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  1. 19 hours ago, Singh1989 said:


    Being Amritdhari no longer means you can enjoy wonders of life; meat, alcohol, clubs, women. However,  retaking means you're ready for Sikhi path once again!!!



    meat only applies to certain jathabandi, budha dal, tarna dal, takhts patna sahib + hajoor sahib and EVEN sgpc Akal Takht rehit maryada  are excluded from these rules. IT's the akal takht maryada yo

  2. 10 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

    Raising kids in the west will be tricky these days. That being said, I know that fruity/freaky/deviant stuff used to take place (still takes place?) in rural Panjab too. Maybe whites have just brought it out in the open and mainstreamed it more? 

    like even many times in real life and imitated a lot these days on fictional tv shows, people seem to turn gay/lesbian because either they were "experimenting" because teens and 20s are considered too young for a life partner these days, or because they had an experience with someone of the same gender and decided that they are into gay/lesbian. Also some of these experiences are due to being drunk or high on drugs.

    Discounting all those people who have had same sex feelings from a young age, the people I mentioned above seem to have a lack of control on their 5 vikaar/  chor such as lust kaam. It goes even further when you hear about the multiple gay partner thing such as in the 80s and 90s which exploded in a hiv pandemic, and I think gays still do this right? And it just makes it obvious that some of these men are doing this to satisfy their kaam lust as opposed to "just" being attracted to men, especially when I hear about this peadophilia stuff going on many decades even in usa and british governments and movie stars! A lot of being attracted to men and children is out-of-control lust kaam, maybe it is an offshoot of the sexual revolution of the 60s which was also out of control kaam.

  3. On 5/5/2021 at 6:56 AM, NaamTiharoJoJape said:


    we DON'T mind or impose brutality upon homosexuals, BUT we do not promote it and it is not in the ideal conduct of sant-sipahi which is why one cannot go through with anand karaj for engaging in homosexual behavior since non-sikhs cannot do so and homosexual behavior does not pertain to sikh ethos 

    but yeah I know lgbtq folks and we get along fine, but just dont bring in faith to justify yourselves lol 


    On 5/5/2021 at 2:10 PM, puzzled said:

    Though we are one community, unfortunately we all live in different realities. Trying to convince pro gay Sikhs that homosexuality is wrong in Sikhi, is like convincing us lot that homosexuality is acceptable in Sikhi and anand karaj.

    We live in completely different realities and worlds. 

    I feel like a dinosaur among some Sikhs!  Same age, same country, same community, but two completely different worlds. 

    Nothing you can do tbh ... 

    To be honest, when lgbtq+ stuff starts happening by prachariks like dhadri, nsj and sukha, then we also need to bring these personalities into the conversation. since dhadri and his associates nsj have alreadybeen excommunicated by akal takht, should we not be bringing them into conversations. Also Sukha's situation, where he mentioned to someone that a Singh in a dera, maybe a Nihang Singh, put his hands down his pants. Then we need to mention this negative behaviours that probably turns people like sukha into doing gay stuff. Similarly, dhadri influenced the nsj Harinder into doing the gay stuff. Like there's an activator who then passes the behaviour onto others, sometimes in a cult like dhadri/nsj.

    On 5/5/2021 at 2:14 PM, puzzled said:

    Someone sent me a video a few weeks back of a Punjabi and Gujji gay wedding in London! They did lavan in their house, had a tape playing lavan. 

    My mum works in a hospital and she was telling my dad how an asian man is in the hospital because he had a stroke when his son told him he's gay. Feel so sorry for the dad, no man deserves that. 

    It's actually kinda good that they didn't do it in a gurdwara like those weirdoes in usa, who put shameless pics of one of them sitting on the laps of the other. Why do people like that want Anand Karaj when they don't even know how to behave in public, what does Guru Maharaj mean for them?

  4. 2 hours ago, Premi5 said:

    Just saw this on PTC Punjabi channel. @proudkaur21





    more autotune, to hide their average voices.

    2 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:

    I could probably respect the identity, even with all its faults, if it was rooted in a rough, warrior-like demeanour. But this is that innate Punjabi desire for nice, shiny things taken to a laughable extreme. There's something similar that happens in African pinds. They call them African Dandys. 


    but in this case, they have already lost their language which is a big part of their identity. Imagine if punjabis lost punjabi and started speaking english only!

  5. 12 hours ago, Kau89r8 said:


    12 hours ago, Kau89r8 said:

    Alrighttt you asked for it 

    (last one promise)


    Its good to be aware not bury our heads in the sand...of our reality ?

    what is this, eh kee baneya firda? this guy is a sidhu? he looks even more shocking than jazzy b's fashion. Everyone thinks auto tune will make them famous.

