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  1. GuestSingh

    Lessons from the past

    there is something that has never made sense in my mind.. Sikhs always say 'never forget 1984..' and of course we shouldnt - just like we don't forget what muslims have done to us either..but why do so many Panjabis never remember colonial invasion and rule? why do they stay as quiet as a mouse about the chitteh who caused as much harm psychologically that we still suffer from it today? why dont these people ever bring it up? it's like they all think 'theyve given us a better life, lets make the most of it, there's no point or sense in remembering what they did to us, we should be grateful etc.' but why cant they see how the chitteh have won by slowly detaching them from the identity they like to claim? the western diaspora (inc. many amritdharia) are starting to have more in common with the west in terms of faith, culture, language, clothing, faith, music etc than they do back home..it's like a cancer that's spreading and showing no signs of slowing down..very worrying.
  2. no, for the reasons mentioned above.. but imo the genuine interests of an individual can be proven by fully vetting and interviewing them, making judgement on their education, work experience and awareness of social and political issues etc. then conducting due diligence i.e. out-of-hours surveillance.
  3. GuestSingh

    Words Of Wisdom

    dont worry bro, white sugar is poisonous wherever it goes and causes health issues for everyone. same goes for white man milk (no joke - google a1/a2 protein). better and healthier always to only use unwhitened milk (unhomegenised and almost non european) and brown sugar i.e. gurr - not only sweeter but nutritious too. we were decent to start with on our own (uncommercialised) and become better with the truth (Sikhi) until we start copying others (whitewashing/blackwashing) etc.) and becoming as bad as the rest...
  4. GuestSingh

    Lions of the Great War Statue

    there's a reason why the chitteh were happy to have this statue built in public space and open view..and its to reinforce their power/control over us - it was even designed by a chitta for goodness sake. and the word sepoy comes from the word sipahi. as mentioned, thats all we were seen as.
  5. another one.. in this day and age, children arent all going to be interested in science from a young age..they need something exciting about Sikhi i.e. stories first so any interest is planted like a seed then later developed.. and yeah science doesn't have all the answers..so why do any of us need to waste time wondering why and worry about it when Guru ji has already given them? think too many in our community spend more time trying to fit in with whitey by reading about science/theories etc. than they do reading Guru ji's Bani..
  6. another one who does matha tek to whitey.. so all those who lived during Guru's time and after had blind faith? science wasn't around in those days so tell us..what did they have? its a shock and quite sad to see so many agree with your post - but at least it reveals how many on here atm masquerade as a Sikh but deep-down, in their heart of hearts, don't actually have that much if any true and real faith and love in Guruji.. but isnt that what youre doing when you say people should only use logic and science, not 'blind faith'..?
  7. that proved absolutely nothing - not one second of that video answered any of the 3 questions. and who said anything about feeling threatened around kaleh? don't have that feeling myself but do feel wary around them in the same way as being around chitteh i.e. eastern europeans and suleh because its accepted in their culture/way of life..but you're probably not aware of this having lived a seemingly sheltered and comfortable life, born into the digital/internet/social media age with countless young know-it-alls, your ego inflating to the point of believing that you are king.. done talking with you but will just say this..one day you may look back on these posts and wonder what was going on in your head..there's no guarantee you'll feel the same way about all your opinions/beliefs - your thinking will change in life..
  8. mahandulai, don't you dare assume something that is very personal in my life, do you understand? can't answer the rest of your post because it makes no sense (as usual)
  9. read my post again - said 'a lot of them', not 'all'..... how about rephrasing this post which falsely slanders and countless others of yours which doubts and questions everything about Sikhi?
  10. GuestSingh


  11. GuestSingh

    Is Donald Trump a good guy?

    meditates like Sikhs? is this a joke? read what you just wrote - then read it again..
  12. my nana was shot dead in cold blood by a gang of them just for alcohol and these worthless, good for nothing, waster, criminal thugs were never found. in the uk, you see a lot of them walk around with a chip on their shoulder, yeah there's a lot to be angry/frustrated about these days but when they take out their feelings on innocent people who dont do a thing to them by physically attacking them, they deserve no sympathy..
  13. GuestSingh

    Can we watch movies and TV.

    finding the balance is important as with anything in life.. if you're old and experienced enough to know how your social groups/society works, seeing and hearing the same nonsense happening over and over again then imo you have a solid enough understanding/awareness to start detaching yourself from it and instead attach yourself more to anything connected with Sikhi..otherwise this nonsense will never leave your consciousness - it'll keep being replayed and reinforced, becoming stronger over time - the start of whitewashing and blackwashing.
  14. GuestSingh

    What are the biggest issues in Sikhi today?

    so this explains why you question everything about Sikhi and feel the need for 'science' to validate your beliefs.. you need to stop doing matha tek to whitey and start feeling some love for Guru ji..do you feel that you can ever love or feel anything good for the king of kings? because atm you're rowing this world of an ocean with legs each in two boats - and that's never ends well..

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