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  1. Look i agree with you on most things, i just think we shouldn’t be so brash with showing our dirty laundry on a public forum when we know potential sikhs and other faiths are lurking our sites
  2. Its because theres selfhate in the Punjabi community. Theyll accept the attention of others over their own support
  3. Guru sahib supported people marrying in the same biradhri because they came from the same background and lifestyle. Even in charitropakhyan mahraj gives lessons that you should marry ppl of same age, background etc. one lesson is an old guy cant keep a young woman for long
  4. Exactly, we only know his perspective and its telling that any nonbiased person would start to feel bad for her. It doesnt matter if your gay, be a good husband and talk to her and trust her. If you cant trust her because shes done something in the past then I understand the apprehension. But without that it seems youre just insecure
  5. Shakat and shakti ( waheguru and ad shakti maya) are the same so mahraj is remembering waheguru as the form of maya that takes care and protects her children(the world)
  6. No i just reread what i wrote. I meant that you assume women will be promiscuous if given the opportunity when the onus of being a healthy partner is on you to make sure your wife wouldn’t entertain that.
  7. Yea alot of guys on here are playing victim and blaming women for being promiscuous or sexually free. Have some empathy and see what women have to go through as well. I guranttee there are good women nor all are looking to screw ppl over
  8. Lol you know 20-30% of accounts on here are trolls or other faiths trying to troll
  9. H908


    does she force you to eat while youre doing nitnem specifically?
  10. Ppl pick up bad habits like gossiping and complaining and you can make an argument thats its a result of punjabi values and thinking but how you guys talk about women i feel sorry for the women in your life or you guys just have had bad ppl in your life
  11. Without brahmgian everyone is in a endless cycle of maya. So the best thing is to walk on gurus path and incorporate sikh tenets according to your pace. As long as we continue on the path guru sahib will keep us close and wont allow anything to happen to us
  12. Idk i think india was once dharamkhand where dharam and bhagti were born. All avtars, rishi,muni, bhagats, sants and guru sahib originated in india. However as ppl began abandoing their dharam they became adharmic. The west always had and have their ideals and beliefs that now even though theyve became more hedonistic they keep those ideals. India has auctioned their dharam for a pseudo west culture.
  13. You can use techniques that you use to memorize numbers or school work. Bunching and layering. Memorize 2 pangtiyan at a time then add then revise then keep adding then revising until youve memorized the paath
  14. You can wear the necklace that has a kirpan and kanga. For the kacherra you can try to make a small one that clings to your body more. If not just do a rdas before and after riding your bike that youre taking off your kakar and please forgive me
  15. H908

    Jaap with tongue

    Yea then its madma bani.
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