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  1. Punjabis are organized crime and international the top guys are making millions they aren’t low level at all. They have kilos lol
  2. We need sikh groups that’ll catch these predators and beat their <banned word filter activated> so they stop targeting us.
  3. Brown communities are rich in B.C. They still sell drugs and kill each other because of revenge , continuing their family business (drug trade) or wanting to be cool and live a faster life
  4. Like I said before, start encouraging martial arts training as in boxing, mma, etc and gym weight training. Punjabis in Canada had to adopt the gangster image to stop other communities from <banned word filter activated> with us.And now whenever a sikh gets pressed by a racist, the racist gets dealt with especially at a school, by monas. We need the actual sikhs that follow sikhi to stop being so passive and also become a warrior instead of a nerdy incel
  5. The suffering is what made us strong. It's what made the Khalsa what it is, it's what made us fight against oppression and tyranny. It's why Sikhs are filled with the bravery and courage of lions, and why we aren't afraid when it comes to battle or war.
  6. They aren't sikhs but they admire their religion, kinda twisted. Due to this though, sikhs aren't being targeted for hate-crimes etc because they know repercussions will happen. Some black youth were making fun of a elderly sikh man, and a couple days later all the sikh youth clowned the black youth on camera and slapped him up.
  7. A lot of the punjabi men glamorize the lifestyle and youth get drawn into it, they look up to Bindy Johal as a hero and this influences their actions, including punjabi-gangster rap, and toronto culture interwined with Jatt culture or pride.
  8. People would try and twist the message to their own interpretation, and motives. It could be used in a court-like example though, "law of the lands"
  9. I don't think the Khalsa would've been able to sustain against foreign threats, it's why Absolutism is needed at times, however too many people were greedy and power hungry within Ranjit singh's empire, and he didn't keep the British in check.
  10. Also please remember that most of these western-sources are biased. The Maharaja's life was written by a guy that left his service and went on to serve the Afghans, I believe Dost Khan? was the leader of the Afghans during this time, anyways he lost and most likely wrote a anti-Sikh propagated view point.
  11. Do you really think a empire could exist that will 100% follow the teachings of a "X" Religion? If there was a Empire that was truly Sikh, it wouldn't last. Indian kingdoms resort to brutality and violence to retain control, Maharaja Ranjit Singh knew this and created an modernized empire with Vicious foreign generals as governors, it'd be the only way for a kingdom to last. The Sikh Empire, is only sikh in name, infact majority of our troops were muslim, and greatness did come from our Empire however it wasn't sikh, Maharaja Ranjit Singh wanted this Empire for his family not for the panth otherwise he would've listened to Akali Phula Singh when it came to succession. (Making the successor someone that was capable, not his drug-addicted and inexperienced children.) The Maharaja was also a alcoholic, but he did respect Sikhi when it came to being punished for his sins.
  12. "Canada doesn't have any real hoods" Canada is filled with hoods and gang based violence since the 1980s, there are many crip and blood sets throughout this city, a lot of shootings and deaths as well, the homicide rate surpassed New York and London, 500+ shootings, however the murder rate is low since the shooters can't aim. Punjabis in Canada are usually from low-income communities, and many of us are gangsters in Canada, and are into drug-trafficking, if you look into BC, Surrey, and Abbotsford you'll find many Indo-Canadian Organized Crime groups that also work with black street gangs throughout the city, infact crime is dominated by indians in Canada. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Canadian_organized_crime https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/vancouver-news/six-wanted-38-charges-laid-in-drug-trafficking-investigation-related-to-brothers-keepers-3763250 https://vancouversun.com/news/task-force-targeting-brothers-keepers-gang-has-reduced-violence-police-say https://vancouversun.com/news/crime/fatal-flashpoint-gurmit-dhaks-2010-murder-ignited-a-gang-war-thats-still-raging https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/more-than-25-people-charged-in-ontario-after-international-drug-trafficking-network-dismantled-by-police-1.5393133
  13. They can connect with Sikhi in English, there is a youtube channel called "Basics of Sikhi" the videos done by Jagraj Singh (Rest in peace) was done very well, in english too, and he himself was born in the UK and used to be a Mona.
  14. Send them to India and have them live there for some months with relatives, that's how I learned, cant read it but you can speak it and hear it.
