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  1. GuestSingh

    Leader of the Sikhs

    pls do not refer to guru ji as 'it'. this always sounds disrespectful and should be an insult to sikhs. weve been instructed to treat guru granth sahib ji as the final living - yes living - and eternal guru - thats why parkash and sukhaasan is done before they rest on manji sahib - they aint some dead, inanimate object like a book on a bookshelf so dnt brainwash ur mind with this foreign/outsider way of thinking and bad habit. on a similar issue, does anyone else get annoyed when ppl write or say 'sggs'? pls stop being lazy - most words u write or say aint that important that they require more effort to be written or pronounced in full over guru ji. if any of this sounds pretentious to any of u, ask urself how much love uve got for guru ji...
  2. GuestSingh

    England should give south Asians reparations

    whitey expects them to say it - massages their ego... always watch out for the ones who are nice to ur face -they tend to be guilty of something...and they smile when u imitate them...insidious people.
  3. have u seen the state of some of their homes? dont let the external acts mask the internal appearances and fool u..they live like tramps, really dirty people - and this is from past experience.
  4. GuestSingh

    England should give south Asians reparations

    posing for selfies with these weird social media cutouts..then reminding them all how loyal we were serving in both world wars...and how hardworking and upstanding citizens we are by paying taxes and integrating with them (imitating them to the extent their roots are dead) ...all before digging into some cha pani....
  5. GuestSingh

    England should give south Asians reparations

    yh..theyre the ones whod just sit down, do nothing and watch everything be sold. cowards. seen this singh on tv before...dont like his rapping/music but he's one of the few whos passionate about it so respect to him for this. if most apne were there, theyd all be doing bhangra and setting up langar stalls....
  6. GuestSingh

    England should give south Asians reparations

    600 trillion bro....600 trillion gbp. absolutely and wholeheartedly agree with u that repatriations should be given but it aint ever gonna happen - we're living here now so they dont have to feel guilty anymore...and they still cant say sorry for their warcrimes so what makes u think theyll hand back any loot? best thing we can do in the west imo is earn as good a living as possible i.e. good salary, second job...live simple i.e. cook ur own food (sikh diet)..wear simple clothes..if u need a car, buy one that suits ur needs, requires less fuel, taxes and maintenance etc..and exploit the system cleverly but legally - cuz it is there to be taken advantage if ppl do their research...and save enough money to invest back home thru good causes... if more of us had a similar way of thinking, we'd make a difference back home.....
  7. GuestSingh

    gurmat quotes website

    agree with 1 tuk only per day - that gives someone the time to contemplate on the shabad and develop some understanding plus its more likely to be practiced which is the aim for us after all... and larivaar should be used as it always was before the money-making concept of pad ched came along - we wouldnt cut the limbs of our guru in any way..so why should we cut the shabad just for easier reading?
  8. GuestSingh

    UK out of control

    listen, most of my childhood was spent 'confined in a box' i.e. a small flat on a council estate, cooped up all day, every day, seeing an angry, violent and alcoholic dad beat my mom who still takes pills for depression, anxiety etc, having rare days outside to play with other kids or getting enough sunlight, having little to eat i.e. jam sandwiches and frozen food were normal, being the eldest of 3 so being blamed for everything and getting lots of 'juttiya time'...there was even almost a whole year of primary school missed... ok the molestation is bad and wouldnt know how that would feel or affect my life..couldve turned out differently...but its happened in my family tho and my relatives wont let it affect them... point is everyone still has a choice, that decision to go right or wrong, and to set an example to younger ones - they aint stupid.... and dont really care if this is seen as bitter - rather say it as it than be a cowardly apologist.
  9. GuestSingh

    What OTHER Sikh Girls Do

    why does this even need to be asked? as already said above, we're supposed to view them as mothers, sisters and daughters...and law of nature dictates we defend and protect our 'blood' as well as the dignity of the entire sikh nation.. but when these girls call themselves 'sikh' but cant stop fooling around with every outsider race imaginable coz theyre too weak to keep respect/discipline for their body and just wanna have fun all the time with no interest in the blood shed for sikhi, they dishonour our name, tarnish our image and bring shame on us all. and its important to remember that dating is a western concept that does not exist in sikhi, therefore no 'sikh' should be dating anyone. like a white bedsheet, the woman becomes stained forever with her dirty deeds... thats why it should bother us...what other 'sikh' girls do.
  10. GuestSingh

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    of course they do but only between themselves, unlike most westerners i.e. whitey who for some strange reason feels the need to unashamedly shout about it 'loud and proud' and make an embarrassment of themselves. it must be one of the reasons why women find it so easy to control them (inc. apne who also feel the need to copy...) they think more deeply about these things than we can even imagine..50 shades of grey couldnt have been written by a man....
  11. GuestSingh

    Nothing on this thread to see

    why was he banned anyway?
  12. GuestSingh

    Nothing on this thread to see

    about nothing?
  13. GuestSingh

    Would you marry someone whose not virgin?

    thats good theres good and bad everywhere but never dating doesnt mean having no regrets/making mistakes as uve already learnt...
  14. GuestSingh

    Justice for Nigel

    did u watch the other video? he said he knows absolutely nothing about this muslim girl, doesnt know who she is, aint seen or even met her - he even repeated it to stress the point..but he didnt mention any of this in the other video thats gonna be seen by a worldwide audience and there was no other explanation of why it happened other than his identity as a sikh...

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