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  1. Some very good points raised here! Thank you all! One thing we have to remember is that a lot of the Christian stuff has been terribly mis-translated. Do you know anyone who speaks Aramaic? I do not speak it, but that is what Jesus spoke, and only God and Guru know how much of what Jesus said has been twisted. Also, let us give Big Thanks to Wahe Guru, because the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji has never been as mangled in its translations to other languages as other Scriptures. We are very blessed! Ah, yes, the money thing. Money is just a tool of commerce, that is all. Like any other tools, it should not only be used to obtain the shelter, food, clothing, etc but used for Dharmic purposes. Alas, so many people forget this; they get caught up in the fear thing, instead of turning towards the Divine, who is always already in each of us, and realizing the Divine always provides for us. Yes, the Guru is in each one of us. Look inside your heart.
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