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  1. I want to buy a real Khanda or Talwar that is functional in the sense it can actually cut. Which is not stainless steel.
  2. Jeona Morh was a Sidhu Sikh Jatt. The story of Jeona Morh only became popular after Dev Tharikewala wrote the Jeone Morh song for Surinder Shinda. The part where it says Jeona Morh chattar is not real. A man from Jeona Morh's village in India did an article about Jeona Morh and it was featured in News Papers in Punjab. He says that the way movies or the songs show Jeona Morh dying are wrong. Jeona Morh was hung to death, and there are two stories that they say about Jeona Morh, one is that he jumped off the cliff, the other one is that he got "bachan" from a Hindu mata saying that keep running don't look, Jeona Morh kept running but he looked back and was shot. Both these stories are fake. Jeona Morh died by getting hung and Jeona Morh's brother was also released from jail eventually from Kala Pani. Also Sikhs do go to demi god places, like for example some Sikhs also pray to peers the sufi saints and then some pray to hindu places.
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