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  1. Dsinghdp

    Mool Mantar Help

    Satnaam - auda Naam sach hai Karta purakh - au sab na da karta hai Nirbhau - au noo kise da darr nahi Nirvair - Au noo kise naal ver nahi Akaal Murat - au di moorat akaal hai Ajuni - au jooni vich nahi auda Saibhang - au da Prakash apne aap taw hoa hai Gurprasad - Guru di Kirpa naal jani da hai Jap - au da naam japo Aad sach - shuru taw sach saroop hai Jugaad sach - jug shuru hoye te sach see Hai bhee sach - hun bhee sach hai Nanak hosi bhee sach - (Guru) Nanak kehnde hai au bhiwik vich vee sach hove ga
  2. Dsinghdp

    hindu mobs on the attack again

    They destroyed Sri Guru Ravidass Mandir in Delhi.
  3. Dsinghdp

    Samagam Smethwick UK

    Samagam in Smethwick UK to celebrate 550 Parkash Diwas of Guru Nanak Dev Jee and Sampooranta Diwas Guru Granth Sahib Jee. https://summersmagam.com/
  4. Dsinghdp

    Dasam Granth

    When the Singhs were at war with Mughals, the latter used Muslim women to trap the Singhs. Hence Charitropakhyan was composed as a warning.
  5. Dsinghdp

    Dasam Granth

    Nihangs (who remain celibate) read Charitropakhyan. For me this section (one third of Sri Dasam Granth) is the play of Maya which ends with Benti Chaupai.
  6. Dsinghdp

    Baba Nand Singh Ji Bachans

  7. I think Sikhi is much stronger in the west rather than India. In India they follow Sikhi because of their ancestors whilst in the west they actually choose to become Sikhs.
  8. Dsinghdp

    Where to go travel in England

    England has a lot of history. There are castles, museums, old houses dating back 500 years, the Queens house. I live in UK and London has always been my favourite.
  9. Dallysingh101 has a lot of knowledge on Sikhi.
  10. Do Sukhmani paath. It is wonderful and powerful bani. Some Sikhs recite it everyday. The paath will give peace to you and the deceased.
  11. I haven’t been to America but would like to go.
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_Los_Angeles
  13. Dsinghdp

    Can u catch spirit Or apparition

    Baba Wadhbhag Singh Jee takes out ghosts out of people at the Dholi Dhaar. People go crazy because of Naar Singh.
  14. I was brought up in a ghetto (Handsworth). It is a pretty ugly and rough area in Birmingham. Lots of kaale and pendu people.
  15. West Midlands is like the greater area of Los Angeles.

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