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  1. Loll, yeah keep spreading lies. Those who have been here know everything. Even ex-moderators/admins know the truth as well and have called him out on it in the past and destroyed his lies. You keep being his fanboy/chela. They're sell outs.
  2. You're so fake and full of hatred/poison. I'm not scared of you either...I've countered you and your associates' lies countless times, and I will continue to do so in the future.
  3. Okay that's fine. Let's move on and unite. Put the differences to the side and unite on similarities. Unite with mutual love for Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jeeo Maharaj.
  4. That's not a true story bro. Spreading a fake story to smear Singh Sabha is ninda. I'm pro-Dasam Granth as everyone knows, but that story is a lie. That story came from Sanatanists themselves. Every group has it's pros and cons. Right now we need unity. Put differences to the side. Sometimes an enemy of an enemy is a friend.
  5. Lol, you're full of hatred. You yourself are a nindak. Don't be so extreme. And by the way, what you and Neo say aligns very well with Sanatanist beliefs.
  6. Your original comment was totally unnecessary. Stop trying to divide people in these crucial moments when people are getting together. If Dhadrianvaley and Panthpreet/Dhunda/Sarna can share the same stage and sit together, then you shouldn't say anything! PERIOD.
  7. Okay, how about Neo and Kamalroop? They are major nindaks and liars. They are full of venom. Anyone who has followed them for many years would know that. Sanatanists are the opposite side of the same coin with missionaries. Pure ninda and lies. Sanatanists are right wing extremists. You basically follow them too. When I first got banned, it was because I stood up to their lies, but they had inside links with admin and so they unfairly got me banned. You guys can't handle the truth. Y'all just want to divide everyone right when everyone is starting to get together a little bit. Your true colours have been shown.
  8. Lol, We both know the reality. Whether you admit it or not is up to you. You, Neo, Niddar, Kamalroop all have done major ninda in the past. I don't need to post proof (much of which you guys delete). I'm comfortable with my conscience.
  9. Bro, 'genie' the OP doesn't want the topic to turn in the wrong direction. Please continue with the original intended discussion.
  10. It's Singh123456777 who started and continued the problem in this thread. Guys like him are always spreading lies and doing major ninda of Dhan Guru Piarey.
  11. Fake Dhumma and fake Sant Samaj EXPOSED: Ajnala is always supporting Panth. Now Ram Singh is also saying that they want the Jathedars of Takhats gone and if it's not done within the next few days, then they will sit outside the SGPC/Jathedar office and hold protest continuously. Gurbachan was with Iqbal. When Makkar came, he asked Iqbal to get out of the room and then had a private conversation with Gurbachan. The news is that 3 Jathedars in Punjab will resign or will be kicked out after Guru RamDas Jee's Gurpurab. Then Dhumma and Sant Samaj meets with Badal and Sukhbir (notice how they get a meeting so easily) and ask for resignation/removal of Jathedars. They only did this to gain some points and as a show...once everything is already finalized and setup. They are SO FAKE!
  12. They are planning on holding it at Manji Sahib. Yesterday they just submitted the announcement of Sarbat Khalsa and request to use Manji Sahib to the new position SGPC 'chief secretary' harcharan who makes 3 lakh rupees a month. He will forward it to SGPC. Please man, are you a fan of Badal or what? I was watching PTC News channel (controlled by Badal) yesterday and they were showing old guys in Washington (USA) all dressed up in suits and vests and they got together at someone's house to have a meeting. Then they gave everyone 30 seconds to speak and they just kept on saying "everything is fine in Punjab, everything is normal, the outside people are ruining everything, the outside media is ruining everything, we request them to stop...blah blah blah"....They're SELLOUTS...are you one too or are you being sincere? Because I know what I saw the past few days.
  13. Lol, what a lie. I knew you were going to refer to Kamalroop before I even clicked on the link.... Exactly! Jonny Jee, Singh123456777, Neo, Niddar, Kamalroop are all Snatanists. They're right-wing extremists. They're the opposite side of the same coin with missionaries. They spread lies, do major ninda and spread hatred. That's all they do. Nihangs are sellouts...Hazoor Sahib is in control of RSS. Exactly! Yeah he is...and he loves Dhumma and fake Sant Samaj as well. Lol, what a liar. Exactly! Yeah exactly! Exactly!
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