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  1. On 21/07/2017 at 4:00 PM, jkvlondon said:

    If you are planning to have amrit you should look at jeevan of panj for depth of bhagti rather than especially worrying about shaster vidhiya since the level of their bhagti will directly affect the level of the initial embedding of naam

    Wait, so you are saying it does not matter how much the panj follow rehit of Guru Sahib, is this the best example for amrit dharis? Should amrit dharis not lead an example of how to lead gursikh lifestyle? And here you are saying we should not worry about shastar vidiya?

    Then why take khanday dee pahul from such panj, why not just take charan amrit if it is only about bhagati and naam? Remember, for a gursikh shastar abiyaas is also bhagti. To separate this is not possible. This is more like becoming a sehajdhari sikh!

  2. 1 hour ago, monatosingh said:

    But won't the panj pyare say the maryada according to the AKJ?


    I agree. Also find a panj piyaraay that follow maryada and know how to use shastar, and don't just play dress up with bana which many do unfortunately!

    16 minutes ago, jkvlondon said:

    what do naam abihaas, panj banianin morning, sodar rehras sandiya vele and kirtan Sohila ? keep your punj kakkar ang sang? no bujjar kurehit ...every punj gives same instruction stop making objections....the only panj I found objectionable was over thirty years ago in Barking non-jatha affiliated and told bibian it was ok to wear their sona, earrings, makeup and abhilakhees could eat fish and maas all whilst conducting sanchar in full view of non-abhilakhees(through glass wall)

    I heard that some panj piyaraay give a special naam dhrir. Also, you're right, panj piaaray should not encourage khulla maas and instead should encourage jhatka and hunting as part of maryada,

    You had an objection yet you say the contrary statement that all panj follow same maryada??? This is an interesting take on this issue from Ranjit Singh. I don't agree with everything in this video, but somethings are true.


  3. 1 hour ago, AjaipalSingh said:

    Ask yourself one question when posting to this forum: if you needed to do peshi in front of the panj pyaareh tomorrow would you rather do in front of;

    a) 5 jyot vigaasi, naam rassiye Singhneea 

    b) 5 Singh's who have no discipline, just about do nitnem, care more about worldly happenings than looking after their own bhagthee. 


    to be honest, only Singhs who should really administer khanday dee pol is those who also have training with their shastar in addition to nitnem. What's the point of pakhand of playing dress-up bana panj piyaray?

  4. 4 hours ago, Singh1989 said:

    Own bread? Thas really amazing. My sister cooks her own food 7 days and drinks nothing but water. Rotia are mixed sometimes bajria sometimes makhi. She never eats packed biscuits let alone in restaurants. Out of curiosity whas your diet like?

    very good, much healthier than just refined wheat.

  5. BEcause drinking is look really down upon for women in most punjabi families, then there is a stigma which makes those women look like tramps as it kinda signifies that these women are out at night and go to other undesirable places, ie also not making them marriage material.

    I am sure they have exes to go with those glassys as well.

    End of the day it's parents fault for not looking after their children, letting them firr like kuttay billay

  6. 15 hours ago, Guest Jagsaw_Singh said:

    Absolutely agree with you ipledgeblue. 100%. 

    Really, the only difference of opinion we have is of the level of responsibility and consciousness towards the earth and socio-political realities a Sikh should have in order to truly be a Sikh. Not an insurmountable chasm in the greater scheme of things.....especially with good and productive conversation.


    ok, we could make a topic about this, about environmental issues.

    Firstly, since sikhi also respects sarguna, then respecting Earth and environment as Maa dharti from mata dharat mahat should be something we do. Sarguna includes nature as well.

    Then you you see the full maryada bana wearing Singhs who don't need a physical gurdwara for Guru Maharaj. Guru Maharaj is with them and their dals and shuanis, when they are travelling by trucks and horses.  Physical gurdwara is more required for sehajdharis and civilian Singhs. In contrast, look at the money wasted in making massive gurdwaras, and these massive gurdwaras hardly have any shastar training, why no archery or shooting ranges? 

