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  1. I suppose you could download it for offline? YouTube MP3 converter, now thas what I use.
  2. Thank you for coming back! It's been a few months it's going extraordinarily well. So much kirpa happened lately. Waking up Amritvela with ease to do naam jap (with concentration of course), amazing raas, mind and body is in a relax state not a tensed state. Calm, cool and collected just the way the mind should be.
  3. Good question! The answer's no from me to all that.
  4. I asked the same to sum Uncle ji. He stated the vote IS in actual fact part of UN. So UN will take it to the Indian Govt and say "Hey look! You need to do something and make way to Khalistan." Indian Govt WILL have to act whether they like it or not. Also, if referendum is a success you're looking at another 15-20 years before things actually get underway... Better to take the opportunity and start TODAY. Wha will future generations say to us, otherwise?? "You had the opportunity... WHY did you not take it?"
  5. Apart from accidentally / on purpose eating Non Amritdhari joota??? I suppose kissing on lips also is included as... Lol well part of kaam but also joot is transferred (only your Amritdhari wife/ husband allowed). So 4 Kureths and Joota. Thas about it.
  6. Aww kid, sorry you're going through all this. TBH if you leave Amrit you may be able to retake when older by going Pesh?? Currently, it sounds like you're dad's doing A LOT for you in the material world and it sounds like he's trying his best for you. By leaving Amrit (inc. shaving) you will fit in society, no one will look at you funny. By maintaining it your Spiritual awareness will be strong. I can't imagine wha you going through. In my hometown no teacher ever said to me "you need to shave" at 15. All religions here are respected (and this pre 2010 partly thanks to Multic
  7. Learned it from my close Friend who went Wuhan and Xinjiang for almost 2 years on work basis. He wouldn't have come back but the coronavirus... Lol and don't worry about no "hack" systems. End of the day they have plans in place to limit truly "Arrest" offenders.
  8. China for their communism approach in politics. Chinese people come first. EVERY Business has a security card b4 entering any business premises. If you're on the run for ANY reason and police manage to pinpoint you, it'll be on that card... meaning the cardholder will be barred from entering the business premises (Office, Leisure, Supermarket) practically EVERY Business has that swipe card system at main entrance. You cannot buy a new car, house. Only way to sort it out is by going police station. AND with their CCTV System... They WILL See who you are and know who u are. Foreign on job visas
  9. Let this be a lesson on kaam and krodh.
  10. Yes! Kaljug affects EVERYTHING around it. End of 2012 meant increase in Kaljug and not end o world; civil partnership conducted in Church, people in general doing "meri meri" (toilet roll crisis during lockdown and fuel crisis) and the increase of impatience. The downhill of religion and akal has indeed started.
  11. Worried what others will think? Reputation over akal? Degree in IT but rather do kithe paani as the other jatt is doing it? Honour killings? Yes...
  12. My wife and Ma were forced into Amritdhari jeevan. Ma had gave it up my wife's in n out. Some fools bewkoof moorkhs think it's ok to enforce Amrit on others. DISCLAIMER: I know this is talking about Sikhism and not necessarily Amrit.
  13. Know the funny thing? Elders teach teens "When choosing partner look at their Nitnem, seva and family values..." When coming of age? "A boy!? What's his education?where he work?" Lol no mention of if he does Nitnem, Gurudwara goer, veg... Of course I write from my own experience and it's not necessary everywhere or average. But over 40 proposal for Amritdhari girl? Facing parents/ elders questions? I know wha I been through...
  14. Main problem, Sikhs don't really do ANY prachaar like basics of Sikhi, produce magazines, Who was Guru Nanak? His teachings, what is a Sikh?
  15. Lol there is that. This includes people on minimum wage doing hard labour. We're the types of people looked down upon, when considering marriage.
  16. Amritdhari girls go for someone with a degree. A degree means man getting a well paid job. If Granthis manage to earn about £1800 a month (pre tax) then it's a possibility? But another thing is prestige in society. But like I said, a Sikh with a degree, well paid job and part time Granthi (evenings n weekend) does mean double the wages!
  17. No. You must go Damdami Taksaal for that. Equally, find a Damdami Taksaal Granthi or student who has, minimum, 25 Completed Santhya from Damdami Taksaal.
  18. Agreed but we're stuck in moh maya for career choice. Ideally, Granthi can be part time job so cover evenings and weekends and day job the usual high paid job. Besides Sikhs family have marriage to consider. Handing over Amritdhari girl's hand to a Granthi is a big fat no no. YES I always state this on here, have stated it numerous times but wha is true is true.
  19. If in UK, you're highly educated and have income of about £18k (after tax) then a flood of opportunities will come your way. Tell parents your wishes, they will ask around their Pindu friends you will b sorted. If education not high, you're not Amritdhari but have a decent job you may get a chance still. If education is low, no decent job and yer Amritdhari seeking Amritdhari girl... FORGET IT! Go Punjab and get married. Yes it'll b costly and yes, you will have t deal with cultural clashes between the two of you.
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