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  1. GuestSingh

    Modern-day singhs being weak.

    kaleh have a thug mentality - not a warrior one. a few wrk colleagues of mine went out to eat recently. wen retunin to their car, they saw a few kaleh beatin up a taxi driver for refusin to take more than 5 of em. afta they walked off, he threw some sorta rock/stone at em in frustration. one of em then walked bk to him, took out a zombie blade from a backpack n stabbed him in the head. apparently there was jus a clunk sound n then a sudden pool of blood. the kala walked off as if nothing happened. nw aint a warrior someone who defends himself or othas in danger? well where was the danger to lyf wen all an innocent cabbie did was tell em about the law jus so he can continue earnin a livin for his family? to keep a roof over their heads n put food on the table? theres nothin brave or heroic about these kaleh. theyre jus dead in mind n heart. n thts a fact.
  2. GuestSingh

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    not if its haram but dnt choke on it bruv otherwise u can forget about doin parchaar every place ur big tedh takes u innit.
  3. GuestSingh

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    forgot to mention tht the focus shud be on those worth savin n tht aint whitey. these ppl have everythin in life. everythin. they live extremely comfortably yet they will neva give a thought about browny sufferin in poverty n war. dnt u think theyd have done something about it by now considerin their history in these places? they dnt care about u unless ur white. thts jus a fact. they really resent us n wish we wud disappear off the face off the earth asap. n dnt be silly to think this is an angry rant either about a few bad ones here n there. these folk r everywhere across the west. dnt be fooled by any of em. unless u live a closeted existence n think they dnt mean any harm. tht sound like ppl worth savin to u? look at the white kid who mimicked the appearance of a sikh to perve on little kids in gurdware toilets n give em wedgies. n then theres 3h0. thts how grateful n deservin these ppl r for sikhi. 100% agree on efforts bein better spent on 'india' on extremely poor ppl wiv similar culture/faith/tradition etc. this makes the most sense. the home of sikhi n where the mission started wud mean a lot of sikhi wud be preserved far more strongly as originally intended. n the ppl will not only be more receptive to the teachings than othas but far more deservin n grateful than the greedy white.
  4. GuestSingh

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    ur one of em n the truth hurts. u dnt keep kes n u eat meat for taste yet u believe ur some sorta ambassador for the panth? u think u can save whitey by educatin em on sikhi wiv a haircut n bacon stuck in ur teeth? r u serious bruv? its jokers like u who cause so many problems we have today by settin these precedents to suit u. sikhi aint a sweet shop. practice the teachings of sikhi urself first before u start preachin to othas.
  5. GuestSingh

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    op ur jus an attention seeker cuz this aint the first tym uve sed n dun this before. if ur gna go then leave for gd otherwise take a break from this forum, sort ur problems out then cum bk wen things r better.
  6. GuestSingh

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    no cuz its our lot who duz tht for whitey instead. sed it before n gna say it again tht it can only be a matter of tym until more n more panjabis become even more obsessed wiv convertin whitey n shud tht happen then we better have enough historical artifacts to rememba sikhi in its pure n original form. cuz whitey will soon add their own mirch n masala n cud eventually turn this dharam into something completely different. anyone here even bothered to think about tht? sikhi wud become unrecognizable. itll slowly become even more diluted with western culture, their corrupt accepted social norms n lazy thinking (cuz these ppl love comfort). panjabi wud become an irrelevant language as wiv otha eastern languages wiv eastern morals/values seen as backwards/old fashioned n eastern traditions lyk cultural festivals, food, clothing n musical instruments all inferior/worthless n something to have as a treat or use on a special occasion. oh hang on...this is already happenin today n browny still doesnt get it. such a weak, cowardly n outryt pathetic ppl. pray my days r finished before it gets even worse.
  7. u sound guilty about somethin otherwise u wudnt have got so angry at my post. u also sound lyk a liberal extremist. 'No one gives a crap about what others think.' n this is y boys n girls today have no respect for elders, no shame in speech/behaviour/actions in public or behind parents back n little to no ability to handle lyf wivout resorting to alcohol/drugs etc. but none of tht matters to u duz it? cuz its 2019 innit - where todays degeneration generation will do as they pls n not think about the consequences wen initiating the downfall of society for later generations to cum. now if folk who do this r more greater n respectable than myself then my existence should be brought to an end ryt now. guest western trash by name, western trash by nature...
  8. looking/facing/turning/walking away from browny... makes no difference if ur walkin in anotha direction or happen to be drivin nearby. as soon as whitey spots u thts wen they have to decide to run away lyk a pack of rats/cockroaches thts been disturbed from their huddles. thts wen they jus have to leave immediately - as if theyve suddenly remembered they have something very important to do. seein the fear/threat n jealousy on their faces of browny succeeding is always nice tho.
  9. GuestSingh

