantar. I read it in Sukhmani Sahib?
  16. A Gursikh told me that during night while we are sleeping we go to vaheguru but as our mind is asleep we cannot see this. Is this true? Do we go to vaheguru every night ? Us as in the mind /soul
  17. Can the high avashtha gurmukhs not tell who is doing the beadbi of Mahraj
  18. You're confused? That's exactly what Badals etc want Sikhs to be. They are succeeding
  19. 1. What page do you start the hukum from? How do you establish where to start 2. If the Hukumnama has already been taken in morning how does the evening granthi know what this was( is the page written down or what)?
  20. Good response MisterrSingh. Looks like you've worked hard for this response.
  21. Could you marry a person that is practising sikh but not amrithdari whilst you have taken Amrit. I do not understand why so many Gursikhs say you both have to be amrithdari. If a person is not ready for Amrit I firmly belive you should not force them. I can give you countless examples of Amrithdari Gursikhs marriages that have ended in Divorce . If the both couples have faith in Guru Granth Sahib, follow the nitem routine do sangat together and love each other whats bad in that. As bani says when you see 1 sikh he is called just a sikh but when you put two sikhs together they become Sanga
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