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  1. The only reason i go to Punjab is because of the Gurdwaras the rest is crap. There are 2 Takhats outside Punjab and is a great journey to go to. The Doaba area is really messed up. My parents from Hoshiarpur district.
  2. Good job to control the 500 million Muslims in the subcontinent.
  3. We need to concentrate on rural areas. The cities are infested with Hindus.
  4. Punjab is developing fast. Better roads, transport and hotels. The tourism industry is booming in India as well as Punjab. The Amritsar airport is greatly developed compared to 2 decades ago. Many flights are choosing to fly from there.
  5. Sikh Sangat from Punjab (India) living abroad should make regular visits to Punjab. This way they stay in touch with Sikh culture. Visit the Gurdware and see Sikh heritage. There’s 5 Takhats to see. Also a chance to speak in Punjabi with everybody. I have been 7 times myself and love it.
  6. These Muslims are clever and play the racism card on the west. However their ideology is similar to the Nazis.
  7. It’s time to kick out the terrorists. The west made a mistake of letting them in. They praise their Muslim lands yet choose to live in the west. They live in ghettos and don’t integrate because of Islam.
  8. Only my dad can speak broken English.
  9. I speak in Punjabi with my parents. I speak in English with my brother and sister. We need to speak more Punjabi at home especially with the new generation. Speaking 2 languages is a skill. Never forget your mother tongue.
  10. I speak Punjabi at home and grew up watching Punjabi films. However i also like watching English films. I like their story lines. I saw Stephen Kings film The Stand and now reading the book.
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