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  1. Sangat Jio, Bhai Amritpal Singh Khalsa Ji will be doing Prem Panda start route Takht Sahib (Amritsar) starting on 23rd November. Route is as follows: Takht Sahib Amritsar, Jandiala, Baba Bakala, Kadoor Sahib, Goindwal Sahib, Sultanpur Lodhi, Kapurthala, Kartarpur, Jalandhar, Phagwara, Bhairam, Nwa Shaer, Balachaur, Ropar and ends at Sri Anandpur Sahib. Amritpal Singh Ji is in politics and runs Waris Punjab de party. He has, so far, influenced many to take Pahul Khandeydhar Amrit and during his prachar 1000's have taken Amrit PER ONE CEREMONY!!!
  2. You could look up on Youtube how to make food. Or better, get Veg cookbook showing how to make what. Last year I moved out parents' house and started to make degh the Taksali Maryaad way. First time it was kacha (undercooked). Second time it had burning taste. Third time too much paani... took me weeks before getting it right but the key is, one recipe keep practicing it.
  3. Follow religion mind, body and soul is what I say no matter what Religion.
  4. It depends if those people followed that religion from heart, mind and soul. So Westerns into Christianity have they followed the Bible? Have they kept away from 7 deadly sins? If yes it's Heaven for them. Same goes to Hindus who believe. Have they observed all Religious days? Have they meditated on one selected God / sect? MOST IMPORTANT have they followed their path from mind, body n soul? If yes they are rewarded.
  5. On average, Majawale take naam from "Sants." They believe in Guru Granth Sahib and Sadh Sangat. If they're following a Dera Baba though no Amrit's taken but Naam is given to them (locked room, whispered in ear). On average Doabe will take Amrit and follow Code of Conduct as inscribed by our Gurus. Not too sure about Malwai. But Malwai and Majha is similar.
  6. Sangat Ji, According to you whas the best way of giving of desvand? With God's grace am thinking to start putting 10% towards charity from my monthly income. I could select charities and give away?? But too many problems there "The CEO is corrupt" or "Company uses donations on rock n roll" etc. Any good advise for that small first step?
  7. With Akaal Purakh's kirpa another sant sipahi is amongst us. Amritpal Singh. Thousands have gathered / do gather for Amrit after listening to his prachaars. Leader of Waris Punjab De party.
  8. Sangat Jio, I got married in Punjab in 2019. Wife came into UK end of 2019 and we have a house of our own since summer 2021. Before I was with parents. Been a year and since moving we couldn't be any happier. Parents do come and see us and our son who is 2.5 months. We live only 2 miles apart. Wife might work in the future and I earn minimum rate. With Kirpa and due to honest living everything is going well. Due to my mother's ruthless reputation in and even out the house like in society I took the step to move out. My wife was suffocating and I was being dragged down as well. End of 2020 we made plans t move out. In one year my wife and Ma have got closer and visits have increased (but of course, that distance thing is still there due t Ma's ruthless reputation). However we all have our own stories. What is YOUR Story? Are you with parents, rent or own home? Are you married or single? Later.
  9. See, the thing is in which ever region you go locals will say "Our Punjabi dialect is correct. Our Grammar too is correct." However, Doaba only use one word for objects or meaning i.e. Door is darwajja. Now, Malwai may be backwards but door is darwajja, Booha or gate. Wind is hwa or poan. Whereas Doaba will only use hwa. Majja is similar to Malwai. Although Doaba is NOT to be underestimated (FWD in technology, economic and Hi Tech) it's not necessarily high in literature.
  10. If it was a Gujji or Muslim she EASILY would've got away with it. Punjabis cannot do these sorta things with hath siphai.
  11. Thanks will take a look! I am a former gamer stopped in 2015 or 16. Not retro, but last games I played would be Hitman Absolutions, Max Payne 3 and GTA 4. Best games would be San Andreas, Hitman series (though Hitman 2 on PS2 version mentions "Gurudwara" and "Terrorist in 1984" in the game manual, unforgivable)! And Rainbow Seven 1 and 2 and Splinter cell series.
  12. Yes Guru Nanak Dev Ji started it around a written Mool Mantar (maybe was a Pothi)?? Very first time with 4 Laavans and in front of Sangat.
  13. All the rich are the same (according to the above quote).
  14. Hey. My advise? You must go pesh (retake Amrit)... When do you decide to go pesh? Hmm. This year? Next year? 5 years or 20 yrs from now!!!?? Will leave that up to u. Deep down u know yourself if you're genuinely re-ready or not. If u think "I will re-take but wha if I make same mistake?" Then leave it off until you genuinely feel ready. Being Amritdhari no longer means you can enjoy wonders of life; meat, alcohol, clubs, women. However, retaking means you're ready for Sikhi path once again!!! You made a mistake, yes. But retake Amrit ASAP, wait or give up? Up to you bro.
  15. Well yeah, I mean the poor disgrace the wealthy for not doing anything to get em outta poverty. So yes main reason they get disgraced.
