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  1. Why are you even concerned with this issue? If those two wish to get married in a traditional Sikh wedding ceremony or decide to throw themselves in front of a moving train then it should not concern you so let them live in their life they way they want to live it. Personally I don't think this "Gora Christian" should have to become a bearded turbaned Sikh in order to marry her. so get a life and worry about about your problems
  2. I personally believe we can marry anyone we want even if our parents oppose it
  3. If Sikhism is ever to spread beyond the 20 million Punjabis who are Sikhs then Sikhism will have to change dramatically. For example, the discarding of the archaic beard and turban will be a major step in marketing the Sikh faith. Since the vast majority of people around the world (including Sikhs) do not wear beards and turbans Sikhism will be in a great spot to get rid of them permanently. Besides, why would anyone interested in becoming a Sikh want to wear them anyway??????? :rolleyes:
  4. I just recieved a message on Yahoo chat from a 50 year old guy saying that today is his birthday and if I can send him money. I tell him that if he wants money why not get a job to which he responded saying that I am rude and he is going to tell all of his online buddies how rude I am. Has any of you guys on this forum ever been asked to send money to fraudsters online?
  5. Dear Mr. sunnybondsingh84 If Khalistan was successfully achieved and these non-Sikhs turned Sikhs were still alive today how do think they would have faired living in a independant Khalistan?
  6. The information of non-Sikhs becoming Sikhs and fighting for Khalistan intrigues me. I find it hard to believe why would a non-Sikh be willing to allow himself to become a bearded turbaned Sikh and fight for a Sikh state that does not affect him.
  7. I've been reading about the case of Shaheed Bhai Lachman Singh Babbar. a former Muslim who became a Sikh and fought for the Khalistani cause. What is the Sikh communitiy's opinion of non-Sikhs who became Sikhs and fought for Khalistan during the 1980's?
  8. I was looking at some 80's photographs of Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda on this webpage http://www.neverforget84.com/gallery/Khali...dev-Singh-Sukha I noticed in some pictures Harjinder Singh is clean shaven with his hair cut short, during the 1980's when the Khalistan crisis was at its peak did he grew his beard and started donning a turban or is the photos of the clean shaven Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda is of someone else and not him?
  9. The subject of non-sikhs marrying sikhs has been raised in the media recently http://www.sikhsangat.org/ssn/publish/Indi...marriages.shtml In my opinion I do not believe that when a non-sikh man marrys a Sikh women that he should become a Sikh in order to marry her, since love usually can accomodate religious differences and one should not have to change their religion for love. Above all, if a Non-Sikh male marries a Sikh lady, he should not have to become a bearded turbaned Sikh in order to do so!!!!!!!!!
  10. If his parents went through the proper channels when immigrating to the United States instead if coming illegally, then they would not have put their son through this turmoil!!!
  11. Some migrants do become sikhs http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_192...01302660001.htm
  12. Hi I am looking for information about whites converting to Sikhism before the 1970's via Yogi Bhajan. I know that Ranjit Singh employed European and American officers in his army, and it has been recorded that these western recruits wore beards and turbans while they were in Ranjit Singh's army; even though there are no recordings of any of the western recruits converting to sikhism. I would greatly apprieciate it if someone will give me any historical information about any white man becoming a sikh before Yogi Bhajan came to the United States in the 1970's. Thank You Here are two photos of Alexander Gardiner; an American who served under Ranjit Singh, he never converted to Sikhism even though he wore a beard and a turban like a sikh. http://www.sikhcybermuseum.org.uk/Gallery/...xanderGard1.htm http://www.sikhcybermuseum.org.uk/Gallery/.../AlexanderG.htm
  13. I am a white man harboring a desire to become a sikh my question is will I have to wear a beard and turban if I become a sikh and will I be accepted by the punjabi community as a sikh? Devon
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