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  1. GuestSingh

    Natural order

    thats not the way the sunday/part-time sikhs, liberal extremists, feminists etc. c it. they wanna challenge everythin even if it goes against tradition, social norms n rehit maryada i.e. walkin side by side durin lavan which will mean one of em either closer or further away from guru ji. so who decides who goes where? or alternating so bride then groom lead twice. who decides to go first? plus it jus looks odd since she holds the sash from behind. apparently this controls his pace so she does actually have sum control over him but these ppl dnt c that. they also dnt c the father of the bride puttin the sash in his daughters lap as an act of submission to the groom either. all they wanna c n focus on is the groom in walkin in front n her followin him. fact is theres no such thing as equality. females today jus wanna enjoy wat man has made n wat excuses woman from any hardship/difficulty. the creator made man n woman different. man is stronger than woman. n woman submits to man durin procreation (unless ur white/not much of a man). think that needs to be understood n respected a bit more imo. a muscular woman who wants to control/dominate in every single way seems not only weird but unnatural too.
  2. GuestSingh

    Natural order

    think uve misinterpreted his words wiv western thinkin here. mai bhago ji surrendered n submitted to guru ji. she served them as a bodyguard n also as a sikh as written for us in gurbani. thats gurmat, not manmat which is wat the rest of us do. she chose to follow the truth. so u cnt say she was led around by a man. dnt think it was ur intention but it sounded like u dnt c guru sahibaan as no different to man. they were waheguru in human form.
  3. GuestSingh

    amzing bachans from granths etc

    a lifetime of simran, sewa, bani etc might not be enough to reach sachkand. but shaheedi guarantees it. dnt have a source for this but have heard it a few times.
  4. GuestSingh


    they say this is gd for the brain/memory. but then the same is sed for hot n freshly made jalebiaan in warm/hot milk too. sounds like an excuse to jus indulge imo.
  5. GuestSingh

    Gender of baby - Modern times

    my nani had 5 boys n all but one of em had a son first n then a girl. one had 3 sons altogether. my nana lived an active lifestyle n ate healthily. but someone from work is one of 4 or 5 brothers no sisters n he ended up having 6 girls before finally havin a boy. hes obese n smokes. so u wud think his chances wudve decreased even more over time. if we look at guru sahibaan, all but one had child n at least one son. from guru ram das ji onwards, all but one was born male. agree that genetics r the major factor in the determining the sex in the same way it mostly determines our height, weight, facial features etc. ultimately its wat the creator decides.
  6. GuestSingh

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji beautiful handwriting

    its also written at the beginning in the centre underneath ik oankar. if u look closely, the ending of ਗ seems to look/turn into a ਰ. maybe this was another mark to verify these works cud only from guru sahib? it ends in the same way we use signatures today too. the writings of the gurus seemed to become more decorative as time went on. the goindval pothi is written clearly in bigger letters n theres guidelines between each line break. seems to suggest that writin gurmukhi was still in its infancy/early stages then. as guru arjan dev ji made the most writings in adi granth, its natural their handwriting as well as bhai gurdas ji wud become more comfortable n consistent over time therefore bein neat n easy to read. the elaborate styles came later as writing gurmukhi wudve became more widespread. there doesnt seem to be any writings of guru nanak dev ji in existence unless anyone knows different?
  7. GuestSingh

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji beautiful handwriting

    guru gobind singh jis handwritten letter dated from 2nd august 1696 then completed by their scribe in modern gurmukhi guru tegh bahadur ji in modern gurmukhi guru arjan dev ji guru amardas jis grandson, sahansram, transcribing a goindval pothi letters in modern gurmukhi bhai gurdas ji volume mata sahib kaur jis letter dated from 23rd december 1731. (sideways handwriting her own, main body by scribe) modern gurmukhi volume comissioned by sodhi bhan singh between 1839-1843. written by misar prakash. painting by kashmiri artist miha singh
  8. GuestSingh

    Gender of baby - Modern times

    thats a worry. do u knw if it wud still be present in distilled water afta its been boiled n filtered thru somethin like charcoal? makes u wonder wat otha gandh is in these waters n wat else were puttin into our bodies.
  9. GuestSingh