    12 hours ago, Premi5 said:


    no deol bro, we still aren't going to vote for you in the elections, you fail.

    11 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

    I surprised they have the budget to pay the video hoes??   

    don't need much money to get people to appear in music videos, especially if they are newbies in modelling industry. Just need a makeup artist as well.

  6. 11 hours ago, Jacfsing2 said:

    I will never acknowledge the SGPC Jathedar over the Sarbat Khalsa Jathedar. Ek hai Guru wale Singh, Ek hai Mahant. 

    didn't sarbat khalsa used to pick the budha dal jathedar? when sarbat khalsa was called, the misls got together, and outsiders like phulkian misl or sometimes even ramgharia misl did not usually come to sarbat khalsa, nowadays I don't know what the criteria is for who is allowed and who not.


    Normally the akal takht jathedaar should wear bana and be shastardhari, I do not feel this has been the case for the last 100 years...

  7. On 4/27/2022 at 11:45 AM, MisterrSingh said:

    Why do you champion a religious identity that you contort yourself into knots to avoid? Wouldn't it be best to - as the old Punjabi saying goes - aapne aap nu takhe rakho?

    Punjabi sardari minus any sense of religiosity is synonymous with alcohol, partying, low-IQ boisterousness, and general consciousness barely above animal desires. I've seen an ungodly amount of gloriously white uncut beards and moustaches drenched in the froth of a pint of golden beer, and they've all been Punjabi sardars.

    At least a monah clearly signals his desire for non-conformity; a sardar straddles the dividing line of identity while pulling the wool over the eyes of everyone around him. I find that to be considerably more calculating and insidious than the blunt "don't care" attitude of monay.

    Misldars and some Singhs during Maharaja Ranjit Singh's times, including Ranjit Singh himself, were involved in similar things. Instead of beer they were drinking and some were overindulging in alcohol. He straddled the line of maryada often and akali Phoola Singh was there to keep watch and met out warnings and punishments.

    On 4/27/2022 at 6:25 PM, californiasardar1 said:


    I'm not exaggerating anything. I have a hard time thinking of any mona I have met who has said "I am supposed to keep my kesh, but I don't. I should." Instead, they will make all kinds of arguments about why it is not required:

    - Kesh is only required for amritdhari Sikhs (many people on SikhSangat even say this)

    - They only believe in the first 9 Gurus and not Guru Gobind Singh (as absurd as that sounds, I have encountered multiple people who have stated this)

    - It's not written in the Guru Granth Sahib that you need to keep kesh

    - Kesh does not mean you are a good Sikh (and then they will give some examples), so it is not important

    - Some shaheeds were monay, so kesh is not important

    - What matters is what is in your heart, not on your outside

    - lots of keshdharis/amritdharis are bad people, so kesh is unimportant

    I could go on and on


    Who is driving these guys out of the panth? They are already doing whatever they want and exerting greater control over Sikh institutions. On what basis do you claim that people are driving them out?

    Nobody is pushing them out. Instead they are redefining Sikhi to suit their own lifestyles. And then people on SikhSangat complain about Sikhi being watered down.

    these people should understand that even Guru Nanak told sikhs to keep kesh, there are writings about Bhai Mardana being given hukam to keep kesh and passing this down to his descendants.

    Cutting kesh is a bujjar kurahit and opens up to other kurahits such as kuttha halal and tobacco use.  End of the day, what is in your heart is just manmatt and not gurmatt.

  8. On 4/22/2022 at 3:11 PM, Jassu said:

    I really think the government of India put something in the water supply of Punjab or something to make punjabis more stupid and cuckish seriously 

    is that possible, since many punjabis used to drink water from their own supply, some still do?

    9 hours ago, californiasardar1 said:


    This whole forum is filled with people who want to dilute Sikhi so that they don't offend monay.

    In fact, most singhs in general these days are prepared to bend over backwards to let monay practice whatever version of Sikhi fits their lifestyle.

    Sikhs playing down Sikh interests in order to gain wider acceptance is mereley an extension of that.

    this has been happening way too much since the last century. It started with a few people becoming monay to appease their british masters in India or just due to sikhi becoming increasingly poor due to illiteracy, then going on to more people becoming monay abroad to work and make money. 

    The community became too soft when the number of monay was low, and when it became more, this started hurting the sikh community negatively and ended up with people from mona families actually hating people with kesh in an internal racist manner. Hopefully some families can reverse this but a lot of damage has been done!!

