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  1. If it is racist, why would you be repeating it anyway? If someone tells you it is racist then why repeat? Where is the article about the joke? Jokes are meant to be funny and not meant to hurt other people's feelings!! Sikhs are known for their sense of humor, they can be funny themselves.
  2. http://listverse.com/2014/10/31/10-curious-controversies-about-mahatma-gandhi/ Scroll down to number 5 to read on this.
  3. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/germany-woman-sitting-park-bench-dies-after-spontaneous-human-combustion-1527240 http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/spontaneous-human-combustion-indian-baby-fire-chennai-498108 Looks like some evil powers are at work! Is it the Kundalini shakti?
  4. I heard she became a muslim after she married Feroz Khan. It was only later on that she and her muslim husband changed their surnames to Gandhi. http://www.vepachedu.org/Nehrudynasty.html
  5. In my country where I lived no so many don't like asians to mix, Norway, not even denmark and if in sweden they like there own. They vey sensible people so not crazy like you think. You hate brown looks so very mad and racist to other brown people of your ones.
  6. This not so true with good Europeans only bad Europeans there called scrubbers marry anyone. Some british also marry asian ladies and mistreat them so not very good when they divorce too much. I don't know if they don't like asian culture why then marry them. They telling you to obey them or else? You obey them, no? You will become as they like you to become, no? They put you in the place what they want?
  7. This is for the Indien peoples site? You very racist to your own colour, why, you don't like yourselfs. You peoples sound you never like your own race colour. You like white colour skins to the brown colour skins but I don't think it is good, no? You must get proud of your colour and relegion and race because if you are not you telling people you hate yourselfs. No one can like your race if you don't like it. You like to mix with other colour but in your country there are over billions of people to get to marry them. I think you people very racist because you don't like to marry your own colour people but you want to marry the europeans. In many eruopean countries no one like the brown people and the immigrants are not good for these countries because they are poor and not many good facilities for their own citizens. Europeans will not like any foreigners marrying their children too as they very proud to be white and don't want to mix and look nothing nice at all. They think mixing is ugley and not so good for future. Mixing not so good in this way.
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