    Gender of baby - Modern times

    diet has a big effect imo. foods r more salty, spicy, sweet etc now than ever. so our bodies r naturally gna become more acidic. dnt how much of this is offset by the green veg/salad we eat tho. but even that will have different condiments on it. the west seems to believe female sperm r stronger swimmers so theyre better suited to thrive in these conditions. whereas male ones supposedly prefer it alkaline so more healthy food n nutrition is required i.e. lots of potassium from bananas, almonds to increase rate of suvival.
  10. GuestSingh

    Bhai Maharaj Singh- freedome fighter

    the shastar in the video r flat n thin too. wonder whether material was at a premium or more difficult to obtain under colonial rule hence the razor sharp ones?
  11. GuestSingh

    Bhai Maharaj Singh- freedome fighter

    was actually watchin somethin a few days ago that touched on their life. apparently jus 30 minutes walkin/exercise everyday wudve relieved the cancer/illnesses. says somethin wen whitey still feared this sher even in their 70s/80s. y r these baaghi soorme still largely unknown to the masses? they deserve a lot more recognition. heres anotha vid. shows his real life portrait, the gurdwara in singapore today n the family lineage still alive. theres dispute over the name of singapore but its fittin that the name as we knw it means city of lions.
  12. GuestSingh

    Punjabi Girls Bad Behaviour

    ur ryt that boys r also to blame. if they were stronger in mind wiv principles from the beginnin then girls wud think twice. they take the lead from older males. if they c em actin like an animal then theyre inclined to copy n think, talk n act like one as well. but if they c one that stands wiv honour n respect etc they take notice. butbdisagree wiv u that they make girls like this in the first place. cuz we have a choice like u said. no ones forcin anyone here. girls these days r already insecure n weak growin up. thts where the parents especially the dad has to emotionally invest in her, reassure her, give confidence etc. to set her up for childhood n adolescence until she can think for herself wiv morals/values. but they dnt so this usually happens. y is it a big deal? cuz these girls call themselves sikh. they carry the honour/respect of the sikh community. were supposed to c em as our mothers/sisters/daughters etc. but how many males wanna treat em as one wen theyve disgraced themselves? imagine if that was someone in ur family. n wud u wanna marry n spend the rest of ur life wiv someone whos got a dirty past but managed to decieve u to only save herself? its also y <banned word filter activated> r hellbent on groomin apnia. theyre tryin to attack us, harm our community, hurt us, tarnish our identity, weaken our resolve, our faith, our beliefs etc. thats y its important bro.
  13. GuestSingh

    Punjabi Girls Bad Behaviour

    havent read all of it myself yet. but agree that the stories do seem dark n incomprehensible sometimes. at least in my mind anyway. but then isnt that the point of it? to uncover the cunning n devilish nature n thinkin of wat ppl r capable of doin today so it wakes the sikh up to learn from it n not make the same mistakes that make us fall off the path? few will read it so they actually end up committing the same things it discusses in detail. it cud also cud give us sum answers or even clues to the political issues we have today e.g. how theyre gna unfold or where theyre gna go? jus my opinion. goin bk to panjabi families/parents, my guess is that the ones born n bred bk home in panjab will be more familiar wiv these antics/tricks. but even then the content still sounds like it goes against wat weve all been told n led to believe is the only true, real n proper sikhi? cuz they never seen, heard or experienced it therefore it cnt be true n doesnt exist or has never existed?
  14. GuestSingh

    Punjabi Girls Bad Behaviour

    these liberal families cudnt care less abt their culture/roots/identity. fake pride/bravado is foolin no one. they only understand money n status. so more thought n attention/focus goes on tht rather than the greater investment which is the kid. their choice. cnt cry abt the likely consequences tho. if an apna wants to redeem one gone wrong then again thats their choice. if theyve had walked the same path then its fair game. way it shud be imo.
  15. GuestSingh

    Punjabi Girls Bad Behaviour

    most mone have seen n experienced the reality. balance between spiritual n wordly knowledge in amritdhari homes seems to be missin. parents can be too overprotective. in the end the kid has to make mistakes wen learnin for themselves or choose to ignore the outside world n live in a bubble adaptin where neccessary. the parents have to teach their kids. the truth doesnt need to be complex either. dasam bani is the key here.

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