    9 hours ago, californiasardar1 said:


    People like you prop up those who live an anti-gurmat lifestyle as panthic heroes, and then you cry about "interfaith anand karajs."

    We got to "interfaith anand karajs" in the first place because nobody enforces any rules. The huge volume of anti-gurmat activity that takes place during typical "Sikh" wedding festivities has made it difficult for the community to draw the line.

    Also, can you please learn to write properly? You are talking about "low iq" people, but you write like a third grader.

    Once the Nihang Singhs Buddha Dal lost control, we have the SGPC to enforce the rules and their linked "Akal Takht" jathedar figure. Both being linked to the government, they are only going to enforce rules to a certain extent, and not to mention their SGPC maryada having input from sikhs which included "we know better than Guru" scholars, ignoring a lot of rules from rehitnamas.

    The sikhs who follow the rules are those who have some knowledge of authentic rehitnamas. We need Budha Dal gursikhs like Akali Phoola Singh, Baba Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, Nawab Kapur Singh etc to be in charge and enforce the actual Khalsa rules instead of these committee rules and factionalism.

    The rule which should have been enforced in the first place was that Guru Granth Sahib saroop should only be in Larrivar saroop as in Guru ji and puraatan times. Instead, the so-called rule enforcers used their printing press to mass print Granth Sahib saroop in pad ched (words split apart) and just give them out, look how many gurdwaras now have multiple saroop and multiple Akhand Paats going on!! 

    I think the only time pad ched is acceptable is for training, in gutkas, senchis and maybe even pothis. The maryada was that if a gurdwara does not have enough sevadaars or none at all, then the Singhs can leave a shaster for matha tek or perhaps there is some other maryada. It should not be about everyone should have a Granth Sahib saroop. I would actually say, why shouldn't the sangat of a gurdwara get together and right larrivaar saroop.


    So the modern form of Anand Karaj gained popularity since pad ched Granth Sahib saroop started getting parkash everywhere, and then the original Nirankari sect performed the first known modern style Anand Karaj around Granth Sahib with Amrith dhair sikhs. Remember that the modern ceremony was created for amrit dharis, and I guess it is acceptable for keshdharis as well.

    With larrivaar saroop, there were comparatively only a few gurdwaras with Granth Sahib, and from Guru Gobind Singh times there it would be rare to have actual Guru Granth Sahib saroop, as most gurdwaras would still have the older uncompleted Adi Granth. So sikhs would need to write and compile more saroops. Therefore, due to lack of Granth Sahib saroop, sikhs would need to do their Anand Viyah or sikh viyah with whatever maryada was actually used back then.

    ....INSTEAD, now printing press gives multiple pad ched saroop Granth Sahib to anyone and mona families want to do their interfaith ceremonies, and yet other places are allowing other beadbis as seen in Punjab.

    So firstly, so many Anand Karaj for moneh it really takes the mick and probably makes money/paisa for the gurdwaras.

    Then, using Pad Ched Granth Sahib really needs to be though over and I think we should not, due to the mess that has occured from this. It seriously needs to be thought about!


    6 hours ago, SinghPunjabSingh said:

    Why should the Panth alienate sehajdhari members of the Panth given that including everyone (Amritdhari, Kesdhari, Sehajdhari) the Sikh Qaum only comprises 0.1% of the population in America. Why would such a small community wish to alienate members of its own faith and community? 

    Nowhere near as much as Khalsa Aid despite British Sikh Council doing a superb job supporting Sikligar Sikhs that had been ignored for many years. Just for your info Cali Paji there are 100million sehajdhari Sikhs around today who connection with Sikhi has been lost in the last 75years. Had we focussed on re-connecting them with the Panth before 1984 (instead of focussing on Nirankari's, for example) then there would been no Congress Genocide of the Sikhs in the years in the 1980's.

    So Sikhs comprise 0.1% of the population in America. 99.9% of the population are non-Sikhs. So do you advise that most Sikh men die alone and unmarried due to simple demographic constraints or that if Singhs marry spouses via Anand Karaj and raise their children as Sikhs and as part of the Gurdwara community that it is somehow a crime which we should behead them for?


    What do you exactly mean by alienate sehajdharis? I think sehajdahris should be aware of what Guru ji does say about kesh and sikhi saropp, and it was somewhat difficult for, or hidden to, the wider panth to know about these resources a few decades ago.

    It's a shame that sehajdhari now refers to monas, whereas I think it's more accurate for monas to be a separate category since sehajdharis used to be mostly keshdhari in the past.

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