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  1. I am suffering from the same thing, im soooo dukhi with myself. kaam is eating me away, i just feel like crying right now ... even during paath i have all sorts of bad thoughts... i feel like my jeevan is going down the drain :'( i miss my gursikhi... im not so upset when i maturbate because i feel like dont worry its my own body but when i get kaami and watch something that just makes me so sad... even now i knoe ill end up watching something because the sad thing is i want to watch it :'( it sounds ad but im being honest ... waheguru ji es paapi nu baksh lehn
  2. Thank you everybody, but I still feel sad, not because I didn't get what I wanted but I feel sad with mahraj ji. what I wanted was to pass a test that ive been trying so hard for, I have done path too especially dedicated to this and ardas and on the day I even took a cyber hukamnama and it was really positive cant remember it exactly, it was something like waheguru ji gives you what you wish for (I just read the translations).... and today I was awake at amrit vela but I didn't get up to do my nitnem I stayed in bed and did simran, I just wanted to show mahraj ji that I am upset with him a little bit, just as I would do to show my mum ...... I don't know if gods feeling anything or just doesn't care lol
  3. thank you and True, i know all of this and i understand exactly what you are saying. But seriously with simple basic things, if mahraj ji cant listen to us then whats the point trying to be so good so much (not that im stopping but just a thought)
  4. I feel really sad, although no matter what happens i will never leave Guru jis doorstep and forever believe him him, but i feel ever so sad and let down sometimes. There are one or two small things ive prayed for from time to time (nothing big) and equally worked hard for but i dont know why waheguru ji doesnt make that effort to just make things go right... i mean i know im not perfect but i still make the effort to pray and accept his will even when its so hard so why cant mahraj ji make that little bit of effort and help me out and it'll be so easy for him Today i just feel so low, im sorry to waheguru ji im thinking this way but i need to let it out :'(
  5. A common thing which genuinely arises when its summer is how can Amritdhari girls who have their head covered and do not remove hair look pretty? I know a lot of the sangat is going to say we don't need to look pretty etc but being a girl - it is important to look good. I have many Sikh friends and I've noticed a lot of them feel the same way ... I remember reading somewhere that when looking pretty hair generally play a big role but many amritdhari girls cover their head (maybe dastar or patka) we don't shape our eyebrows or wear makeup Don't misunderstand me and think I am complaining, this is all good stuff that we do but the question is, what can we do to kind of replace those things and make ourselves feel that we are also looking pretty too. I don't know how much of this is making sense, I thought it was just me but talking to friends ive noticed it is something that goes on in many amritdhari girls minds.
  6. this is so sad and will be such a big loss for us all but thinking about it these amazing gursikhs don't leave us they remain here because their giving to the panth is so much... bhai jugraj singh ji was sent to us by god for a reason he had a mission to do and he has done it and now mahraj ji wants him back...... i really hope waheguru ji shows us his kirpa and blesses us with some more time with this amazing gursikh... if mahraj ji does thinking about it so many Sikhs will be inspired but who am i to say anything whatever waheguru ji does is always for the best.... i will miss this guru ka pyara so much :'(
  7. this might be useful to listen to... the dera sounds pretty scary lol
  8. Thank you to everybody that replied, it was so lovely reading ur responses but I am really ashamed to say I don't know whats happened the desire to do saas saas simran has faded it, I am so dukhi because I thought maybe that was it maybe I am finally going to achieve the purpose of this life but no :'( Not2cool2argue, veer ji I used to read a lot of shaakiya but I just don't have time anymore and it is only now that you have mentioned this that I have noticed what a loss it is ..... i will definitely begin reading again, i must take time out and understand it is not an option but the thing is sometimes with some saakhiya its like you know whats going to happen already, you know theres a problem and at the end Guru ji will make it better and sometimes that doesn't really motivate u to read more.... but saying this i hope what im going through is just a problem like we have in saakhiya and guru ji will come to my rescue too.. i remember you too :D you and harsharan veer ji, i remember learning loads from u guys!!! thank uuu!!! Harsharan veer ji, that's so true but i cannot sit down to do simran, i started doing it in the evenings but it wasn't quiet enough but i did feel the difference i did feel peaceful ... i tried at amrit vela after doing nitnem but that was way to hard i feel fell asleep, in all honesty i don't have enough motivation to stay awake at amrit vela for a little longer .... especially as when i do meditate in actual fact all i am doing is still thinking about worldly thoughts ... life is so busy i just don't understand where i can get the time from... im still young yet its scary to think as i get older ill have less time and maybe i will never have time Bundha, i think you are right maybe i had began to think that it was something ive achieved... maybe that's why it was taken away from me as mahraj ji probably thought im not ready for it after all but as you say mahraj ji is ang sang and if he is with me then anything can be achieved... Preeet ji, i do try to listen to kirtan as much as i can but i don't listen to much waheguru simran to be honest, sometimes i feel like i have heard all the kirtan and i need something new and most of the kirtan now-a-days is in tunes of songs ... does anyone by any chance know the name of the kirtani who is from Bhai Bhalla ji's kul? Yogi ji bilkul sahi keha a tusi, ohna de bachan sunn k ehda lagda hunda a k meh ehmi kithe fassi a, ohna de bachana toh hi shaanti mil jandi a... thank you i will surely do this... Sikhni, this is my biggest weakness i do not understand bani as i should with gurur jis kirpa i raed bani and understand some but not to extent which will help tyaan develop and unite with guru ji... i don't know why i find it so hard to focus on the meanings as when they are there it seems all clear but my brain does not retain anything... JKVlondon pen ji this is amazing, thank u!!!!! have u heard akalai wadhbhag singh jis story? its so sweet and beautiful...
  9. I love this shabad because it just makes me pause and think that what am I really here for and what am I doing... I hope waheguru ji blesses us all and may we fulfil the aim of our janam.....
  10. Waheguru ji will definitely do kirpa and bless you again... you want to be part of the panth again is already a sign of kirpa this is the first step... keep motivated and work hard.. Waheguru ji mehar karn and you will soon be in chardikala again God bless
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