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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. I also was considering Khushwant Singh Ji but was a little doubtful about him due to his pro Indian activities ( may he Rest in Peace though). Are there any other tittles or authors out there.
  2. Does anyone know any good tittles? I'm trying to learn more about Sikh History, Arts ( Gurmat Sangeet and Calligraphy etc) and Literature. I would prefer if it was written in English. Also Im interested in old paintings so if there is book full of them please let me know. Thanks Gur Fateh Ji.
  3. Thanks but who is Bhai Gurfateh SIngh Shant. I have heard of him before and what about chardikala Jatha?
  4. Nah that was about Ragi Baldev Singh ji ( GNNSJ)
  5. It was Thukar Dalip Singh who said that. He's okay. I saw one of his videos where he was talking negativity about Muslims but was caling the Hindu Gods our( as in SIkhs) gods too ,but I like how he wants to Unite the Sikh Panth Again and how he is working to gain that goal. I also like how people are realizing that Namdharis are not bad people. I especially like how common you can find them doing kirtan in Gurdwaras which is good beacuse they do kirtan in raag and its kind of like a revival of Gurmat Sangeet.
  6. Is there any others you guys would recommend?
  7. Where can I find more recordings of him?
  8. Where can find more recordings of Prof Kartar Singh. There are very little on youtube
  9. Can someone list a kirtani(s) who do kirtan in raag. I know the famous ones like bhai balbir singh ji and bhai avtar singh ji. Actually I need something that I can practice my tabla to ( so someone who doesnt speed their rhythm in their kirtan).
  10. Can someone give me a website where I can get tabla Compositions from. including Paltas and Tihais.
  11. Yaa I'm probably am end up getting it from India But I also need it urgently( like Im using a Vaja bag for my tabla lol)
  12. So I'll be going to Surrey soon and want to buy a tabla case and may be a Dhamma Skin. I already called up Bawa Musics and they don't sell cases them selfs ( you have to buy a tabla to get a case) . Can anyone Please tell me where I can get a tabla case and possible a dhamma skin in Surrey?
  13. Who is his son. I know that Bhai Sarabjeet Singh's sathi is his son. And can you give a link of that video you are talking about
  14. https://www.sikh24.com/2016/06/08/sikhs-approach-sk-jathedars-regarding-virginia-amrit-sanchar-giani-gurbachan-singh-excommunicates-granthi-and-associates/#.V1rHxBQrK3c So this happened ( read the end parts). I'm so happy Bhai Balbir Singh's Lifetime Punishment is gone but I don't know if we should agree to this hukam becuase its Giani Gurbachan Singh's ( and he isn't the Akal Takht Jathedar Any more). I just know that Bhai Balbir Singh might be coming back after a long time.
  15. Yaa I have already have been on that website. I actually started an archive of kirtan done by Giani Amolak Singh in which a lot of shabads are from this website.
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