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  1. From what I understand from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, it’s a grey area. From what I have read, Ang 1289-1290 Guru Nanak Dev Ji ridicules those with their priorities mixed up - they fight over not eating meat but do not spend their time remembering waheguru. Finally concluding that eating meat or veg is the same as they are living beings and basic ingredient is water. I believe guru ji is stating focus on yourself and remember waheguru. I am a vegetarian. It agrees with me. But in this age, it’s very difficult to be pure veg with all these hidden ingredients. Forgive me if I didn’t grasp the meaning and lesson behind this message.
  2. Glad to see the panth finally waking up and taking action.
  3. He is no way legitimate! People like him set up these nakli deh dhari cults and take advantage of innocent people. As Singh’s we should and it is our duty to stand up for the innocence. It doesn’t matter if there will be 100 or 10,000 people to see him if a pakhandi is taking advantage we should be there! His following is growing from the first guy that set up this cult. They attract a lot of Sikh just by having Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Jis name in their company name They place a Saroop of Guru ji next to his stage. Using sikh appearance to attract singh Family’s. We need to be careful and protect not just our own but all these innocent people attracted to these pakhandis. As singh brothers we should and have a duty to protect. I’m sorry but this is how I feel. I’m passionate about this subject as I have seen the affect of these pakhandis. It tears family apart and from our satgurus paath. The path of saints is not from pakhandis like this guy. I appeal to our Khalsa panth we should go and stop this. I have heard we did before. It’s time we do this again maybe some elders should come and who can nicely explain to this guy don’t come to the uk and try to cause confusion or separate Gursikh sangat? I will be going with a few of my singh brothers. This can all be done with a peaceful manner. Just my thoughts. Waheguru
  4. Urgent appeal!!! Request all sangat to help stop the pakhandi protien baba sant tarlochan darshan dass He has a programme tomorrow: Friday 21st September 2018 From 6pm to 9pm Kenton Hall, Woodcock Hill, Harrow, London, HA30PQ We need to stop this profiteering on the vulnerable. Time to clear up all these phakandi nakali babeh. He got a bad name all over India at the moment... I’m guessing he’s here to get away from our Singh’s back home. Please show support. This is sewa for the panth. We need to protect our future! WJKK WKJF
  5. He clearly has won the award for fake sant of the year!! But on a serious note, this is very worrying. How do we protect people from leading astray? There are so many nakli babeh out there... Khalsa fauj was created to serve and we can’t even protect our own We need to have modern day awareness courses in all gurdwaras highlighting topics like this too. Is this something that Basics of Sikhi can help with?
  6. People have been doing sadhanas for thousands of years without the need for protein shakes, but obviously this Baba has got to pay the bills. #WheyWalaBaba
  7. Brother, it seems that my idea of a sant and your idea of a sant is totally different. Satguru sab te Kirpa kare.
  8. There are many Godly souls out there who teach and guide us on Satgurus path. I just don’t believe a Sant should be making money from things like this and then saying it’s prashad!
  9. Check this out guys... When things can’t get any worse. The reign of fake babeh is never ending... Baba selling protein shakes
  10. WJKK WJKF Please help 11 year old Rajie. He has Leukaemia and urgently needs a Stem Cell donor. He has family and friends in Gravesend. An appeal has been arranged which will take place this Sunday 20th May 12pm to 3pm at the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara Gravesend. Many people don’t realise how simple it is to be a donor and potentially save a life. Registering is free, just fill out a form and provide a saliva sample. For more information visit www.match4rajie.com
  11. Did any one from this forum go to see it? I had went to watch it. Outside the cinema there was a handful of our brothers outside, trying to deter everyone from watching it... From what they had been told, and telling people was false. First of all, there was not an actor playing Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, it was an animated light. The movie was a collection of sakhia narrated and relived through the eyes of bhai mardana ji. It highlighted Satguru ji's messages to the world... the cinematography was awesome. The soundtrack was gurbani shabad kirtan. I still listen to it, and the version of the aarti mentioned above I find blissful. Okay, I can see the issue with actors/actress playing certain roles. But if you think with an open mind, its the first time someone has made a movie about Guru Nanak Dev Ji and put on it a worldwide level platform. A part from jesus christ, I don't think I've seen a movie of that calibre about any other faith. To me and what I have understood from gurujis teachings. Everything is temporary, and death is a reality. everything turns back into dust... the only thing that is true and constant is Waheguru! If we look at the world and history, people have argued about what jesus had looked like. Have these people listened and learnt from the bible?! I've heard people say about guru jis painting, this is the real roop of guruji (not too sure if was at gurudwara sisganj or bangla sahib) - But from my understanding, the body is a vessel and is temporary. I have not read or seen anywhere to worship the gurus processions and artefacts. Don't get me wrong when I see such items and shastars I bow my head out of respect as it had belonged to gurus. but the gurus have never said worshp them or material things. I saw the movie as re asserting what we have been taught. some of the core sikhi principles. It was a reminder of the love and greatness of guru nanak dev ji. Being an introvert and one who doesn't know how to express himself well, what I'm trying to say is if we look beyond the material things and try to understand on an open and deeper platform, maybe one day those seeking salvation will be blessed. I think it all starts with being humane with a combination of understanding what has been said in the bani and practicing it. Forgive me if I had said anything wrong. I'm still learning. I've joined this forum to learn through expressing my views. kindly correct me and help me understand if you disagree
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