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  1. https://media.sikhnet.com/Bhai Avtar Singh - Mero Sundar Kaho Millo.mp3 I took a year out after uni and was in India for vasakhi 1999 when I came across bhai avtar Singh ragi. I first heard this during that time and it blew my mind ?
  2. It sounds like you could easily be that "jihadi guy"
  3. So you've seen sikh people with articles of faith properly snogging in public?
  4. Why do you find it offensive?
  5. Why do you find it offensive?
  6. I've never seen any Sikhs kiss in public? Have you actually ever seen it? Or is it a hypothetical question?
  7. It does employ the lingua franca of both those religions.. But is Tisarpanth
  8. Culture is never static. But it can have characteristics. So it could be said panjabi culture is inherently pluralistic
  9. If something is 'Sat' it is 'True'. Truth is its fundamental characteristic
  10. Of course I do. If it was in Gurmukhi I would still be missing important aspects.. As a student I would always strive to learn and never assume that I have learnt everything that my teacher is teaching me.. Otherwise they would cease being my teacher. As a Sikh I believe that the pursuit of 'truth / Sat' is my duty. If I am a sikh and have taken a 'teacher / Guru' (Guru Granth Sahib) then I as a true student and seeker of truth, I shouldn't be so arrogant as to think I have arrived at the truth. if something is contradictory then by definition it is illogical. Which means I must question and seek the truth. It means I yet to fully understand what my guru is teaching me.
  11. Gurbani is perfectly logical.. It may appear to some that it is like some existential poetry expression. Except gurbani is unique because it is not reductive.. It expresses existential, philosophical truths whilst at the same time being absolutely clear in its expression. Any phrase someone could take from bani is true and I have yet to see a example that is not logical
  12. Well. First of all I asked a question. Is Mool mantar illogical? You make a very simple mistake however in interpreting and applying rules of grammar and semantics to the word logical and what you view as it's apparent binary opposite... Truth is always logical.. Logical can accept seemingly contradictory concepts.. I.e non-dualism is logical.. Because it is 'Sat'. But if something is illogical it can never be sat because it is not a complete truth.. It is interesting that you refer to a poem because nature of poetry is elusive and can be relative and therefore express a truth and be Sat. Why do you think bani is in poetic form and set to music..?
  13. In one post you have managed to say Mool mantar is not a logical statement whilst at the same time say gurbani is not illogical.. Simple question.. Is Mool mantar illogical?
  14. I think you should expand your horizons. Are you suggesting Mool mantar is not logical?
  15. Gurbani is not logical.. Please let me refer you to mul mantar.. It is logical in every way possible.. Also if it not logical then are you suggesting it is illogical..? Nyaya maybe one of the six schools.. But have you considered that bani is unique because it encompasses and transcends any one truth.. It demonstrates the limitations of any one school and goes to the essence..
  16. I haven't made any claims. Please demonstrate where I have?
  17. No one suggested free for all. Your assertion does require some qualification though, first of all a definition of sikh is required, then evidence of said rehat namas. You may very well be right and I broadly agree I just don't think the evidence stacks up for it to be conclusive
  18. Err. Before giving it the big intellectual challenge maybe you should read up and learn about how logical thinking and critical thought works.. "There is scant evidence that sikhs are not meant to worship fairies." doesn't mean that we should start worshipping fairies. It just means that until you provide evidence that we shouldn't you can't say that we can't.. You need to learn about the laws of logic. Gurbani is based on logic. Before you give it the big un at least come correct.. Joker lol ? ?
  19. Just show me the evidence. Otherwise you are just being hyperbolic
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