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  1. not if theyre amritdhari and the same goes for men - neither one of em should be harming a single hair on their body if theyve amritchak and given their head to guruji...
  2. my secondary school was predominantly white but my only experience of racism - well open racism - was wen a black girl shouted 'paki' in front of all her mates... remember seeing her a few years later actually getting into a car wiv some asian...dno if he was 'sikh', hindu, muslim or wateva... my memories of em in school were starting trouble and fights for no reason, getting involved in 'whites vs blacks' wars...they thought they ran things cuz they were big in number and they would talk dirty too... blacky was no better than whitey from my childhood experiences...
  3. GuestSingh

    Why are muslims so evil?

    this muslim colleague at work always used to talk about sex too and go into detail about how he feels wen he sees or even hears another woman - hes married with 5 daughters and another kid on the way but said he cant help himself... he even admitted that asians i.e. muslims are having more kids than whitey and tryin to get em into politics to take over this broken country - many of us already know this but still it was surprising to hear him admit it... they do tend to have this certain, sick demeanor at times and u can see it in their eyes and that gets u thinking but that aside yh theyre more chilled than whitey and yh u can have a joke with em at times but wen it suits em - its as if theyre testing u whether to open or back off and keep u at arms length as we r the 'kuffar' - something hes even said in an angry tone too... they also keep their manliness far more than whitey too...
  4. be careful wiv ur words bruv - certain folk on here will jump on this post then start inferring racism...cuz in their eyes only blacks suffer more racism than anyone else... seriously tho think some apne still feel some sorta loyalty to em - maybe they helped em in/outta school to fight back against bullies or maybe cuz they copy/imitate em so any criticism feels like a personal attack instead...
  5. GuestSingh

    Anyone doing gardening this year?

    have u tried growing any herbs/spices? nuts/seeds? medicinal stuff e.g. aloe vera?
  6. GuestSingh

    Eat 3 times a day?

    the key difference would be how many times u eat since almost all who adopt it will be having breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks in between all in tht time period. theres even something called the warrior diet too where u eat within an even shorter timeframe i.e. 4hrs but this seems almost impossible if ur someone who cooks meals from scratch but if u drink a lot of protein shakes/huel stuff and processed foods then its not much of a problem.... remember watching a video testimonial of some singh who did followed this diet for a few weeks and he got gd results by getting leaner and burning fat more quickly within a matters of weeks for a family holiday... dont know too much about the science behind it but it seems to work?
  7. GuestSingh

    Sikhs in Britain

  8. GuestSingh

    Eat 3 times a day?

    have u got any source for that? like a written historical account or katha recording? would like to know much more about their diet in those times - even what herbs/spices they wouldve used for medicine as opposed to food etc. been doing this myself in the last few months - daal roti pani which aint enough if u wanna train...but if wat ur saying is true then how could they have sustained their weight or even gained any at all during war and travel? were fortunate the 'sikh diet' consists mainly of things like wheat, lentils/beans, rice, milk, ghee, nuts/seeds etc. that are all high in the necessary stuff i.e. protein, carbs and fat but still one meal wouldnt be enough would it?
  9. GuestSingh

    Anyone doing gardening this year?

    thanks bro thats very useful info. re: weather thought it would be the case - only looking to grow the basics but will deffo look into this more soon... my nanke used to grow all sorts back in the day like potatoes, turnip, even rhubarb and some other stuff that escapes my memory so at least those are possible...
  10. GuestSingh

    Anyone doing gardening this year?

    anyone tried growing wheat, lentils/beans or rice? what about certain fruit and veg. that are already familiar to our folk? daal roti is my main meal everyday but would be nice to grow the stuff myself and save on travel i.e. fuel and plastic packaging too inc. milk tho we cant get desi cows in the uk let alone in the back garden... any experience or tips/advice? recommendations?
  11. GuestSingh

    Sikhs in Britain

  12. GuestSingh

    Sikhs in Britain

    we already know whitey enjoys inventing lies to try to fool the masses - even the most outrageous and laughable ones as seen in the text above - and always seeking to add their own 'mirch and masala' to all things foreign...but it still makes u wonder whether this was yet another low, sad and pathetic attempt to further confuse and distort our people i.e. language or an actual and real struggle to gain just a simple and basic understanding of eastern language syntax? and from what u also mentioned about that macauliffes struggle and failure with it too, it sounds like whitey just wasnt as clever as they thought when it came to subjugating people in their mother tongue? there mustve been plenty of others like em too - just look how much their own lot here struggle to speak english let alone any other language.... maybe they should research and write up a study/book on that instead...
  13. any update on this? decided to check out nkj exposed and happened to find this.. what are they doing? how can they feel no embarrassment or shame about doing this dressed as sikhs in bana in front of so many complete strangers? its so weird and makes a decent singh out there look bad. these folk must be stopped.

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