    Also Singhs that practise jhatka are really supposed to use wild goats. Again, this is nothing compared to mass produced meat factories. Still organic is a better option but still not environmentally friendly as jhatka. And hunting is even better as well. I mean all the mass produced vegetables we eat are probably also environmentally-unfriendly. Unless we start growing our own foods, maybe have massive allotments connected to gurdwaray where sangat does sewa and collects food!

    Could expand on this on a new topic!

  7. 2 hours ago, AjeetSinghPunjabi said:

    Are u suggesting we shouldn't cover our kachhera ever?

    Is it practical to live in world like dat. 

    Like going to job interview wearing a shirt nd tie  but only kachhera as lowers? 

    Lol like seriously 

    I'm sure someone will not be wearing shirt and tie if they are wearing bana. So your argument is nonsense again. 

    Besides, where will Singh store shastars with shirt and tie?

  8. 3 hours ago, Singhberkshire said:

    Strangely all they seemed interested in was the bottles of alcohol and dancing. 

    And what is it with guys in Birmingham playing cards whilst drinking at family functions? Seen this few times now.

    People of extremely low intellect in both places. Cannot understand why on earth anyone educated in UK born and bred here would want to live in these places.

    Found it shockingly bad and I get the impression people in denial

    they need bani to replace the drinking that they are doing to numb their minds.

    And I also have seen the card thing with Birmingham uncles.

  9. Remember there are prachariks also from Nirmala and Udasi sampradaiye, and basically some of these are not visible from the SGPC's picture of the panth.

    We need to look at the much wider picture of who can do proper parchar. Some of the prachariks we have now could not even match the level of the sadhus sants or just bhagats found in those sampradaiye. We are better off with these than people going off to others such as Radhasoamis or Nirankaris. The reason people are attracted to them is because they try and do deep prachar and relate their sangat to those. But in sikh panth, nirmalas and Udasis do the same. The problem with our regular pracharaks is that most of them don't go deep enough, or don't use proper sources such as Suraj Parkash or Guru Gobind Singh's banis, and even then they can't relate the sangat to the prachar.

    And I know for a fact those sampradaiye are in uk as well.

  10. On 15/07/2017 at 10:12 AM, AjeetSinghPunjabi said:

    might be pathetic excuse to you, but a LOT of our young men do find it cumbersome and constricting to the head. This and fashion-prasti is biggest reason for why most punjabi young men today are shorn-headed. How else you explain so rampant haircut-heads in punjab ?

    I respect turban. Don't get me wrong. I do tie a turban daily, but to say that its comfortable won't be a very honest thing or to say that heads won't feel more comfy and light without turbans won't be much of a lie TBH.

    I am wearing turban since 10 yrs now. Turban has contributed a lot to my life, somedays can be painful but I do it for my faith .

    I think we all should. However, the modern youngsters will not necessarily agree with our sentiments. To them , its a 6 meters of uncomfortable headgear. Don't we have sore ears , pain in the necks , excruciating pull of hair in the front region of head when we first started tying turban , sometime at the age of 16 ?

    I will not lie, it was uncomfortable at times, although I am now used to it. However we need to bring awareness to youth of whats the importance of turban and how to make it easy for them. 


    I have changed my turban style a few times since I started tying turban. It's been over a decade. 

    But the difference really happened when I started wearing something under my turban which stops any pain. I used to tie a ramal. Now I just tie something around my joora, like the start of dumalla tying. As long as their is a buffer between your head and the over turban then you should be ok. Need to experiment a bit and watch some youtube videos to get inspiration. I am trying to change to a proper dumalla eventually.

  11. that's the problem. Strict Singhs see it as being disrespectful to cover kacherras LOL

    But seriously, the true rehit is to wear a kacherra. And definitely not a pajama. But obviously, since it gets so cold in countries like UK especially snow maybe there has to be some flexibility?

