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  1. Maybe I'll make a new thread about this topic, Something that attracts us, relating to our culture or something else that just makes the hair on your arms stand up, when you just hear some sikh historical Story, it happened with me quite a few times.
  2. Aren't those? These just captivated me, somehow i felt attracted to them i saw them the first time, i had just seen the cover of the book & a few pages inside and he was quite a salesman for I'd never felt so religious or spiritual but through some of his stuff, i just wanted to take it, grab it, steal it, the way he "weaved" stories around simple objects, it's quite amazing
  3. Yeah, i know what you're saying, & quite frankly I'm only interested in these books, granths, written material, the other things without any proof has to be 99% fake, cause when i met him he refused to show me gurujis personal belongings that I'm sure of that he's auctioning that stuff somewhere in europe, he has auctioned before & he will again, these scriptures would've been lost again in some collector's possession, hopefully I'll be able to get some more written material from him.
  4. Engraved brass/bronze glasses that he claims to have been personally used by the gurusMore scans coming up... And the antique dealer sent me a few pics of things related to sikh gurus, he claims to have kitchen utensils used personally by the gurus, I'll post some pics of them too.
  5. Actually i haven't posted some pages yet, they were pasted together as to not let us read that part, I've been carefully trying to separate them & that'll I'll post them soon, they seem to have illustrations of demons & seem a bit macabre, idk, i really find this pothi very interesting
  6. Actually i went to Pakistan last year in Nov. Visited many historical sites & Gurudwaras, and my grandfather served in the british army & he owned some land in pakistan prior to the partition, we thought it'd be a good idea to visit that place and after reaching & enquiring found some people who remembered my grandfather & after that everyone was quite hospitable & there i heard about this local art dealer who had collected stuff relating to sikh gurus as there are many historical places in Pakistan relating to sikh history & that person collects sikh antiquities & then auctions them off abroad, most of the stuff we don't even come across like guru ji's personal belongings & stuff like that, i saw these pothis with him and at first he was reluctant to sell these, i could just get this one right now due to financial reasons, but i hope to soon get the other ones too.
  7. The pages are really fragile & scanning them is a bit difficult, I'll try to upload more soon, & the antique dealer in Pakistan contacted me saying that these were written by someone famous, though he couldn't tell whom. Hmmm
  8. "Koi bhul chuk maaf" Here in India I've witnessed things being done by "Amritdhari Gurudwara members" that shame me to this day, i was a college student and one late night out we went to a pub- technically the pub was supposed to be closed by 1AM & here it's illegal to serve liquor after 1, so we were just talking to the guard outside the pub to let us enter & he wasn't too keen till some guy who knew the pubs owner called the owner & got us inside, & quite sadly there was the whole our local Gurudwara's paathi sahib, & sevadaars wearing their kirpans with beers in hand & feasting on meat, upon seeing us they looked shocked & embarrassed and after a few minutes they all left, then talking to the server we got to know that they used to frequent that bar every other weekend at this time so no one sees them, sadly we couldn't take any pics in the heat of the moment & very next day we went to meet the "pardhan sahib" & he just brushed it away like it was nothing. That scene still sticks to my mind like just yesterday, & i know how embarrassed & shamed i myself felt for letting these people "the dharm de thekedar" who were supposed to teach others about this panth, making a fool outta everyone. Baakiyan nu ki sikhauna ehna ne, jihna nu aap eh dharm raas ni aaeya. (Koi bhul chuk maaf)
  9. Aw okayy, thanks for replying guys, i just recieved one "pothi" by courier, I'll try to take a better look, & scan and upload better pages.
  10. These are from a different book from the same collection : There are four books in total & I'm thinking about getting these & donating to a Sikh museum.
  11. While travelling through pakistan i came across these scriptures (pics attached) , can someone help me here with identifying these ? Are these of any historical or spiritual value to Sikhism ? (These are currently not in my possession, but with some Pakistani antique dealer) would it be worth getting these from him ? Any help translating these would be much appreciated !!
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