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  1. 5akaalsingh

    Going back to classical raga

    Agree that it is better and preferable that Gurbani be sung in the Raags it is written for. However, the point about "filmy tunes" is not strong, imo. The raags bani is written in were probably used in nautch dance parties of Mughal, Rajput and others, as well.
  2. 5akaalsingh


    Gurus tied Mughal Turbans. Since the 1700s to 1850s Sikhs tied what's now the Namdhari style. During Sikh Empire era, Sikhs started covering the normal Namdhari style with the /\ turban, using the other one as the fifty. Rest is pretty obvious
  3. 5akaalsingh

    What is this BS about Panjabis not eating BEEF ?

    Cow has always been a sacred animal in the Indian subcontinent. Within Uggardanti bani found within the Dasam Granth sahib, Guru Gobind Singh ji speaks of destroying the mlecch, who kill cows. To this day, all Jhatka eating Khalsa does not eat beef. When the Brits annexed Punjab, they tried their best to divide the Punjabi people, by using cow slaughter as a medium to start conflict between Muslims and Hindus-Sikhs. For the first time in half-a-century cow slaughter began to be carried out in Punjab. They opened a Muslim beef shop adjacent to the clock tower of modern Harimandir Sahib, birds of prey began to carry carrion and bones away from the slaughterhouses and would occasionally drop within the precincts of Harimandir Sahib and other Hindu temples.The Sikh priests and Hindu Brahmins were infuriated by this. The British ignored their objections, a band of Sikhs joined with the Namdharis and attacked the slaughter house, set all cows free, while killing the butchers and demolishing their shops.
  4. 5akaalsingh

    What is this BS about Panjabis not eating BEEF ?

    Just think a little next time you eat a stake (lol) about what your Khalsa ancestors would say
  5. 5akaalsingh

    What is this BS about Panjabis not eating BEEF ?

    Cows are a symbol of innocence. Khalsa never attacks the poor and innocent, hence the saying Gau gareeb ki raksha. When Sikhs first entered Lahore as conquerors under Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, the first thing that they did was chopping off hands of butchers who killed cows. When Abdali destroyed Harimandir Sahib, he filled the sarovar with dead cows, so as to offend the Sikhs as much as possible.
  6. 5akaalsingh

    What is this BS about Panjabis not eating BEEF ?

    Go read some history boy.... Khalsa doesn't eat beef. Gaughat is a big sin. Cow-slaughter was the only crime that led to the death penalty, during the Sikh Raj
  7. 5akaalsingh

    How India should've been divided in 3 in 47 !

    LOL Mater Tara Singh, the first person in independent India to be arrested for betraying the state, is somehow a "stooge of Congress". I'm pretty sure you also think that he, being the evil anti-Sikh boogeyman, denied the British offer for Khalistan. Brits barely gave the musleh a state, even though they had more than 90 million musleh living in India, how on earth would they give 9 million Sikhs, who didn't even form a full majority in any area of Punjab, a state?
  8. 5akaalsingh

    Combien de lagues faisez-vous connaitre?

    They just don't care, just do your job-their mentality. They do have strong family culture. Even though they don't know about Sikhi, they are not the "go back to your country" types.
  9. 5akaalsingh

    Combien de lagues faisez-vous connaitre?

    I was raised, and still living in Greece
  10. 5akaalsingh

    Combien de lagues faisez-vous connaitre?

  11. comeon mate.. the shaved moushtache is enough to tell the difference between a sengh and a sullah
  12. 5akaalsingh

    What is this guy doing?

    Come on! What else to expect from a guy who goes around and says that Gurus weren't perfect, that Guru Nanak didn't want to start an organised religion. In one of his podcasts he even said that he thought of stop wearing the turban anymore, just to take the piss. People shouldn't be shocked of his cut beard, he was already shaving on his cheeks for years. There used to be the time when he was funny, now it seems that he just wants to offend Sikhs
  13. 5akaalsingh

    How to tie a "Puratan Dastaar"?

    Never said that, though Mughals inherited the tradition from Hindu Rajputs
  14. 5akaalsingh

    How to tie a "Puratan Dastaar"?

    Persians emperors wore topis, not dastars
  15. 5akaalsingh

    How to tie a "Puratan Dastaar"?

    The gurus wore a Mughal style dastaar, though Sikhs wore the style which is now worn by Namdharis.

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