  12. On 14/07/2017 at 3:34 PM, Kira said:

    Suraj Parkash stated Guru Gobind Singh Ji even ate meat. I wonder what he thinks of that.


    On 14/07/2017 at 5:59 PM, dallysingh101 said:

    That's just being provocative for no reason bro. Tread sensitively on these types of issues. 

    Suraj Prakash was written WAY after dasmesh pita's earthly passing. 

    lol not provocative, you should see the later sants and bhais people quote for history books. 

    On 14/07/2017 at 6:01 PM, Guest Jagsaw_Singh said:

    Before I say anything else, I have to say I'm truly intrigued how anyone can look at one that not only doesn't eat the flesh of animals but only never eats and drinks anything made from the milk that was made for the animal's babies and conclude that it's the sign of a "pakhandi veggie".  What a strange thing to say.:hairan:

    Now, my friends, what is the point of being human if we close our minds and hide from our ability to see right from wrong, i.e learn ?     My forefathers ate animals. They had no reason not to. Firstly, as Sikhs, it wasn't against their religion to, secondly they lived in a country and culture where the 'meat industry' wasn't an 'industry' at all, let alone a highly corrosive one, and so did no harm to the earth and thirdly, as unpadhs and semi-unpadhs, they wouldn't have had access to knowledge even if it was. So that's their excuse.....but what's yours ?    Waheguru has blessed you with being able to attend first class schools and colleges and receive first class education but what do you do with the knowledge of today that yesterday's generation didn't have ? What do you do ?

    1) Today's knowledge has found that the meat industry is the single biggest contributor to the environmental crisis destroying the world but you say " my eyes are closed...my ears are closed...my forefathers ate meat and so shall I"

    2) Sri i Guru Granth Sahib Ji teaches you that, in many ways, the environment is Waheguru and so what do you do with the knowldege of today that the meat industry is destroying waheguru ?   You say " my eyes are closed...my ears are closed...my forefathers ate meat and so shall I"

    3) Knowledge of today teaches you that the meat you eat today is full of chemicals and poisons  and all kinds of toxins but what do you say ?  You say " my eyes are closed...my ears are closed...my forefathers ate meat and so shall I"

    Now, I don't want to come across as highly dismissive of you because I too was once just like you. But the thing that distinguishes us humans from the animals we eat is our ability to learn and change. You know things today that our forefathers didn't. Act on that knowledge. That's what makes you human. The ability to do so. Don't compare yourselves to the great warriors of yesteryear. None of us can compare to them. Not only was the meat they ate not part of a globallly corrossive evil industry destroying the environment of the earth but it was meat that was the fruits of their own labour. If they wanted to eat meat they would hunt and kill that animal with their own hands.  That was them.....but now lets talk about YOU.  You want your pound of animal flesh but you someone else to do the dirty work for you. You want the taste of flesh in your mouth but you don't want to see the blood and you don't want to hear the cries when it died. In order to enjoy this lovely meat of yours you need someone else to kill it for you away from your eyes and ears. You need someone else to drain the blood for you well away from your eyes and ears. You need someone else to skin it for you well away from your eyes and ears. You need someone else to package it and place it on a supermarket shelf for you well away from your eyes and ears. You just want the taste of meat that comes at the end of the chain. You want to blank out everything that took place to get it to your plate. You just want it on your plate and now you want to lecture me and everyone else here on you compare to the great meat-eating warriors of yesteryear ????

    Doesn't the fact that you desperately need someone else to do the dirty work for you out of sight out of mind not tell you that this thing (meat) might not be such a great thing after all ?

    look I was talking about veggie pakhandi sants, not real veggie sants. A lot of sants are pakhandis and preach vegeterianism. but why are they pakhandis? Because they wear kripaan and show themselves as amrit dharis yet don't practise the shastars like Guru Gobind Singhs says you should do, and also they don't further preach this to their sangat!

