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  1. H908

    Taking my leave :)

    Are you a post doc candidate?
  2. H908

    Kathavachak name list

    Past amd present? past-sant gurbachan singh ji present- racbe wale
  3. H908

    Sikhi and dating

    What accusations did @BhForce make towards you? also hes right. Talk to your parents and depending on your gender find a solution to how youre going to find a mate. It doesmt have to be a totalitarian method but an egalitarian one. Worl with your parents if they’re understanding. And the criteria are the ones bhaji outlined above
  4. H908


    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh First of all congrats on your career success. with your nitnem try to do simran and nitnem before you eat. But if you have a time crunch its fine that you listen to them. however as you get more comfortable, you could recite them from memory as you get ready, especially the smaller length banis but its more important that you take your time and get comfortable with gurmukhi and in the time being supplement it with simran
  5. H908

    Toofan Singh movie

    I've seen it it still has the Bollywood kind of cheesy moments but overall it's historically accurate and does a good job depicting the thinking and actions of the Singh's and the atrocities of the police
  6. What you have is a high and genuine desire. Keep patience and faith. Keep doing what you're doing and keep the same desire. But also understand this is a sehaj or long process. Don't lose faith because if you keep the same desire it will come true one day. Waheguru completes all our desires
  7. Yea I agreed with you on many points. Even Einstein had a concept of a creator and I think science details the qualities of the creation . Ppl need spirituality and higher living because as of now ppl are ruining their minds and bodies with drugs,sex etc. as for being a Sikh, you can there might be a language barrier but you can study first and you'll be welcomed. But you need to have a firm understanding and goal of what you want then seek the assistance. Then you could start practicing Sikh tenets
  8. A lot of amritdharis need a reality check. They use anecdotal history to justify their standoffness. Sometimes strict dharmic ideals can backfire when coupled with hankaar instead of humility. An example is a lot of youth refusing to eat from their sehajdhari parents after Amrit. We need to be more self aware and understand the complex thinking and birthis of ppl and understand that ppl learn and more eager to listen when the message applies to their pain and needs not some high horse slippery slope lectures
  9. Yes I think some ppl in America have named their kids taran but pronounce it "tear-in" the Sikh pronounciation would be "trr-un"
  10. H908

    Chandi di vaar question

    No its mahkasur daint saying that. Indar ram away from him to seek refuge from chandi
  11. H908

    Soordaas Baani

    You should listen to sant Gurbachan singh Ji's katha of the shabad on ang 1253. They say that guru sahib finished the shabad but bhai banno's puratan Bir has bhagat Ji's complete shabad that they finished after coming out of samadhi

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