  16. No my job is to escort workers on site then stay with them for however long they must be there. Vehicles NOT clamped also need looking after but about, 80% of the time the vehicles are left outside the premises. I work in a Prison dealing with all sorts of contractors. Yes, something heavy falling WILL pass through any helmet but thas something heavy, right? And it is common where over hundreds of kegs fell from a failed crane lift and killed workers who were unfortunate to be at the bottom at the time. Hard Helmets are good against; bricks, heavy debris, steelware, hard pipes, steel, crawling in tight spots, sharp object falling, a couple of KG all falling from a certain distance the head is likely to be protected. But if it falls on a person wearing a normal Pagh it MAY cause a problem. Waheguru willing these problems will not happen to any Sikhs EVER!
  17. No I don't believe it. Besides if Sikh Raaj happens do we think it Will be all Brahmgianis / High spirited Sikhs running the show or the likes of Baadal? What am saying is please understand, political and rule wise other countries will listen to Sikhs "Because a Sikh said we must listen. Because it's Khalsa raaj here's the political changes..." But imagine internal problems; things conducted NOT according to SGGS, Ways of the Guru forgotten, traitors in greed of the seat of Raaj... It's happening in Punjab. What is Punjab in front of the whole world??? It's like hiring a team member who cannot do their job properly AT ALL! Now imagine this person as the Manager? Outsiders will see A Manager but employees will see A problem.
  18. Let's see... Would I want my aeroplane pilot to be sober or on hemp? ? Oh no! My car just busted and needs a mechanic? Again, a normal meccie or one on hemps???
  19. First and foremost, it's extremely important they pick up English. I will assume they know a little since they're here. English people MAY hire them if their English is decent. Second, ENCOURAGE them to look for better jobs as they do not wanna be banged up in a desi factory all their life. Pick up exp from desi then 6 - 12 months down they wanna go in for an English ran factory. SIA Course! Yes, it's a licence that needs paying for every two years. However, it's worth it!!! Whether Door Supervisor or CCTV monitor doesn't matter. Get them in such courses for security. From experience, Security roles are hard but if we talk about management, more pay and easy going role??? SIA is it. And apne have extreme patience and integrity for such roles (being their for the Business, understanding going above hours). Also if possible get them into construction (harder for female possibly)??? But if they can work in construction they then require CSCS License (literally like car theory, study book, apply for test then get CSCS license on pass). Construction is always contract due to nature of role but a lot of move around the country. I guess wha am saying is... THINK BIG!!! Factory (especially desi factory) is a mere starting point and only good for income. Encourage them to go and think huge!!! FINAL TIP: Tell them to think huge in about 8 months time from now. They only just got in the UK so their mind and heart will not be in ANYTHING, let alone someone telling them to think big. LOL not your fault at all but they will badly miss their family and absolutely hate UK mainly as it's a begana country to them. Once they're happy, having fun then move in with wha I just said. Fateh.
  20. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji k Fateh, Another post stating my thoughts and beliefs. Working at a construction site my job is escorting workers / vehicles and looking after things, due to the nature of the institute this is required at the place. The Site manager and supervisor were concerned about me going in the actual construct site due to me unable to wear a hard hat because of the Turban. Not saying anything yet (Manager needed HIS Manager's views) even though I could have had stated "Sikhs are exempt due to Turban..." However, I had to mull it over before stating anything. I looked at the situation and needed a night to think it through. During the week I approached the manager and agreed on my own terms that I will wear a small turban (a.k.a Patka) so a hard hat can fit over. He thanked me for my Considerations. So now I wear a Patka to work. Before we look at the thankful law "Sikhs are exempt from wearing hard hats who wear Turbans" we need to take into consideration other factors. First and Foremost, the Dastaar MUST be a Fortified Dastaar to wear at such work places. When the Sikhs fought a war alongside the Guru Sahibs, their Dastaars were the fully Nihang type Dastaar; Shastar beneath, gol blade (can't remember technical term maybe kalgi)? around it. THEN Dastaar on top (even that had the gol shastar going around it). No matter which direction the Moghul attacked on the Sikh / Kaur's heads, the head would have been completely unaffected due to the Hard Turban tying soldiers. Imagine bricks falling onto somebody's head, from a height, who wore a normal Dastaar? Nokh and a normal gol? That can seriously injure or kill the person. All sorts of trouble will be gone through with the Management, laws, Gurudware committee getting involved all this and that. However, if it falls on someone who's wearing a Fortified dastaar, that person has most chances of surviving. And a Patka wearing with hard helmet? The chance of survival is great. In construction all sorts goes on; carrying ladders, trip hazard, falling materials, tight places, crawling... NOTE: Hard Hats are not a perfect thing in the world as on impact, they can easily break and still get through to the head. However, many accidents and mishaps have been prevented due to their usage. So on ANY construction sites two things are the only best safety. Hard Hats and Fortified Turbans. Anything else is asking for trouble.
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