    Look we should not eat khulla maas, the meat bought from shops and restaurants. Khalsa is  supposed to practise shikar and jhatka, in addition to shastar abiyaas. WE should not eat/drink this injected and pumped full of antibiotics organic shop bought meat or milk. It should be banned to even donate non-organic milk to gurdwaras! And also we should use the proper stuff in gurdwaras for karah parshad and sweet items and not this refined sugar chini that causes diabetes!!   Again gurdwaras need to ban a lot of things, and amrit dharis need to stop eating a lot of things, before we can even talk about if meat is wrong or not!


    2 hours ago, Guest Jagsaw_Singh said:

    And....the silence of the flesh eaters is now deafening.  :nohear::nosee::notalk:

    You should read what gurbani says about flesh. You will not need to go beyond Guru Nanak ji dee bani on flesh. There's a lot of stuff about flesh from baba Nanak.

    Flesh eaters are not silent by the way, have you seen what happens at Hazoor Sahib? Actually you should see what happened to the missionary sikh who tried to stop the Aarti, trust me the state of his face has nothing to do with any deafening silence!

  13. 1 minute ago, Kira said:

    Suraj Parkash stated Guru Gobind Singh Ji even ate meat. I wonder what he thinks of that.

    are we allowed to say stuff like that on this forum now? I know a lot of people used to get banned and topics locked when true facts were stated LOL There used to be admins that followed sants or bhai sahibs that would preach your statement down into the ground. But obviously, the real Khalsa with their shastar, bani, bana, and itihas does not fall so easily!

  14. Since this old thread has been revived, I will have to comment.

    IF you want to look like trim Singh then you can easily just do thathi on different parts of your beard and moustache to compress them. Then when you want to look like a Singh you just open it and maybe use kanga to sort it.

    However, we really don't need to have short beards. PErhaps for specific reasons in your job you might need to. Otherwise, only time Singhs tired their beards up was because the angrez ordered them to for serving in BRitish army and I guess this got carried over to east african sikh descendents and modern indian army as well. Or obviously, if you're a Singh who is doing spy work for Khalsa.

    OR there is the extreme when Bhagat Singh had to trim his hairs.

    Anyway I remember an amrit dhari I went to school with. HE was handsome and always had tied beard pics on Facebook. He is from an east african background. And then a few years ago he seems to have trimmed his dhari and has pics with these. I also always see him with some hindu girl on FB pics now.

    Very strange people. I have pendoo jatt drunk relatives and I wear my dhari with pride around them. I hope it intimidates them as well.

  15. 3 hours ago, 5akaalsingh said:

    nowadays sikhs are more saint than soldiers


    46 minutes ago, Singh1989 said:

    Babio! Aj kal Sikhs wi emai Mari moti Sant-ey aa :/ Soldier ta dhoor di gal hai.

    I guess pakhandi veggie saints/sants then 

  16. 54 minutes ago, pavitarsk said:

    @ipledgeblue I think you are really speaking about your own sisters in terms of them being 'PROGRESSIVE' like those sh***s in the above video. I am happy to inform you that neither of us have any interaction with punjabies or sikhs, we are totally cut off. The only time we ever have the pleasure of watching or studying them is when we go to the gurdwareh or when I visit this PENDHOOO forum. These are the only two venues available to study these  ideal specimens of PENDHOOO people uless we fly to someone else's PENDH in BHARAT.

    To be very honest with you, we also see a lot of females with gattras and turbans behaving equally sluttish as the ones above, so, no fear..........ipledgeblue!!!!!!!!


    I am confused about your statement, are you declining to acknowledge your sister as being progressive? And yes, nothing progressive about those peoples in the videos. Unfortunately, I have no sisters but I have drunk jatt uncles and PENDOO aunties who try to be modern. A lot of PENDOO punjabis around me who are the epitome of modern but not PROGRESSIVE.

    26 minutes ago, Destruction said:

    She did not go to guru Nanak school, she went to heathlands.

    oh heathlands and in Hounslow lolol. things make even more sense.