    Hemkunt Sahib

    beautiful. jus having darshan from the pics themselves makes the mind feel calm n at ease... would love to go on gurdwara yatra one day.
  10. agreed question is y does someone need to have a friendship wiv the opposite sex anyway? wats so important to discuss wiv em tht u cnt wiv ur own same sex friends? if u dnt have any then its worth tryin to find gd sangat - theyre hard to find but they do exist. n if uve been hurt in the past rememba not all r the same. fact is friendships like this can only make the relationship closer over tym n feelings stronger - before u knw it u start feelin some sorta attraction tht can suddenly turn kaamic if ur goin thru a difficult event in lyf or even ur relationship...n even if u dnt feel something tht doesnt mean the otha person doesnt. if they do wat then? do u continue the friendship outta obligation n hope feelings change afta tellin em ur married etc or do u cut em outta ur life altogether n maybe feel guilty afterwards? maybe they will plot against u n make ur lyf hell by any means e.g. stalking, blackmail etc. this is all needless nonsense tht doesnt serve to help any of us in sikhi imo. it seems like a hinderance. so y bother wiv it? singhs in sant jis tym wud either greet the females wiv a fateh or keep their eyes down. even ones before partition were respected by foreign english trash for not looking at anotha woman on a train. thts how it shud be really. wat else is there to say? spend any tym talkin n folk will start talkin about u, ur intentions n develop sum mistrust. basic human instinct n behaviour. those ppl had honour n dignity unlike the weak, cheap n shameless western trash we see today.
  11. does anyone else rememba seein it dressed in blue bana at the freedom rally and rememberance march in hyde park last month? very sure its the same one who walked past a few of us wen all on his own afta we stopped off for toilet break/food at a service station. rememba thinkin to myself 'oh look its anotha weird white freak, probs bullied at school n nw lost in life so wants to be part of something n be accepted...plus its different, mysterious n cool...' but now were talkin about a peado whos a danger to our community n whos gna tarnish our image badly in the west....cuz its white thinkin about it he mustve been on one of the coaches wiv men, women n kids scattered everywhere....mustve been why it went in the first place - to isolate/target a young kid on their own wiv no one around or even one lost n left behind by parents somewhere - at the service stop toilets where its busy n the attention on folk is less or anywhere in london. thts scary for any parent reading this. does w.midlands sangat rememba the face? is it the same oddball? the fact it has the audacity to use a sikh name, saroop n kara etc to target our lot n be a puppet for the musleh makes my blood boil... this fudhoo wud get more than a wedgie if our paths ever crossed again.
  12. Sikh Youth UK Official statement on recent sevadaar arrests On the morning of July 3rd 2019 two members of our team were arrested by the West Midlands Police Counter-Terror Unit in Birmingham. The Sikh Youth UK team would like to officially clarify our thoughts and position regarding these arrests to provide clarity on the situation. Firstly, the entire SYUK team would like to thank the sadh sangat, Sikh organisations, Gurdwareh representatives and University Sikh Socieities that showed us support through this period. The immense support, which includes people doing Paath and Ardasa for us, has been overwhelming and means more to us than anything else going on around this incident. In regards to the arrests, we are not surprised and have been expecting them for a long time. The West Midlands Police are known for their underhanded tactics; from threatening people they arrest to mocking anti-racism movements (1) to the fact that Asian and Black officers being four times more likely to be suspended by the force, these facts show us what often drives their so-called policing. In regards to our case specifically, we are well aware what has driven the WMP Counter-Terrorism Unit actions against us. Our team have been very vocal on the case of Jagtar Singh Johal and the #FreeJaggiNow campaign. Through those directly communicating with Jaggi, we learnt that pictures of UK Sikh activists – which included our own Deepa Singh – were shown to Jaggi to establish who to target in relation to the campaign in his name. It was soon found these pictures were ones that only the WMP could have provided to the Indian authorities. With Jaggi facing torture and constant mental abuse, once it was established that those shown to him were important to the #FreeJaggiNow campaign, the West Midlands Police Counter-Terrorism Unit began targeting five Sikhs, which started with raids last year in September and ended with property being taken, no arrests made and the beginning of pressure and harassment against those part of or affiliated with the SYUK team. Indian media (in posts we will not be sharing) soon began to boast about the ‘diplomatic pressure’ which was used to enforce the raids against Sikh activists. Indian authorities’ actions against Sikhs that speak out about their human rights abuses is well known. Yet, this did not stop WMP working at their behest, in a collusion that seems to