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  1. Dsinghdp

    Dasam Granth called as Guru Granth Sahib

    I agree the Khalsa hasn’t replaced Guru Granth Sahib Jee. But they also believe Dasam Granth is Guru Jee’s Granth. Hence it being called that in the title of this thread.
  2. Dsinghdp

    Dasam Granth called as Guru Granth Sahib

    Guru Gobind Singh Jee called Adi Granth, Guru Granth Sahib Jee. The Khalsa calls Dasam Guru Granth.
  3. Dsinghdp

    3HO- A bunch of con artists?

    I just read that it’s a western (American) Sikh organisation. I can certainly relate to them more than India based organisations.
  4. Dsinghdp

    3HO- A bunch of con artists?

    I agree with the cult 3ho. But Sikhi is well known in the west because of them. Many westerners go to their website. Sikh net has a lot of Kirtan to choose from and i enjoy reading their news.
  5. Dsinghdp

    Z in Punjabi

    Learning to pronounce words correctly is good. But the message is more important.
  6. Dsinghdp

    Z in Punjabi

    I agree. Just go with the flow. Don’t get caught up with where to add a Z. If you use it then and now it’s fine.
  7. Dsinghdp

    Z in Punjabi

    The old Punjabi doesn’t have the letter Z it is derived from Farsi. The new modern Punjabi does have Z. Is is Okay to use it in Gurbani.
  8. Dsinghdp

    Hinduism and Islam

    One convert to Sikhi in a year isn’t good enough.
  9. Dsinghdp

    Hinduism and Islam

    These 2 faiths are spreading rapidly in the west. The Hare Krishna in the west. Many convert to Islam (especially black people). We as Sikhs need to do more to attract people in the west.
  10. Dsinghdp

    I am completely amazed at Sri Sarbloh Granth Ji!

    Why does it have separate name to Dasam Granth?
  11. Dsinghdp


    I like the Quranic Arabic.
  12. Dsinghdp


    Western scholar describing Sanskrit
  13. Dsinghdp

    A change in the Morning Banias?

    I heard that they did 5 Banian alone and Sukhmani Sahib and Asa Di Vaar with the Sangat.
  14. Dsinghdp


    I like the usage of Sanskrit words used in Jaap Sahib. This ancient language from India would have disappeared from earth. Sanskrit was spoken by the Brahmins (priestly caste). Now Hindi has taken over. There is Sanskrit Saloks in Guru Granth Sahib.

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