    However when I was scouring her Twitter feed a month or so back, I am sure she mentioned Guru Nanak School.

  17. 19 hours ago, Destruction said:

    No this is not a troll, a cheap <banned word filter activated> from Hounslow. Even in 6th form she dressed like a tart. 

    So you went to Guru Nanak school with her?

    4 hours ago, pavitarsk said:

    Excuse me, modern girls with class DO NOT behave like this at all!! I have two extremely ultra-modern sisters younger then me, they are highly sophisticated, have a very high degree of couth and panache. THEY DO NOT BEHAVE OR SPEAK IN AN UNCLEAN WAY LIKE THIS. They know their boundaries. Having said this, it all depends on your heritage or ancestors and where you come from. f*****g mad b****hes give a bad name to the rest.

    Besides, this is a typical PENDHOOOOO behaviour and NOT MODERN. THEY ARE UNCLEAN AND NOT MODERN. Modernity requires a lot of intelligence to sift and sieve, to enable an individual to adapt and change for the better and not for the worst or for destruction of oneself. These b*t***es are originating from a heritage with pendhoo parents and who hardly spend any time with them when they are growing up.  They probably don't even know what their children are upto when outside resulting in them fobbing them off with their cheap antics outside as soon as they enter the front door.

    Stop justifying their GOUNDAH behaviour.

    I think you mean your sisters are also PROGRESSIVE.

    A lot of PENDOOFIED people try to look and be MODERN without being PROGRESSIVE. Such as pendoo women who come from the pend and then get stupid haircuts, and maybe start doing glassy as well. And a lot of other nonsense.

    A lot of PENDOOS know how to be MODERN without being PROGRESSIVE.

  18. 18 hours ago, 5akaalsingh said:

    The guy is denying almost 200 years of sikh history.... how sad!

    this people follow sant babas or bhai sahibs that hardly practise shastar rehit of khalsa.

  19. On 13/07/2017 at 1:25 PM, AjeetSinghPunjabi said:

    Not true that with a dastar, anakh will come. Also you can have anakh without dastar too. Anakh is not uncommon in north indian men, vast majority of whom don't wear turban. 

    Dastar is only for covering kes. Thats it. Imho. If turban brought anakh, we wudnt hv gaddars and puppets like manmohan singh, former pm of india

    dastar is only for covering kes? Why don't you ask those who wear dumallas loaded with shastar, or read the history of the maharajas who wore their pagris?


    Have you ever heard the saying? :Piyo deh pagh pehra wich roldei

    Dastaar is totally a thing of izzat and self respect in our culture.

    YEs there are bad people who wear turbans.



    But seriously I am much more intimidating since I had a beard. The Khalsa Singhs wore the bana and carried shastar, but the look was not complete without the high turbans and intimidating beards. With a scary look, half the fight is won!

  20. 7 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

    Thing with xtianity is that they've okayed translations of the bible (usually King James) as the full central canon of their faith, I think some confused brothers and sisters who've grown up in the west, think they can access Sikhi like that.

    You can't remotely compare reading an English translation of bani with experiencing it in its original form. 

    If they think they can access sikhi like that, then they will get a warped version. However the christians bible translations in English are just warped and propaganda like King James or Good News.

  21. 6 hours ago, Singhsburys said:

    How does Kesh & Dastar protect from a food allergy?

    Well I actually meant to wear the dastaar and use being a Singh to stop bullies flicking or putting the allergic food on the child.

    Of course dastaar can block flicked food as well.

    4 hours ago, AjeetSinghPunjabi said:

    Lol sikhs need to come out of their la la land alReady. 

    You can still get bullied with turban nd kes. Even more likely so 

    The worst part is that brat will likely be out in 3 months time after serving at a juvenile center. 

    That's how its in india

    Yes, but with turban also comes annakh. Annakhi person fights back against bullies. Wearing turban has meaning, it is not like a hat.

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