  15. Get super rich and start rebuilding our homeland in Punjab, into a new Dubai however don't forget about the corrupt government that will try to exploit our improvements on our motherland, until now condition yourself and those around you to be warriors, learn how to fight in many ways as you can, and learn how to survive in the wilderness, the future generation must be strong and must be able to adapt to any situation, and must be able to survive, the Sikhs in the past have learned combat, and learned how to live off the land, and learned about battle as well, that is a vital aspect we are missing.
  16. More tactics they'll try to use. 1. Early Paintings of Guruji's had Tilaks on their forehead making them Hindu Now what they fail to understand is that this practice was stopped by the 6th guru, and completely ended with the formation of the Khalsa in 1699, where we officially got our "guidelines" per say, and the five K's, they also fail to acknowledge that our Guru's literally denied being Hindu or Muslim... Which is why you can only find paintings of Nanak, and our first five Guru's with Tilak, now the funny thing is they'll use these paintings as fact but deny our primary sources for our historical events.... Hypocritical? Also they seem to be very bipolar, some of them will deny us being Hindu and call us "plagarism" and said we have abandoned Dharma as soon as we stopped worshipping Hindu gods, and others will try to call us apart of Hinduism. 2. Hindu Gods/Goddess and Imagery They will try to say that we believe in Hindu Gods, but they don't realize the fact that we don't see them as Gods, correct me if I'm wrong, but I read somewhere that it was said that once they started calling themselves "Gods" they grew in ego, and corrupted their mission? and that God can create thousands of Krishna's as tiny as ants, or something along those lines, stating that Krishna was basically insignificant to the actual creator (If you can find the exact quote, reply here.) They also fail to realize that we believe in Akal Purakh not those 33 million "gods" they have, and we don't Idol-worship either. They may bring up the fact the Hindu goddess Durga was on the Sikh empire standard, however from what I read it can't be confirmed whether that flag was for a Hindu-regiment or for the entire empire, and having Durga on it doesn't mean you believe in Durga as your deity, many indians use them as a source of inspiration, similar to the Chand used by Nihangs which also has a different meaning to what these Hindu's who don't bother to do research may think. They will bring up "Sects" such as the Udasi or Bandai Sikhs. They will then bring up Udasi or Bandai Sikhs but completely fails to understand why they have been cut off, (20th cent for Udasi's, and Bandai Sikhs which was after Banda Bahadur's death whom was loyal follower of Guruji himself, rejoined the Tat Khalsa in it's entirety leaving behind the many customs Banda had for his followers while he was alive, after his death is when they tried to make him the 11th guru and create "Bandai Khalsa" they will also call him a Hindu even though he took amrit alongside his wife, and accepted his new name, and even after his followers created their own sect you can say, they still had the name "Sikh" in it instead of "Bandai Hindus") 3. Guru Tegh Bahadur's Sacrfiice. They will try to either call it a myth and ignore the many sources, or they'll say "He didn't save Hindu's, those were Kashmiri Pandits." You can probably understand by now that they're pretty slow. 4. "McSikhs, SPGC Singhs!" If you literally counter their point with any historical fact, or source they will resort to calling you a fake McSikh that supports the SPGC, or they'll call you a Muslim lover. 5. They will deny any history that makes Hinduism looks weak or evil. Hindus converting to Islam like cowards? Nope didn't happen. Rajputs selling their daughters to persians? Nope. Hindu's being invaded for basically like 500 years by muslim and arabs and turks? Nope. Hindu's becoming slaves aka Indentured servants in the Carribbean by the British Raj? Nope. Hindu's being seen as a lesser race instead of a martial race? Nope. Hindu's oppressing other religions such as Islam and Sikhs in their many religious riots? Nope, they'll say that they haven't started it, which maybe true in some cases however that doesn't warrant for the entire nation to kill random muslim babies over 1 event in 1 state, committed by only a few people, it's okay though their logic is that if 1 person from that group commits something bad, it's okay to go out and kill everyone belonging to that community, including children that have no idea on whats going on. 6. KHALISTAN! You are a "Khalistan Terrorist" because you proved a RW Hindu wrong, congrats. Maybe if they seen my username on this website they'd have a point, but it's clear they don't see us as equals so they shouldn't be so surprised they created a division among Hindu and Sikhs especially between the Youth and to Sikhs outside of India, try your best to "reason" with them and educate the truth, considering how effective their propaganda was to rally the RW hindus on the internet to villianzie our community, however remember. "All modes of redressing the wrong having failed, raising of sword is pious and just" If I made any mistakes, quote this and correct me because I wrote this in a rush.
