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  1. I will be going for 1 month in july after school gets out. I have considered staying at Darbar Sahib, but i also want to stay with actual people, like sants or nihang singhs who will teach me and explain things to me. This is gonna be my 4th time going to india after 7 years.
  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful reply veer ji. I cannot say how thankful i am for you. I wil try my best to follow your advice. No i will not be going alone to india. I am going with my nanne.
  3. Waheguru je ka khalsa, Waheguru je ke fateh Guru kai piyariou I have gone away from sikhi alot. I got into sikhi 2 years ago, at first i had so much excitement and spent literally every day trying to learn part and memorizing the meanings. I use to wake up at 3am every day, do simran and nitnaim. I learnt to read and write gurmukhi. And can now speak pretty decent punjabi. Everyone was surprised when they found out. Then i dont even know what happened, i got away from sikhi and into my old habits. I stopped waking up at amrit vela, doing part, simran, etc. And i dont even know what happened. I had so much passion for guru ji and i wasted it all on the wine of maya. I have become extremely lazy. I was once half of a gurmukh and now i am a total manmukh. I alway dream that one day i would be a true singh and kill my ego, but i dont know what to do, every effort i make. i am to lazy to follow through on it. My willpower has mostly disappeared. I do ardass and beg to be released from the shakels of myself and duality and realise everything is one Please someone beloved of guru ji help me. I cannot continue like this. I have thoughts of suicide because what is the use of my life if im gonna waste this jewel of a body like this. Also im 16 years old and have kept kesh when my parents and family tryed to discourage me alot. Do you think getting out of the environment i am currently in and into a different one will change me? I convinced my mom to let me go to india for 1 month. I wanted to go there and stay with sants, nihang singhs, or something. So they would force me to wake up at amrit vela and keep rehait, but i dont really know how to find any of them or approach them. Besides that do you think it is worth going to india for this reason? Im Sorry if i rambled on alot. I have kept all of this to myself and have been wanting to tell someone, but couldnt.
  4. Thank you all for your wonderful replys and teaching me not to renounce the world, but create a balance for myself of education and sikhi and that education is essential for sikhi to exist.
  5. So you disagree with this thought. Im not saying education is futile, its just people put it over sikhi and give too much emphasis to it.
  6. WJKK WJKF, Ever since I've gotten into sikhi I have started thinking their isn't much use in education. Im not saying education is useless and everyone should not go to school. Im trying to say people put too much stress on education than sikhi. The things we learn in school arnt going to be of any use after we die, but the naam we japed and the things we learned from bani will. For example ever since I was young my parents said their is only use in education and nothing else, but if they had put that much emphasize on sikhi than education who knows where i would be. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think I am wrong? Do you think I am right? Honestly I dont know if I am right or wrong. Sometimes I think I am right; sometimes wrong.
  7. Thank you so much, but how do i fit the words into the tune. Im still a beginner. Would it be something like this?
  8. WJKK WJKF, can anyone tell me the tune of this shabad on the harmonium . The shabad starts at 2:47
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