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  1. Ive been using that sony mic that harmeet1 mentioned with my Sony HiMD for years now, recording loads of different programes and everytime recordings are crystal. :TH: the HiMD is really good at recording the only problem is uploading and converting because that can take a while. MP3 player/recorders r better for that job but i doubt they give you recordings as good as an MD player. I use Sony HiMD MZNH900 clickforpic depends what you want i guess. Theres no need for 10mics with 100 stands, 5 mixers 2 md player etc etc lol. thats just long, ive heard recordings done better with a sony mic and md than all the arsenal of sound equipment some guys bring in lol. But on that note, sony have stopped production of HiMD/Net MD Players and minidiscs. so you'll have to search on eBay or cashconverters or something lol.
  2. Dhan Dhan Baba Thakur Singh Jee.. Barsi was just amazing. best 3 days ever. The sangat,seva,keertan,katha etc was jus out of this world. even the sleeping arrangements were next level lol. hukamnama from bhog. soriT mhlw 5 ] sorat(h) mehalaa 5 || Sorat'h, Fifth Mehla: hir min qin visAw soeI ] har man than vasiaa soee || The Lord abides in my mind and body. jY jY kwru kry sBu koeI ] jai jai kaar karae sabh koee || Everyone congratulates me on my victory. gur pUry kI vifAweI ] gur poorae kee vaddiaaee || This is the glorious greatness of the Perfect Guru. qw kI kImiq khI n jweI ]1] thaa kee keemath kehee n jaaee ||1|| His value cannot be described. ||1|| hau kurbwnu jweI qyry nwvY ] ho kurabaan jaaee thaerae naavai || I am a sacrifice to Your Name. ijs no bKis lYih myry ipAwry so jsu qyrw gwvY ]1] rhwau ] jis no bakhas laihi maerae piaarae so jas thaeraa gaavai ||1|| rehaao || He alone, whom You have forgiven, O my Beloved, sings Your Praises. ||1||Pause|| qUM Bwro suAwmI myrw ] thoo(n) bhaaro suaamee maeraa || You are my Great Lord and Master. sMqW Brvwsw qyrw ] sa(n)thaa(n) bharavaasaa thaeraa || You are the support of the Saints. nwnk pRB srxweI ] naanak prabh saranaaee || Nanak has entered God's Sanctuary. muiK inMdk kY CweI ]2]22]86] mukh ni(n)dhak kai shhaaee ||2||22||86|| The faces of the slanderers are blackened with ashes. ||2||22||86|| (how does the gurmukhi font work on this?)
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