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  1. Guru Gobind Singh did not say that there will be a twelfth guru after “Sri guru granth sahib”. About the naamdhari argument you can go very far with that. Most sikhs are converted from hindu and muslims. Before the mulsims were converted buddhists in punjab. Before the buddhists were converted hindus which were converted jains in which before there were tribal religions. You can go very far with that.
  2. Ok so I read your post scratching my head i.e I do not understand what you are trying to say ? who is “Sant thakur ji?”
  3. What topics do the fights and drama consists of that causes alot of stress and drama at your house? What do you guys fight about? is it about your boyfriend?
  4. Before we go on and and tell you how to handle this. When I read between the lines. Do you want get married to this indian girl willingly?
  5. Remember this from long ago? Ah I have been waiting on this topic to show up. Let us find out why the future of sikhi are addicted It does start on a early age. While the parent(s) are to busy with work and stress. The smartphone is parents best babysitter that can take care of them while going to the bathrom. If you do not live in the US and do not have access to youtube kids. Then your kids watch stuff like spiderman and elsa from the movie Frozen being sexual with each other. Basically porn will affect the whole society. If you find that video on google (which is nsfw for 18+) at around 28:00 you will see the story of Randeep paji that tells tyger about his problem with porn which is very interesting to listen to. Her full lecture (Gail Dines) is also really interesting. Porn addiction it should be classed the same as heroin addiction. In canada is classed as a health hazrd for the population according to her. Men want thier woman to look like Sunny Leone.
  6. I think mostly it is related to stress and lack of sleep. That said. I think you should follow ms514 pajis advice on letting the white hair go and having it . Even if you became a yogi, you can only slow the aging process and never stop it completly. Like our guru says in SGGS, everyday sons go 1 day closer to akal purukh. VJKK VJKF /Cloud
  7. Wait this thread got resurrected. This guy is now 17. Keep it up!
  8. Cloud


    Hold up. Why did you pull out your hair to begin with? Is it due to Trichotillomania?
  9. Cloud


    Have you tried switching to Green or Herbal Tea?
  10. Hold your horses. If he did that scene in front of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib I think some of your comments are valid. But I believe that he did not do that because I believe he knows his audience and the backslash from the fallout as well. For that reference I just the video "Punjabi Television BREAKDOWN". Lets adress the issue at 9:50. I believe that Bhai Manvir Singh is doing a good job. If you guys want that part with english part I can also provide that as well. That is why people like Basics of Sikhi are trying to remedy that problem by first adressing what anand karaj is. Saying that sikhi comes from the guru not what you think someone sikhism or what the gurus called it gursikhi. These parcharaks are trying to educate us on what these things are. I believe that even jusreign is doing it. That is for example what made Basics of Sikhi his videos in the beginning that he wanted to answer alot of basics questions that are not answered by islam missionaries. They are trying to bring a change in our panth so that what jusreign just posted does not become normal in the future. That is why they are trying to give courses on not marriage but on anand karaj which there is a difference! VJKK VJKF /Cloud
  11. Instead of debating if punjabi girls are better then western girl can we not help our brother in need when he is pleading the with sadh sangat? As someone who have had a similair experiance. Even contemplating suicide at that time. My question to you Pappi is are you divorced with this woman?
  12. Fair enough. To be more specific the "tragedy" from the "golden age" of "glory days" of when you went to a gurdwara to what you experianced going to that specific gurdwara you went to today in 2017. The resource I will give you is this playlist. If you want because it has at least 20+ hours of material. But I would specifically want you to focus from 1801 - 1925 and 1925 - 1984 and forward. This is the series made by The Basics of Sikhi. Personally I have never heard Nanak Naam channel. I will check it out now.
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