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  1. GuestSingh

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    so have we but u dnt c us feeling the need to make a complete joke outta guruji and their gift of anand karaj for greed and status do u? and didnt he leave his wife for a chitti? does he have children? did he leave them behind too? frauds like this deserve no sympathy..hes a joker and deserves wat comes his way - as do the otha empty, shallow and shameless clowns (panjabi, whitey, blacky etc) who join him without bothering to educate themselves wiv a few minutes research....
  2. GuestSingh

    Janam Sakhi online?

    http://www.panjabdigilib.org/webuser/searches/displayPageContent.jsp?ID=2130&page=1&CategoryID=1&Searched=W3GX http://www.panjabdigilib.org/webuser/searches/displayPageContent.jsp?ID=3330&page=1&CategoryID=1&Searched=W3GX https://www.vidhia.com/Bhai Veer Singh Ji/Puratan Janam Sakhi Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji-Bhai Vir Singh Punjabi.pdf these?
  3. they say they support families of the shaheedan does anyone knw anything about them? theyre based in toronto, canada https://www.facebook.com/sewacharitable/?ref=py_c does anyone also knw of any other charities whether small or unknown etc that support the same cause?
  4. listen kid some friendly advice...u aint my elder n u aint black either so theres no need to talk like one especially if ur an amritdhari.... wasnt singling ur mom out - any apne who think they can enjoy the best of 'both worlds' and get blessings wen it suits them need a wake-up call. if u have as much 'immense' love for guru ji as u proudly proclaim then u wud heed the advice given by folk above and thank em...then jus do it...
  5. according to ayurveda, its tamasic which causes ignorance and laziness in our mind and body also eating any living form thats lower than human may have bad karam so that can only affect our spirituality negatively
  6. is she the same sort that will go to a gurdwara and pray/ask for blessings only wen feeling down/depressed etc. so her wishes become true? hypocrites like this need a gd thupparh my advice is dnt bother tellin ur parents about anything sikhi since they tend to have little to no understanding, knowledge and appreciation and tend to put u dwn to stop u from walking ur path... focus on ur education and think about ur career so u can provide for ur family wivout struggling later in life... but do ardaas, paath, kirtan and anything else in sikhi on ur own or wiv sangat so u dnt feel frustrated/angry wiv ur parents or feel regret/guilt for maharaj later...
  7. GuestSingh

    Unable to forgive myself

    her point is about kaam which is a sin... dnt go giving her ideas - she says shes amritdhari so this should be the last thing on her mind, not the first.... depends on the level/intensity n amount of intimacy... n how do they do that? sex itself can become an addiction as u already knw...so that aint gd advice its like saying eat food and drink but dnt go to the toilet..so in the same way too much makes us fat or unhealthy, too much sex gets someone addicted as mentioned above, leaving the mind constantly thinking about it as the op says and looking for the next extreme to get that same satisfaction without it being boring....
  8. bro u can buy panjabi university dictionaries if u want to increase vocab quicker and of course just read, watch and listen to as much as u can in panjabi e.g. books, newspapers, tv e.g. shows and news, katha, music e.g. dharmik tracks, dhadi, kavishri etc then slowly slowly u will pick things up and piece it together over time until u can feel more confident in speaking it even more...
  9. GuestSingh

    very Random Historical Photographs

    in my eyes the west are just copying more than they are 'catching up' - all they have to do is find something that seems or sounds 'interesting' thts been published e.g. online courses in ayurveda then research em for proof/evidence and if it cums bk all gd then its worthy of highlighting to the masses under the name of whitey of course but until then browny or any otha non-white aint to be taken seriously since their tales are just 'unfounded myths'.... as u say, haldi has become popular - these folk add it to anything now to create a new, different and strange product e.g. ghee (made using a1 milk) with haldi, or kala namak or anything else tht appears 'exotic'... these folk also only eat for taste - u never see awards for 'medicinal value' or something like this since tht would endanger nhs/pharmacies/food companies etc. but u always see awards for 'taste' and 'value' (mixing different foods together which is unknown for added convenience and added...'taste'.
  10. GuestSingh

    very Random Historical Photographs

    ordered some from an organic farm in 'india' last yr which somehow managed to avoid defra detection...anyway its potent stuff, very strong and bitter to taste - about 1/2 - 1tsp. is the rda but u can still taste it in a big bowl of daala/saabjian..its also safe to have more but then it becomes a laxative... and if my memorys correct those amounts are per 100g not per serving but its still very nutritious like u say..it also has more than 10x the vitamin a of carrots (not 3x) and 4x the chlorophyll of wheatgrass which is unheard of in any other of food... now if whitey were to jump on it and bang on about this 'superfood' and its benefits for a while like anotha fad then panjabian would suddenly wake up and start ordering in large batches until stocks run out and prices go up...but wen u hear it from ur bibi, nani, dadi etc. then it doesnt mean anything...fools... remember reading guru ji also grew tulsi? there must be dozens more herbs/spices we aint even heard of yet...those generations had their diet sorted, everything was in it, clean, nutritious and powerful food that aided and increased their mental and physical health and wellbeing...
  11. GuestSingh

    Is man the head of the house?

    imo a woman deep down still feels the desire to be dominated by man - its neither control nor slavery but submission as well as dependency on the man being physically strong and mentally assertive in many aspects to seize control and become the dominant figure. this is where we are going wrong and failing badly - the moment we give up for a bit of 'peace and quiet' is the moment they see weakness and begin plotting to regain some if not all control in the relationship...becoming more vocal, making demands and giving off this impression of a 'strong' and 'independent' woman is in my eyes just an act to identify and distinguish between the alpha, beta, omega male and over time seizing control before man has even realised it... even the musalman despite all their faults still keep their manliness and dominance - this is something weve gotta learn and get back again. as the op says, guru pita ji prophesied this so we need to start making changes big time and agree with op that this is why society is more corrupt now than ever before... man builds society and woman destroys it.
  12. GuestSingh


    dunno who ur quoting but these people are eating from the same plate, not the face/facial hair..
  13. GuestSingh

    Pressures of Marriage

    dont give up - ur still young and have enough tym... just keep focusing on sikhi...u can do ardaas to maharaj and if its written for u on ur forehead then u will find that singh who accepts u...
  14. GuestSingh

    Emotional Character of Khalsa

    not amritdhari but imo we should love and care for our family whove looked after and helped us in life (returning the favour?)...but try to never become so emotionally attached to em that they influence your thinking, judgement and decisions in life. but this can be difficult sometimes especially for certain elders who u respect n admire in life... maybe try to read up on how great gursikhs lived their lives and how they treated their family? ask urself what maharaj would do in certain situations given what they did to provide for their family but also their sacrifice at the end of it all?
  15. GuestSingh


    thats nasty man... but seriously the question here is what r u and other 'amritdharia' like the one who approached u doing outside eating in bars/restaurants in the first place? y r u not making and eating ur own food at home? suggest u both and others like u actually research sarbloh bibek and rehit... think ur keeping too much company of whitey too - their culture and lifestyle r never gna bring u closer to sikhi...so whats more important to u? ur friends or ur sikhi?

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