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  1. think we should change Panjab to what it was before i.e. Madra Desh or Sapta Sindhu?
  2. GuestSingh

    Is wearing the 5Ks superstitious?

    bro you ask too many questions.. its good to be inquisitive in life but why do you keep questioning Guru ji when you take on the appearance of a Sikh? you sound confused and the more you keep conflating Gurmat with your western thinking and need for scientific proof, the more you're going to overwhelm yourself and potentially lose faith - this is duality. if you don't know the answer to something, sometimes its better to stay quiet and do your own research i.e. Gurbani, rehitname, hukamname etc. so you can piece together various information and find the answers for yourself..
  3. aren't Sikhs already supposed to feel separate and dead in mind to the world?
  4. he stands out from the crowd but in the completely wrong way. yet another sheep conforming to newly-invented social norms in where some apne, particularly in usa/canada, have little confidence and self worth growing up so feel an 'easier' and now 'cool' way to fix this is laughing at thenselves.. apne who do this look like theyre always doing matha tek to the whiteys rather than their own true Guru..
  5. GuestSingh


    agree with the above - your parents don't deserve you..if your mom had really and truly given her head to Guruji while taking Amrit then she wouldve accepted your husband and been there at your wedding..so dont blame yourself - youve done nothing wrong. and if your parents were really that devastated at the choice to turn your back on your own for a chitta then wouldnt they have behaved and treated you both the same? more fool them..they just have the same inferiority complex and feelings of low self-worth/value as your treacherous sibling..
  6. GuestSingh

    Protein powder

    of course a diet should be varied and balanced so body requirements arent excluded..but given how easily accessible information is to us in the west, fitness and nutrition would appear to go hand in hand..and given the option between natural foods that our bodies will recognise and overly-processed protein supplements, its clear which is more beneficial and causes far less harm both in the short and long term.
  7. GuestSingh

    Protein powder

    thats true but lentils, chickpeas and flaxseed are too and look how tough our forefathers/ancestors were by eating these staples daily.. yeah a lot of estrogen isnt good for us but us males do need some estrogen to function properly.. imo the benefits of a seed mix outweigh the few if any other drawbacks i.e. good balance in natural fats with some complete proteins along with enough sleep and daily exercise increase testosterone naturally..10g of sesame and poppy alone have nearly/about the rda of calcium so its a good option to have if vegan.. dont know whether the estrogen in these foods is actually phytoestrogen but this video tells us whether we should be worried or not..
  8. GuestSingh

    Protein powder

    making homemade from mixed seeds (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, flax, poppy) - 10g each gives 10-15g protein..adding chia seeds makes it 20-25g.
  9. GuestSingh

    Why the need to convert others ?

    took you 24 hours just to write this after finding my post amusing? why so long? if by ironic you mean hypocritical then yes it does appear so given 1/2 recent posts but my point included myself and it always will..as mentioned in a couple of my old posts..you're welcome to search..not afraid to admit to still learning.. now can you say the same?
  10. admin why did you delete my post? what dirty/foul language was used? my opinion/observation upsets you and/or certain people enough to be removed but countless posts and threads containing swearing/disgusting words are allowed to stay online and untouched for kids of all ages to see and read? please explain the logic in this....
  11. GuestSingh

    Why the need to convert others ?

    these people cant even keep full rehit and follow hukamname yet they feel they know enough of the 'basics' to preach their own version of 'Sikhi' which would not only be false and weak but actually capable of causing confusion if researched further.. a lot of discipline is already being lost/disappearing, which is why we're seeing too many part-time, wishy-washy Sikhs these days.. maybe they should just worry and focus on making themselves stronger in faith first..
  12. not expecting a reply from the op but if youre reading this bro, please talk to a professional immediately..you sound like you have a lot of questions and doubts that need answering.. understand the feeling myself about hiding personal anxiety..like yourself it cripples the mind everyday..its a mentally draining and time-wasting battle and makes days not as productive as they should be..so dont feel alone - youre not the only one living like this.. you say you want someone to hold your hand..to guide you..someone to trust? well who better than Guru Gobind Singh ji, our spiritual father? bro youre blessed to have a wife and child..dont let your experiences beat you - we'll only live this life once and as mentioned only you can help yourself so try finding something that will motivate and empower you and make you feel more of a better husband and father..
  13. the fact that you really felt the need to mention that she is a Kaur and that you, a hindu, consider yourself more of a Sikh than those born into the faith makes you sound insincere..is this a sad and pathetic attempt to try to upset the Sikh community? if so, then you should know that a true and real 'Kaur', not one in name only, desires a Sikh/Singh only and would never dream of fooling around with a hindu, sulah, chitta or kala etc. and we're not living in the times when the older hindu sibling was converted to Sikhi to defend and protect faith. is this also your attempt to conflate Sikhi with your hindu faith in order to weaken our faith and reduce our numbers?
  14. GuestSingh

    Extremely addictive Sidh gost kirtan

    op reminded myself of these..been a long time since first hearing them.. really dislike the sound of the harmonium but would probably be doing a disservice by not sharing them here..