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  1. If you have a name according to gurmat thats fine. Preferably if it was done according to a hukamnama but many ppl nowadays just use the daily hukamnama given by darbar sahib or a local gurdwara
  2. Ive heard an analogy. Sants are like teachers who assume ignorance to teach students but in reality theyre aware of the teaching material i.e. the teacher explains it to the class as if theyre learning the knowledge themselves with the students Just like that mahapurash assume a lit bit of worldy mindset in order to do worldy tasks or help ppl not in giaan. But their state/dasha stays ones in waheguru
  3. Mahapurakhs are trekaal darshi. Sant waryam singh have said they can see their previous 1000 lifetimes. But other than their own theres no limit, If theyre in brahmgyaan
  4. Yea you can wear a chunni but ive seen that a chunni falls off frequently. So maybe a thicker cloth and just pin it so it doesnt open. ive seen both in taksal and nihung dals. And honestly they dont make a big deal about it. Its your sharda/bhavna
  5. Baba jagjit singh harkowal ji said that kaleran wale actually wore a kirpan. But bhaji is right, mahapurash are agami mouj de malak
  6. The thing is that most ppl that wear starched paggs take them off like hats. so theyre nanga-sir during the night. One time my grandpa had to leave his house at night and because he wears starched, he was nanga-sir and had to find another pagg the next day.
  7. This is dangerous because it sets the precedent that we can/will cut our hair if we want. Ppl(with bad intentions) can use this to make things hard for Singh in fields professional and domestic. he ran to the media because he wanted yo be applauded instead of feeling guilty. He probably wanted to shave sometime anyway, might as well get attention
  8. Can you clarify this? Also ive heard that sant waryam singh ji used to do this Kind of abhiyas.
  9. H908

    Feel like dying

    I agree with @proactive bhaji/bhenji, unless theres something you dont know or arent telling that is a red flag, this seems likes a good proposal. so the problem is physical attraction? Well that never remains constant. The body starts to age and then what should you be attracted to? What is that you cant get past? Try to see her values and character. Thats what stays mostly
  10. This is a big problem, men have to be reasonable and look for factors outside looks like thinking, attitude, lifestyle and sikhi. Its hard but those values stay with you. You dont want to marry a face or body but a person. Remember that when youre arguing with that same face in marriage lol
  11. Sleep with the 5 ks? Yea like the comments above state, they never leave your body. Also where do you live?
  12. If youre doing it online, i guess you can use a hukamnama app
  13. Ive heard that the only that dont get forgiven are aghritkan or those that aren't appreciative, thankful or remember maharajs bakshish
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