go up to the highest levels of government. All of this has been backed up by the findings of lawyer Gareth Peirce, who spoke about it in parliament (3). The WMP completely ignored questions put to them about these raids by us, other Sikh organisations and even media. Because of this treatment, it was decided between a conglomerate of Sikh organisations that police presence in a promotional capacity would be banned at Sikh events. We are also aware that throughout all these incidents Sikh officers in the WMP have been constantly pressured into working against Sikh activists, particularly against SYUK. This push towards division in the community shows contempt for all Sikhs. For the last year, at several different events, WMP officers and others have been forced to leave Sikh events after sangat made clear they were not welcome to promote their organization whilst the issues surrounding the raids remain undealt with. As such, the WMP have been looking to defame SYUK. The fact a Counter-Terror Unit raid has led to a Charities Commission inquiry highlights just how hard this has been for them. Furthermore, their targeting of a 49-year-old female that does nothing more than behind the scenes seva for SYUK highlights just how far they are willing to go against us. This sister was intimidated and mistreated throughout the ordeal of being arrested. The needless aggression shown against her was an attempt to send a message to our entire team. The fact that within minutes of the arrests the news was in the media also highlights the intention of the WMP Counter-Terror Unit. They have not only shown they don’t care about prejudicing any possible trials, they have mainly shown they wish to use the media to tarnish the reputation of SYUK team, who serve the Sikh community. By placing the thought in the mind of those that follow our work that funds we raised could have been misused, WMP, along with their support from the Charities Commission and of course Indian authorities, have attacked the part of us that carries most power; our support from the sangat. If you would like us to clarify anything regarding this smear campaign then please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting and discussion. We have always been open and accessible to the public. We have already and will continue to hold meetings to speak with Sikh organisations and sangat about this situation. We will continue to take a stand for what is right and what is best for the Sikh community. In doing so, we only seek the support of Akaal Purakh VaheGuru. (1) - https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jul/11/west-midlands-police-officer-disciplined-for-comments-caught-on-camera (2) - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/black-and-asian-officers-in-west-midlands-police-almost-four-times-more-likely-to-be-suspended-from-10226855.html (3) - https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1983464698617581
  13. we need to be namin n shamin these dogs so everyone across the disapora knows who they r. enough is enough n they shudnt be allowed to get away wiv it. we call out anyone who brings sikhi into any kind of disrepute...we do it wiv fake babe, we do it wiv corrupt politicians, we do it wiv those who do beadbi of guru granth sahib ji....so wat makes these sikhs any different? an enemy of the panth is one who tries to harm n weaken us n thts exactly wat these lot r doin by tarnishing n disgracing our identity n their family. if the family happens to be decent or more sikhi-oriented than most then wat happens? the dad loses face in the community outta shame, turns to drink n contemplates suicide? thts any kinda figure to teach sikhi in the house weakened n gone...the mom also cnt show herself to family/friends to gossip, loses faith n becomes depressed, turns to fake babeh outta hope n maybe comfort eats - probs anotha reason y diabetes/cholesterol is so high in our lot - so a potential early death? brothers feel ashamed - a weak dad/figure of authority to teach sikhi or even the basics in ryt from wrong makes em angry, run riot n start takin the wrong path? thts it - sikhi in tht family is finished n gone for gd - n its all cuz the girl didnt have any self-control, self-respect, morals/values from the beginning... this cud also wake up the closeted apne/singhs who thinks any panjabi girl who wants to marry a sabat soorat gursikh is clean as a white sheet n has no dirty past... if we keep doin nothin, its gna keep happenin so wats there to lose?
  14. paid by taxes/national insurance etc so not free yh - on animals.... y cnt they test unknown drugs/substances on themselves? if something goes wrong then its an innocent animal of akaal purakh saved n a lower life form wiped out from existence. usa, canada, australia, new zealand etc. aint theirs - they stole it. but if were talkin about uk then whitey owes us - but even then we aint gna be reclaimin the trillions of pounds they looted anytime soon....
  15. they still seem to further bastardise these words unnecessarily wiv their pompous british accent n dull/monotonous tone which grates jus as much as the american one. anyway its a gd thing these foreign languages have remained untouched from their influence - cuz everything whitey touches turns to crap in the end...

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