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  1. Fake news ji since 1984 so that sant ji never get a proper shaheed respect.
  2. make it as a good lesson learned, not to jump on the gun and call a random person a panth hero.
  3. I’m not sure if cruises departing from states allow kirpan. Can anyone verify this as some of us want to go on cruise to Alaska.
  4. Thank you!! Apnay banday too gullible. They think by heart but not by dimag.
  5. Next time, please post proper tuk/stanza as this English translation belittle the actual meaning/concept of the Gurbani tukk.
  6. Sikhs are vegetarian - yes. There is never meat product/item in langar Hall. That one thing is very clear regardless of some people who don’t want to change their taste buds for sikhi. Chaur sahib originally made from YAK hair or from horse hairs. Tabla is also made from animal skin. We’re they killed to make these product? I would say no. When they passed/die then the skin product comes out of it.
  7. Six Years ago - 593,886 Mool Mantar Jaap by all of us. Something like that in collective form.
  8. EST1699


    Good post but gives little bit vibes of the ego in the post.
  9. Bull**** politics using our Sikh image. He was no Sikh. Go check his profile and his writings. Local politics and dealing between them and we all should be not be that naive.
  10. It is a proven fact that Indians outside of north India, current generation do not know much about Sikhs due to lack of information provided to them. Politicians for one or another reasons want to show Sikhs as untamed community of India. Huge effort is needed to remove that stigma and thus need millions of non-Sikhs on our side.
  11. A man has been charged with assault after police say he ripped a turban off another man’s head in downtown Toronto. The alleged incident happened at Yonge-Dundas Square at 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday. Police say a 35-year-old man was sitting in the square with his family when a man approached the victim from behind and tore off his turban. The suspect proceeded to make derogatory comments and fled the scene. People in the area who witnessed what happened called police. Robin Kelly Skani, 31, of no fixed address, appeared in court on Thursday. He is being held until his bail
  12. Ranjit Dhaderianwala also starting preaching like this. This is well known missionary ideology of not believing in karm and slowly slowly it spreads. Missionary is like cancer - it only spreads. Dhaderianwala got it from Panthpreet thuggery groups.
  13. Usually in my area, weekends are covered by someone who sponsors and also totally run by volunteers. However, during the weekdays someone has to take responsibility to make 3 meals a day.
  14. Sikh council = Toothless tigers they failed miserably to tackle this issue and they had more than one year to work on it.
  15. I believe that there is already system in place where no meat, tobacco and liquor on sale within the walled city of old Amritsar. Banning these dangerous product within 5 Km radius is what is needed.
  16. From first 2 paragraphs, I have to say that this writer needs to improve his style by not judging other culture negatively.
  17. Curious to see if anyone keep interests in stock market. Not daily trading but occasional buy/sell. I will put my input in further replies on few things that I learned.
  18. It looks like a very amateur footprints and it is someone who knows our traditions very well. a very easy job to find them if police takes this a serious case.
  19. ....Some of us have challenged this authenticity claiming that it contradicts His core principle that His Sikhs are to only bow down and revere to His successor, Guru Granth Sahib, and absolutely nobody else.... Writer tried his best to stay neutral but he bit failed by writing above. He himself fallen the missionary trap of blaming naive folks that people now going to maths teek SDG instead to SGGSJ.
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