  17. I posted the twitter that linked him, also he follows and reposts the same memes by the account and also has the same BIO as one of his other accounts, which said "New York" Now I have some rumors, one is that he's from UP not NYC, and another on twitter stating that they sent emails to his company and that the company isn't happy with him, he also blocked me on instagram after I dmed him so that confirms my suspicions, either way it seems like the Twitter-Singhs & Kaurs have dealt with him already, and that this person keeps creating the same accounts, so I think someone is trying to file a police report on him, (In India, because that's where he's actually from, according to what I read on Twitter.)
  18. I found the main account, of the person that has been doing Beadbi This is him. https://twitter.com/nav_tk/status/1358590893826146304/photo/1
  19. Hari Singh Nalwa apparently ripped the tigers mouth open with his hands, he was also known to be the general patton of india, I think he spoke seven languages and offered to the the translator for Maharaja Ranjit Singh, he was also vital in the Sikh conquests of Afghanistan, in which he would make the men dress like women to spare their lives, he was a great strategician and had great battle prowess, Akali Phula Singh was another Sikh that was great during the empire, he even advised Maharaja Ranjit Singh that his childern are basically useless and that he should instead make the successor, one of his generals saying that the Sikh empire is for the people, however of course Maharaja Ranjit Singh didn't do that, leading to the incompetent successors after him (Yet we were still able to do well in the Anglo-sikh wars until of course the Dogras betrayed us) Also I think Hari Singh Nalwa was the first person to actually conquer the Pathans until his eventual death in battle. " Though the Sikhs were totally outnumbered, presence of Hari Singh Nalwa put the Afghan army into panic. In the melee, Hari Singh Nalwa was grievously wounded. Before he died, he told his lieutenant not to let the news of his death out till the arrival of reinforcements, which is what he did. While the Afghans knew that Hari Singh had been wounded, they waited for over a week doing nothing, till the news of his death was confirmed. The Afghans withdrew after witnessing Nalwa’s body hung outside the fort. Hari Singh Nalwa had not only defended Jamrud and Peshawar, but had prevented the Afghans from ravaging the entire north-west frontier, in turn was not able to invade Afghanistan himself. The loss of Hari Singh Nalwa was irreparable and this Sikh defeat was costly for that precise reason."
  20. I agree, everyone please do this, we need to basically make 1 big post and make it available for other accounts to repost across social media platforms, so we can shed light on the truth.
  21. So where exactly are you getting "Sikhs cutting their hair and drinking liquor" from? I haven't read up all the replies on this thread, but I haven't seen anyone say they're forcing us to drink... Instead I see us commenting about their propaganda, and how they want a repeat of 1984. Sikhs were always united, they just abused our generosity and used it against us, like how all of our allies always ended up betraying us. The RSS did get involved in the whole Khalistan issue, and hijacking the entire movement into full-fledged terrorism but that's a whole different subject.
  22. Well, they believe that there are Avatars that represents different aspects of god, the main three also known as the Trimvurti is Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and they have always existed I believe, and all these other gods are their avatars, or something along those lines, and there's something about Amrita and the nectar of immortality where the demons and devas wanted "immortality" I think it was mentioned in the puranas, I'm also not sure about where the goddesses came from.
  23. Hinduism is a generalization, when you look into the hindu religion, there is a variety of beliefs, some of them worship other deities as their main gods, and so on forth, the vedic religion was vastly different back then, and even now there is closed practices where only people born into it can practice that certain form of hinduism, so yeah there is differing beliefs, also about Indra, basically Krishna came and exposed Indra to the people, I'm not sure exactly what but I think Indra was holding his power against them, and Krishna came and basically removed the need of Indra being worshipped by saying they already have what they needed or something, and Indra wanted to force the people to make them worship him I think with a threat? So Krishna stopped him and the peoples decided to worship Krishna instead, and some people actually still do worship Indra.
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