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  1. I regularly visit Punjab (motherland) but i can’t live there. Born and bred in the U.K.
  2. Although we’re 25 million yet Sikhi is so big - I mean 10 Gurus, Shaheeds, Mahapurakhs, 5 Takhats. The spirit of the Gurus in Guru Granth Sahib including Dasam Granth and Sarbloh Granth. You never stop learning.
  3. I heard this as well. Sant Kartar Singh says those who do Nitnem don’t need to go to his Dera.
  4. He was Dheermalia and a Amritdhari. He was from Sodhi lineage.
  5. There are good and bad ones. They are circumcised demons. Naa bheejat laand katae (Sri Dasam Granth).
  6. Dhan Nanaksar Dee Maryada. They have a big one for respect of Guru Jee. I find their Maryada fascinating.
  7. Probably the pastors. I saw a Christian village Nagara with a cross at the gates. Also Jesus loves u message in a car at Amritsar.
  8. They call him as Satguru and Saadh Sangat (Sikh concepts). Also they love miracles this has no place in Sikhi. Some of my relatives have converted and now are hostile towards Sikhi (typically Abrahamic).
  9. Avoid Hindu-Sikh conflict in Punjab and concentrate on these Christians. Remember Punjab is 38% Hindu as well and they too are converting.
  10. I prefer a 7 hour flight from UK to the Indian subcontinent. You must have a fit body to travel by coach and rest in between.
  11. I agree with the Punjab situation but on the whole Sikhi is growing, maybe not as fast as Islam but we have reached 30 million. We had 3 holocaust and now living under Hindustan. Our empire was short lived but hey look at Southall (Sikh area in UK).
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