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  1. Breaking news. Police has been deployed across the UK. People can’t venture outside their homes. It’s getting scary. If this doesn’t work the army will be deployed.
  2. These 10,000 Afghan Sikhs are strong. I mean living under Islamic regime. Maybe their jealous our numbers our growing again. The Kabul Sikh Sangat was founded by Guru Gobind Singh Jee.
  3. Golden opportunity to do more Simran at home. I don’t go to football matches but for some it’s their religion.
  4. Europe has catched the virus from China. Meanwhile it has reached its peak in China.
  5. The 4 old Sikh Organizations are Udasi, Nirmala, Sewa Panthi and Nihang Singhs.
  6. Read Gurbani. Try to attend a Gurdwara if possible. Take Amrit when you’re ready.
  7. The city air is polluted. Whilst rural areas have better air quality. Where i live the city air is bad so i take a walk in the park. Aim to walk 30 minutes a day. And drink plenty of water because it’s natural.
  8. The Bhora Sahib is right next to the Takhat. I had Darshan of it. Baba Jee wrote 4 Saroops of Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Does anyone know if he wrote Dasam Bani there?
  9. Air India has the best food. Also used to travel by Turkmenistan Airlines but that’s shut down. Air India goes direct from Birmingham to Amritsar which is good for me. Heathrow has plenty of flights to Delhi. But that’s 2 hour drive for me and saves taxi money.
  10. Amritsar accent is different to Doaba and Ludhiana. We are lucky to have Amritsar in India. But it had greater significance before partition. Now it just lies by the Wagha border. Lahore is the second city in Pakistan. Malwa produced a lot of Sikh saints hence a Sikhi spread there. Two examples are Nanaksar and Bhindran Jatha (Damdami Taksal).
  11. 1) To stop Muslims having 9 children. 2) Not to run to America for free trade immediately after Brexit. 3) Trade with India. 4) Dismantle ugly ghettos in UK.
  12. In Kaljug only Guru Nanak’s path can lead to salvation. Hence recite Waheguru.
  13. Dhan Guru Nanak! At least you believe in the founder of Sikhi. A Sikh believes in 10 Guru Sahibaan and Guru Granth.
  14. Christianity is the best out of the Abrahamic faiths (they have priests and nuns). All Islam is praying to Allah facing Mecca.
  15. Great to see that. But i was told by a Christian that Yoga is the play of the devil and will lead to hell fire.
  16. For me it means eternal law of conduct.
  17. The British tried their best to make Sikhi Abrahamic.
  18. Faiths from the Indian subcontinent.
  19. The Dharmic faiths are more difficult to understand such as Nirgun and Sargun, Nirvana, reincarnation, soul separate from body, meditation. God has many forms. Whilst Abrahamic is less difficult to grasp belief in a God, heaven and hell and a set of rules to abide by. Most popular faiths are Abrahamic.
  20. The only reason i go to Punjab is because of the Gurdwaras the rest is crap. There are 2 Takhats outside Punjab and is a great journey to go to. The Doaba area is really messed up. My parents from Hoshiarpur district.
  21. Good job to control the 500 million Muslims in the subcontinent.
  22. We need to concentrate on rural areas. The cities are infested with Hindus.
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